The National Maritime Museum's collection of manuscripts is the largest and most important dedicated archive for the study of maritime history in the world.

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manuscripts/plate journal edward barlow 1695 1703
Plate from the journal of Edward Barlow, made 1695-1703
manuscripts/recruitment poster 36 gun pallas plymouth promising
Recruitment poster for the 36-gun 'Pallas' at Plymouth, promising Spanish prize money
manuscripts/signal book ships war showing nelsons signature
Front of signal book for the ships of war, showing Nelson's signature
manuscripts/letter napoleon admiral ganteaume
Letter from Napoleon to Admiral Ganteaume
manuscripts/illustration giant squid attack twenty thousand
Illustration of giant squid attack from 'Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea'
manuscripts/frontispiece astronomicum caesareum 1540
Frontispiece of 'Astronomicum Caesareum', 1540
manuscripts/constellation card uranias mirror
Constellation card, Urania's mirror
manuscripts/plate journal edward barlow 1695 1703
Plate from the journal of Edward Barlow, made 1695-1703
manuscripts/orrery form renaissance ptolemaic armillary sphere
Orrery in the form of Renaissance Ptolemaic armillary sphere
manuscripts/thomas ripleys plan queen mary block greenwich
Thomas Ripley's plan of Queen Mary Block, Greenwich Hospital
manuscripts/night sky greenwich 10pm 15th february taken
The night sky above Greenwich around 10pm on the 15th February, taken from Edwin Dunkin's
manuscripts/portraits letter admiral lord nelson
Two portraits and a letter by Admiral Lord Nelson
manuscripts/list officers men hms erebus dated 1845
List of officers and men from HMS 'Erebus', dated 1845
manuscripts/royal tars old england recruitment poster
'Royal Tars of Old England', a recruitment poster for volunteers
manuscripts/second class dinner menu night rms titanic 14 april
Second Class dinner menu from the last night on the RMS 'Titanic', 14 April
manuscripts/cutty sark crew list 1891
Cutty Sark' crew list, 1891
manuscripts/constellation card uranias mirror
Constellation card, Urania's mirror
manuscripts/celestial planisphere transparent star director
The celestial planisphere or transparent star director
manuscripts/journal kept john tillery midshipman hms tigre
Journal kept by John Tillery, midshipman of HMS 'Tigre'
manuscripts/letter nelson emma hamilton march 1805
Letter from Nelson to Emma Hamilton, March 1805
manuscripts/study cedar tree merton
A study of a Cedar tree at Merton
manuscripts/thomas paine rights man
Thomas Paine, 'Rights of Man'
manuscripts/emma hamilton performing attitudes
Emma Hamilton performing one of her 'Attitudes'
manuscripts/cover jules vernes twenty thousand leagues sea
Cover of Jules Verne's 'Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea'
manuscripts/drawings observations transit venus 1769 charles
Drawings of the observations of the transit of Venus, 1769, by Charles Green and Lieutenant
manuscripts/page the nuremberg chronicle hartmann schedel
Page from 'The Nuremberg Chronicle' by Hartmann Schedel, depicting wooden
manuscripts/letterbook captain edward rotheram
Letterbook of Captain Edward Rotheram
manuscripts/instructions better ordering majesties fleet sayling
'Instructions for the better ordering His Majesties Fleet in fighting
manuscripts/george i fleet circling
George I with his fleet circling around him
manuscripts/channel islands survey
Channel Islands Survey
manuscripts/bomb vessel plans plate memoires dartillerie
Bomb vessel plans, plate from 'Memoires d'Artillerie' by Pierre Surirey
manuscripts/plan men round 18 pounder gun frigate amazon
Plan of men round an 18-pounder gun on the frigate 'Amazon'
manuscripts/boat cloak cloak boat invented peter halkett rn
The Boat-cloak or cloak boat invented by Peter Halkett, R.N
manuscripts/letter decres l bonaparte reporting losses battle
Letter from Decres to L. Bonaparte reporting the losses at the Battle of Trafalgar, 1805
manuscripts/peglar relics letters
Peglar relics and letters
manuscripts/sonnet addressed captain mcclure
Sonnet addressed to Captain McClure
manuscripts/letter lt paul nicolas hms belleisle account
Letter from Lt Paul Nicolas of HMS 'Belleisle' with account and battle plan for Trafalgar
manuscripts/nelsons weather log pages 2 3
Nelson's weather log, Pages 2-3
manuscripts/letter napoleon admiral ganteaume page
Letter from Napoleon Admiral Ganteaume, page one
manuscripts/letter napoleon admiral ganteaume page
Letter from Napoleon Admiral Ganteaume, front page
manuscripts/list troops embarked barbados
List of troops embarked at Barbados
manuscripts/view buildings near merton possibly merton farm
A view of buildings near Merton (possibly Merton Farm)
manuscripts/view merton place possibly west
A view of Merton Place, possibly from the west
manuscripts/view merton place west seen lawns river
A view of Merton Place from the west seen across lawns and the river
manuscripts/studies young women rowing heads profile recto
