The Museum is guardian of the country's finest collection of historical maritime photographs, with images dating back to the beginnings of photography in the 1840s.

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photography/stern rms lusitania 1906
Stern of RMS 'Lusitania' (1906)
photography/endurance frozen forced ice ernest shackletons
Endurance' frozen in and forced out of the ice, during Ernest Shackleton's
photography/union castle line poster south africa
Union Castle Line Poster; South Africa
photography/isambard kingdom brunel millwall building great
Isambard Kingdom Brunel at Millwall during the building of the 'Great Eastern'
photography/3 masted barque penang dry dock millwall 1932
3-masted barque 'Penang' in dry dock at Millwall 1932
photography/passenger liner titanic br 1912 oceanic steam
Passenger liner 'Titanic' (Br, 1912) Oceanic Steam Nav Co Ltd, (Ismay Imrie & Co Ltd
photography/ss great britain br 1843 bristol shortly
SS 'Great Britain' (Br, 1843) at Bristol, shortly after her launching in 1843
photography/metagama 1915
'Metagama' (1915)
photography/panama canal panama
The Panama Canal, Panama
photography/first class dining saloon aquitania 1914
First Class Dining Saloon on the 'Aquitania' (1914)
photography/gdansk poland 1935
Gdansk, Poland, about 1935
photography/sailors moving poon wood
Sailors moving Poon wood
photography/seaman photographer alan villiers yard camera
Seaman and photographer Alan Villiers on a yard with camera
photography/crews painting strathnaver 1935
Crews painting the 'Strathnaver', about 1935
photography/sitting starboard yardarms
Sitting at one of the starboard yardarms
photography/international meridian conference washington
The International Meridian Conference at Washington
photography/first class lounge aquitania 1914
First Class Lounge on the 'Aquitania' (1914)
photography/marmion cargo steamer short sea copy painting
'Marmion' cargo steamer, short sea, copy of a painting
photography/torpedo boat destroyer hms nubian 1909
Torpedo boat destroyer HMS 'Nubian' (1909)
photography/raffles hotel singapore 1937
The Raffles Hotel, Singapore, about 1937
photography/liverpool england 1930
Liverpool, England, about 1930
photography/rigging bulwarks zanzibar
Rigging the bulwarks, Zanzibar
photography/brixham trawler provident britain 1924 william
The Brixham trawler 'Provident' (Britain, 1924), William Pillar, 5 Berry Head Road
photography/oriana passing panama canal
'Oriana' Passing through the Panama Canal
photography/tanker ohio br 1940 tow grand harbour malta
Tanker 'Ohio' (Br, 1940) under tow in Grand Harbour, Malta, with heavy damage
photography/folkestone kent sorting fish harbour slipway
Folkestone, Kent. Sorting fish on the harbour slipway at low water
photography/flower class corvette hms lavender off aberdeen
Flower-class corvette, HMS 'Lavender', off Aberdeen Beach
photography/cutty sark 1869 towed tug muria thames
'Cutty Sark' (1869) being towed by tug 'Muria' on the Thames
photography/hms reclaim br 1948 way bound portsmouth
HMS 'Reclaim' (Br, 1948), under way, bound out from Portsmouth harbour, taken
photography/frigate hms llandaff 1955 way sea
Frigate HMS 'Llandaff' (1955) under way at sea
photography/hms antrim county class guided missile
HMS 'Antrim', a County-class guided-missile destroyer
photography/paddle wheel special service vessel hms alecto
Paddle wheel special service vessel HMS 'Alecto' (1882)
photography/battlecruiser hms renown 1916
Battlecruiser HMS 'Renown' (1916)
photography/deck cutty sark under captain woodget
Deck of the 'Cutty Sark' (under Captain Woodget)
photography/woolwich ferry boat gordon 1956
The Woolwich Ferry boat 'Gordon' in 1956
photography/newlyn harbour cornwall old harbour fishermen
Newlyn Harbour, Cornwall. The old harbour with fishermen looking out to sea
photography/porthleven inner harbour cornwall
Porthleven Inner Harbour, Cornwall
photography/mevagissey harbour low tide cornwall
Mevagissey Harbour at low tide, Cornwall
photography/cromer beach norfolk
Cromer Beach, Norfolk
photography/beach customs watch house fleetwood lancashire
Beach and customs watch house, Fleetwood, Lancashire
photography/ss great britain br 1843 passenger liner
SS 'Great Britain' (Br, 1843) passenger liner, Liverpool & Australian Navigation Co
photography/flamsteed house royal observatory greenwich
Flamsteed House, Royal Observatory, Greenwich
photography/officers who sailed search north west passage
Officers who sailed in search of the North-West Passage with Sir John Franklin in 1845
photography/captain francis crozier commander hms terror
Captain Francis Crozier, commander of HMS 'Terror'
photography/lieutenant graham gore commander
Lieutenant Graham Gore, Commander
photography/black eagle wharf schooner express alnmouth wapping
Black Eagle Wharf with the schooner Express of Alnmouth. Wapping, London
photography/torpedo boat destroyer hms meteor 1914 way
Torpedo boat destroyer HMS 'Meteor' (1914), under way in Southampton Water
photography/passenger liner aquitania 1914 underway
The passenger liner 'Aquitania' (1914) underway
