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Staffan Widstrand

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march 2018 highlights/pallass cat otocolobus manul sitting side
green/beech fagus sylvatica forest tarcu mountains
natures paradises/pool frog rana lessonae sitting white lily pad
staffan widstrand/praying mantis nymph silhouetted leaf
staffan widstrand/eurasian griffon vulture gyps fulvus wildlife
wolves/tibetan wolf canis lupus snow keke xili changtang
green/limestone oak fern gymnocarpium robertianum leaves
staffan widstrand/crab spider misumena sp sitting in chrysanthemum
staffan widstrand/autumn colours snow covered mountains baima snow
staffan widstrand/yunnan black snub nosed monkeys rhinopithecus
staffan widstrand/red beetle pyrochroidae sitting leaf tongbiguan
staffan widstrand/orca killer whale orcinus orca surfacing
staffan widstrand/moss covered fallen trees old mixed conifer broadleaf
staffan widstrand/eurasian griffon vulture gyps fulvus wildlife
staffan widstrand/lammergeier bearded vulture adult gypaetus barbatus
staffan widstrand/roe deer capreolus capreolus drinking pusztaszer
staffan widstrand/arctic raspberry rubus arcticus flower padjelanta
staffan widstrand/aerial view rapa river delta distant mountains
staffan widstrand/rf aerial view river clouds reflected water
staffan widstrand/yunnan snub nosed monkeyrhinopithecus bieti
staffan widstrand/rf meili snow mountain lenticular cloud above
staffan widstrand/aerial view danube delta rewilding area showing
staffan widstrand/european bee eater merops apiaster pair nest
staffan widstrand/rf white water lily nymphaea alba calm water
staffan widstrand/lichen rocks ground svalbard norway
staffan widstrand/white spoonbill platalea leucorodia flight
staffan widstrand/arctic fox alopex lagopus looking alert svalbard
staffan widstrand/lichen xanthoria sp growing rocks coastline
staffan widstrand/polar bear ursus maritimus head portrait svalbard
staffan widstrand/aerial view maletsunyani falls gorge lesotho
staffan widstrand/egyptian vulture neophron percnopterus landing
staffan widstrand/magnificent frigate fregata magnificens male
staffan widstrand/tassel hyacinth muscari comosum campanarios
staffan widstrand/marine iguana amblyrhynchus cristatus basking
staffan widstrand/mountain gazelle gazella gazella standing sand dune
staffan widstrand/galapagos flightless cormorant phalacrocorax
staffan widstrand/arabian oryx oryx leucoryx family dubai desert
staffan widstrand/white tailed sea eagle haliaetus albicilla flight
staffan widstrand/longhorn beetle dorcadion equestre nogelli ignoussa
staffan widstrand/male spanish ibex capra pyrenaica sierra gredos
staffan widstrand/virgin boreal forest muddus national park lapland
staffan widstrand/siberian jay perisoreus infaustus perched moose
staffan widstrand/rf great grey owl strix nebulosa flight kuhmo
staffan widstrand/rf caribou herd rangifer tarandus grazing tundra
staffan widstrand/jaguar head profile portrait panthera onca captive
staffan widstrand/satin bowerbird male bower decorated blue objects
staffan widstrand/arctic fox portrait vulpes lagopus ellesmere
december 2018 highlights/rhinoceros beetle oryctes sp moss covered tree
december 2018 highlights/tibetan macaque macaca thibetana female baby
december 2018 highlights/close ferns tangjiahe national nature reserve
december 2018 highlights/tibetan macaque macaca thibetana juveniles grooming
december 2018 highlights/tibetan macaque macaca thibetana infant tree
wild wonders china/brown fish owl bubo ketupa flavipes sitting branch
wild wonders china/tibetan macaque macaca thibetana close eyes female
wild wonders china/rhododendron rhododendron sp flower tangjiahe
wild wonders china/temmincks tragopan tragopan temminckii male
wild wonders china/sichuan tibetan takin budorcas taxicolor tibetana
wild wonders china/tree frog amolops afghanus female sitting moss
wild wonders china/pallass cat otocolobus manul qinghai china
wild wonders china/picture eye giant tree frog rhacophorus maximus
wild wonders china/red panda lesser panda ailurus fulgens humid
march 2018 highlights/pallass cat otocolobus manul tibetan plateau
march 2018 highlights/altai mountain weasel mustela altaica tibetan
march 2018 highlights/wild yak herd bos mutus keke xili changtang
march 2018 highlights/saker falcon falco cherrug milvipes flight
march 2018 highlights/red panda ailurus fulgens humid montane mixed forest
april 2018 highlights/western crowned pigeon goura cristata aiduma
september 2018 highlights/portrait golden snub nosed monkey 1 rhinopithecus
september 2018 highlights/golden snub nosed monkey 1 rhinopithecus roxellana
september 2018 highlights/golden pheasant 1 chrysolophus pictus 2 male jumping
september 2018 highlights/golden pheasant chrysolophus pictus male displaying
september 2018 highlights/crested ibis nipponia nippon flying yangxian
september 2018 highlights/tree frog amolops afghanus female portrait
september 2018 highlights/vertical portrait male golden pheasant chrysolophus
october 2018 highlights/great pied hornbill buceros bicornis bird photographed
october 2018 highlights/red squirrel sciurus vulgaris portrait winter
october 2018 highlights/golden eagle aquila chrysaetos male head portrait
wild wonders europe/3/cowslip primula veris flowers kallhall uppland
wild wonders europe/3/white tailed sea eagle haliaetus albicilla fish
wild wonders europe/3/greek tortoise testudo graeca ibera portrait
wild wonders europe/2/griffon vulture gyps fulvus head covered blood
wild wonders europe/2/herring gull larus argentatus showing aggression
wild wonders europe/2/hoopoe upupa epops male feeding female courtship
wild wonders europe/4/female spanish iberian ibex capra pyrenaica
wild wonders europe/4/eurasian brown bear ursus arctos cubs suomussalmi
wild wonders europe/4/close up mountain cornflower centaurea montana
wild wonders europe/1/kitkajoki river oulanka national park finland
wild wonders europe/1/eurasian brown bear ursus arctos early evening
wild wonders europe/1/rf eurasian brown bear ursus arctos close up face
flamingos/eurasian flamingos phoenicopterus roseus lined
highlights 2014/european bison bison bonasus drawsko military area
highlights 2014/fallow deer dama dama male studen kladenets reserve
highlights 2014/phayers leaf monkey trachypithecus phayrei
highlights 2014/yunnan snub nosed monkey rhinopithecus bieti
wolves/grey wolf running silhouetted canis lupus toropets
highlights 2014/lows cymbidium cymbidium lowianum endemic tree
owls/rf eagle owl bubo bubo calling raised captivity
eagles/bonellis eagle eurasian hawk eagle hieraetus
eagles/golden eagle aquila chrysaetos taking off flatanger


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