Studies of young women rowing and of heads in profile (recto)
manuscripts/studies people rowing boat river merton place
Studies of people in a rowing boat in the river at Merton Place
manuscripts/panoramic view showing east north elevations merton
A panoramic view showing the east and north elevations of Merton Place
manuscripts/study trees grounds merton place
A study of trees in the grounds at Merton Place
manuscripts/study garden plants including rose foliage
A study of garden plants including a rose foliage and honeysuckle
manuscripts/paths fence beneath trees grounds merton
Paths and a fence beneath trees in the grounds at Merton
manuscripts/house grounds merton south east
The house and grounds at Merton from the south-east
manuscripts/sloping bridge merton
A sloping bridge at Merton
manuscripts/sloping bridge near buildings
A sloping bridge near buildings
manuscripts/view merton place seen river bridges
A view of the front of Merton Place, seen from across the river, with two bridges
manuscripts/view river bridge merton place
A view of the river and bridge at Merton Place
manuscripts/view river seen bridge
A view of the river seen through the bridge
manuscripts/view garden countryside merton place
A view of part of the garden and countryside at Merton Place
manuscripts/young woman charlotte nelson seated arbour wooded
A young woman, perhaps Charlotte Nelson, seated in an arbour in a wooded landscape
manuscripts/portico merton probably main entrance
A portico at Merton, probably the main entrance
manuscripts/emma hamilton standing bust nelson recto
Emma Hamilton standing by a bust of Nelson (recto)
manuscripts/study cedar tree
Study of a cedar tree
manuscripts/bridge river merton place
A bridge over the river at Merton Place
manuscripts/arbour surrounded trees recto
An arbour surrounded by trees (recto)
manuscripts/grounds merton arbour trees recto
Part of the grounds at Merton with an arbour and trees (recto)
manuscripts/grounds merton arbour trees
Part of the grounds at Merton with an arbour and trees
manuscripts/trellis arbour merton place
A trellis arbour at Merton Place
manuscripts/garden glass house merton place
The garden with a glass house at Merton Place
manuscripts/merton july 1803 recto
Merton, July 1803 (recto)
manuscripts/view library merton place
A view towards the Library at Merton Place
manuscripts/study garden seat chair
A study of a garden seat or chair
manuscripts/study shrub
A study of a shrub
manuscripts/bridge nile merton recto
A bridge over the 'Nile' at Merton (recto)
manuscripts/merton august 1803
Merton August 1803
manuscripts/view river wandle merton
A view across the River Wandle at Merton
manuscripts/study pine tree merton recto
Study of a pine tree at Merton (recto)
manuscripts/nelsons nieces miss bolton charlotte nelson
Nelson's nieces - Miss Bolton and Charlotte Nelson, afterwards Lady Hood
manuscripts/study tree overhanging water merton recto
Study of a tree overhanging water at Merton (recto)
manuscripts/verandah merton
A verandah at Merton
manuscripts/nelsons nephew niece horatio charlotte nelson
Nelson's nephew and niece, Horatio and Charlotte Nelson, seated on steps
manuscripts/charlotte nelson
Charlotte Nelson
manuscripts/studies nelsons dogs recto
Studies of Nelson's dogs (recto)
manuscripts/figure studies including one connor girls nelsons
Figure studies, including 'one of the Connor girls and Nelson's nieces'
manuscripts/young woman seated probably charlotte nelson
A young woman, seated, probably Charlotte Nelson (recto)
manuscripts/emma hamilton charlotte nelson
Emma Hamilton and Charlotte Nelson
manuscripts/young woman seated dog lap
A young woman seated with a dog on her lap
manuscripts/sheet figure studies recto
A sheet of figure studies (recto)
manuscripts/young woman long dress crouching
A young woman in a long dress crouching
manuscripts/emma hamilton young horatio nelson
Emma Hamilton with young Horatio Nelson
manuscripts/charlotte nelson holding tureen stand
Charlotte Nelson, holding a tureen and stand
manuscripts/head and shoulders portrait emma hamilton
A head-and-shoulders portrait of Emma Hamilton
manuscripts/merton album cover
Merton album, front cover
manuscripts/title page signal book signatures including
Title page of signal book, with signatures, including Hardy's
manuscripts/broadsheet ballad the maidens lamentations loss
Broadsheet ballad 'The maiden's lamentations for the loss of her Sailor'
manuscripts/emmas songbook six italian canzonetts
Emma's Songbook, 'Six Italian Canzonetts'
manuscripts/emmas songbook nelsons victory
Emma's Songbook, 'Nelson's Victory'
manuscripts/scroll freedom boston
Scroll, the freedom of Boston
manuscripts/order battle signed cornwallis blockade brest
Order of battle, signed by Cornwallis, during the blockade of Brest, 6 Feb 1804, addressed
manuscripts/letter nelson horatia page
Last letter from Nelson to Horatia, page one
manuscripts/letter nelson horatia page
Last letter from Nelson to Horatia, page two


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