photography/aerial view isle dogs river thames london
Aerial view of Isle of Dogs and river Thames, London
photography/valletta malta 1960
Valletta, Malta, about 1960
photography/orcades hong kong 1962
Orcades' at Hong Kong, about 1962
photography/bombay mumbai india 1955
Bombay (Mumbai), India, about 1955
photography/tallinn estonia 1930
Tallinn, Estonia, about 1930
photography/singapore 1930
Singapore, about 1930
photography/penang malaysia 1925
Penang, Malaysia, about 1925
photography/arandora star donaldson liner letitia grand harbour
Arandora Star' and the Donaldson Liner 'Letitia' in Grand Harbour, Valletta
photography/dubrovnik croatia 1930
Dubrovnik, Croatia, about 1930
photography/oruwa ceylon sri lanka 1930
An oruwa, Ceylon (Sri Lanka) 1930
photography/lancastria funchal madeira 1930
The 'Lancastria' at Funchal, Madeira, about 1930
photography/geirangerfjord norway 1935
Geirangerfjord, Norway, about 1935
photography/group passengers aboard unspecified cruise ship
A group of passengers aboard an unspecified cruise ship enjoy a game of deck quoits
photography/beach promenade felixstowe looking felix hotel
The beach and promenade at Felixstowe, looking towards the Felix Hotel and Cobbolds Point
photography/view trawlers basin lowestoft
A view of trawlers in the basin at Lowestoft
photography/sailing trawlers lt325 lt653 lt37 leaving
The sailing trawlers 'LT325', 'LT653' and 'LT37' leaving the
photography/herring girls scarborough yorkshire
Herring Girls, Scarborough, Yorkshire
photography/rms lusitania 1906 way
RMS 'Lusitania' (1906) under way
photography/passenger cargo liner arandora star br 1927
Passenger cargo liner 'Arandora Star' (Br, 1927)
photography/blue star lines auckland starentering king
The Blue Star Line's 'Auckland Star'entering the King George V Dock in April 1964
photography/elizabeth jacobsen moses relaxing forecastle head
Elizabeth Jacobsen and Moses relaxing on the forecastle head
photography/view queens house isle dogs greenwich park
View of Queen's House and Isle of Dogs from Greenwich Park
photography/submarine depot ship hms maidstone 1937 moorings
Submarine depot ship HMS 'Maidstone' (1937), at moorings off Lyness, Scapa Flow
photography/hms titania 1915 submarine depot ship moored
HMS 'Titania' (1915) submarine depot ship, moored at Portland with 6 submarines
photography/hms aboukir br 1900 armoured cruiser anchor
HMS 'Aboukir' (Br, 1900) armoured cruiser at anchor, flying paying off pennant
photography/women running beach tower bridge
Women running along the beach at Tower Bridge
photography/south west india dock london circa 1880
The South West India Dock, London, circa 1880
photography/joiners shop john brown co ltd clydebank
Joiners' Shop at John Brown & Co. Ltd, Clydebank, 1901
photography/engine works smithy john brown co ltd clydebank
Engine Works Smithy at John Brown & Co. Ltd, Clydebank, 1901
photography/shipyard general store john brown co ltd clydebank
Shipyard General Store at John Brown & Co. Ltd, Clydebank, 1901
photography/southwold seafront beach suffolk
Southwold Seafront and Beach, Suffolk
photography/view pier worthing sussex
View from the pier, Worthing, Sussex
photography/sugar cane cutters jamaica
Sugar-cane cutters in Jamaica
photography/transylvania nearing completion scotts yard
'Transylvania' nearing completion at Scott's Yard, Greenock
photography/mary dugdale unidentified ship
'Mary Dugdale' and unidentified ship
photography/view great eastern prior 1858 launch
Detail view of 'Great Eastern' prior to her 1858 launch
photography/striking seamen barricaded national union seamen
Striking Seamen, barricaded into the National Union of Seamen Office
photography/dockers ostrich royal albert dock
Dockers with an ostrich at the Royal Albert Dock
photography/zebra giraffe royal albert dock
A zebra and giraffe at the Royal Albert Dock
photography/hms opportune passing greenwich
HMS 'Opportune' passing Greenwich
photography/euphrates 1866 indian troopship
Euphrates' (1866), an Indian troopship
photography/melik 1897 moored off chiswick builders trials
'Melik' 1897, moored off Chiswick during builder's trials
photography/melik 1897 moored river thames chiswick trials
'Melik' 1897, moored on the River Thames at Chiswick during trials period
photography/verandah cafe lochfyne br 1931
The verandah cafe of 'Lochfyne' (Br, 1931)
photography/hmas yarra au 1910
HMAS 'Yarra' (Au, 1910)
photography/group portrait borodino 1911
Group portrait on the 'Borodino' (1911)
photography/deck view borodino 1911
Deck view on the 'Borodino' (1911)
photography/junior army navy stores refrigerating chamber
Junior Army and Navy Stores Ltd refrigerating chamber on the 'Borodino' (1911)
photography/junior army navy stores shop borodino 1911
Junior Army and Navy Stores Ltd shop on the 'Borodino' (1911)
photography/passenger liner melita 1918 underway
The passenger liner 'Melita' (1918) underway
photography/cabin class promenade melita 1918
Cabin Class Promenade on the 'Melita' (1918)


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