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Our collections contain more than 100,000 sea charts and maps dating from the medieval period to the present day. They document the results of exploration and discovery and show how techniques of navigation and surveying developed.

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maps charts/world map blaeu atlas 17th century
World map from the Blaeu Atlas, 17th century
#media dmcs-3676495
maps charts/commercial map scotland roads stages distances
A commercial map of Scotland with the roads, stages and distances
#media dmcs-3688825
maps charts/colour map dominica detailed geographical
Colour map of Dominica with detailed geographical observations
#media dmcs-3684717
maps charts/plan tortola survey george king
Plan of Tortola from survey by George King
#media dmcs-3688896
maps charts/map chile patagonia tierra del fuego falkland
Map of Chile, Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego and the Falkland Islands
#media dmcs-3688833
maps charts/map europe blaeu atlas 17th century
Map of Europe from the Blaeu Atlas, 17th century
#media dmcs-3676498
maps charts/chart ipswich bay cape ann atlantic coast
Chart of Ipswich Bay and Cape Ann, Atlantic coast of North America
#media dmcs-3688819
maps charts/new map ireland civil ecclesiastical 1797
A new map of Ireland civil and ecclesiastical, 1797
#media dmcs-3688829
maps charts/chart sicily 1554
Chart of Sicily, 1554
#media dmcs-3686083
maps charts/chart terra australis australia
Chart of Terra Australis (Australia)
#media dmcs-3676450
maps charts/plan harbour fort town environs fort royal
Plan of the harbour, fort, town and environs of Fort Royal in Martinique
#media dmcs-3688823
maps charts/chart harbour rhode island narraganset bay
A chart of the harbour of Rhode Island and Narraganset Bay
#media dmcs-3688810
maps charts/french chart malta circa 1798
French chart of Malta, circa 1798
#media dmcs-3686444
maps charts/gulf mexico chart la cruz
Gulf of Mexico chart by de la Cruz
#media dmcs-3686404
maps charts/map molucca islands modern indonesia
Map of the Molucca Islands (modern Indonesia)
#media dmcs-3686358
maps charts/island chiloe
The island of Chiloe
#media dmcs-3686293
maps charts/britain ireland
Britain and Ireland
#media dmcs-3686072
maps charts/map north south carolina
Map of North and South Carolina
#media dmcs-3684864
maps charts/chart island otaheite tahiti james cook 1769
Chart of the Island Otaheite (Tahiti) by James Cook, 1769
#media dmcs-3684858
maps charts/f 454 12 12 02 244 pm 8c 5694x6934 43 682
F_454, 12/12/02, 2:44 pm, 8C, 5694x6934 (43+682), 100%, Max steep, 1/50 s, R92
#media dmcs-3684830
maps charts/chart north east atlantic ireland cape verde
Chart of the north-east Atlantic, from Ireland to Cape Verde
#media dmcs-3682420
maps charts/chart mediterrean 17th century
Chart of the Mediterrean, 17th century
#media dmcs-3676098
maps charts/map city environs philadelphia
Map of the city and environs of Philadelphia
#media dmcs-3674244
maps charts/new map ireland civil ecclesiastical 1797
A new map of Ireland civil and ecclesiastical, 1797
#media dmcs-3688831
maps charts/world map ptolemy 1513
World map after Ptolemy, 1513
#media dmcs-3682467
maps charts/map river thames london bridge woolwich
Map of River Thames: London Bridge to Woolwich
#media dmcs-3676542
maps charts/map hackney waltham wanstead
Map of Hackney, Waltham and Wanstead
#media dmcs-3688906
maps charts/map deptford greenwich woolwich blackheath
Map of Deptford, Greenwich, Woolwich, Blackheath and Eltham
#media dmcs-3688900
maps charts/map mottingham bromley chislehurst
Map of Mottingham, Bromley and Chislehurst
#media dmcs-3688899
maps charts/isles scilly
Isles of Scilly
#media dmcs-3688869
maps charts/map barnes battersea putney wandsworth
Map of Barnes, Battersea, Putney and Wandsworth
#media dmcs-3688867
maps charts/map vauxhall clapham peckham dulwich
Map of Vauxhall, Clapham, Peckham and Dulwich
#media dmcs-3688850
maps charts/map minorca 1780
Map of Minorca, 1780
#media dmcs-3688848
maps charts/map islington westminster city southwark
Map of Islington, Westminster, City and Southwark
#media dmcs-3688845
maps charts/map highgate kentish town holloway tottenham
Map of Highgate, Kentish Town, Holloway, Tottenham and Newington
#media dmcs-3688840
maps charts/map greenwich erith london
Map of Greenwich to Erith, London
#media dmcs-3686450
maps charts/vellum chart cyprus 1554
Vellum chart of Cyprus, 1554
#media dmcs-3686085
maps charts/map malta
Map of Malta
#media dmcs-3686082
maps charts/chart river thames london nore margate downs
Chart of the River Thames from London to the Nore, Margate and the Downs, North, Middle
#media dmcs-3684887
maps charts/map malta gozo
Map of Malta and Gozo
#media dmcs-3684822
maps charts/planisphere world map francesco rosselli 1508
Planisphere world map by Francesco Rosselli, around 1508
#media dmcs-3676009
maps charts/gould map king william island franklin relics
Gould map of King William Island, where Franklin relics were found
#media dmcs-3688923
maps charts/map bay biscay english channel
Map of Bay of Biscay and English Channel
#media dmcs-3688887
maps charts/map jamaica
Map of Jamaica
#media dmcs-3688837
maps charts/chart lord howe island 1788
A chart of Lord Howe Island, 1788
#media dmcs-3686364
maps charts/chart river thames estuary 1790
Chart of the River Thames and Estuary, 1790
#media dmcs-3674321
maps charts/chart cronstadt circa 1720 with key
Chart of Cronstadt, circa 1720 (with key)
#media dmcs-3691731
maps charts/chart rio la plata river plate
Chart of the Rio de la Plata (river Plate)
#media dmcs-3691332
maps charts/bombay 1781
Bombay, 1781
#media dmcs-3690848


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