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The National Maritime Museum has over 1000 flags including two large collections of house flags, used to identify shipping lines, or owners of vessels.

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flags/house flag booth steamship co
House flag, Booth Steamship Co. Ltd
#media dmcs-3687339
flags/house flag shaw savill albion co
House flag, Shaw Savill and Albion Co. Ltd
#media dmcs-3687399
flags/house flag white star line
House flag, White Star Line
#media dmcs-3685297
flags/house flag c t bowring co
House flag, C. T. Bowring & Co. Ltd
#media dmcs-3687448
flags/house flag palm line
House flag, Palm Line Ltd
#media dmcs-3687308
flags/house flag north yorkshire shipping co
House flag, North Yorkshire Shipping Co. Ltd
#media dmcs-3687253
flags/house flag ulster steamship co
House flag, Ulster Steamship Co. Ltd
#media dmcs-3685395
flags/house flag huddart parker
House flag, Huddart Parker Ltd
#media dmcs-3687418
flags/house flag gulf oil corporation
House flag, Gulf Oil Corporation
#media dmcs-3687412
flags/house flag nippon yusen kaisha
House flag, Nippon Yusen Kaisha
#media dmcs-3687371
flags/house flag esso petroleum co
House flag, Esso Petroleum Co. Ltd
#media dmcs-3687183
flags/house flag alexandra towing co
House flag, Alexandra Towing Co. Ltd
#media dmcs-3685430
flags/house flag transatlantic rederiaktiebolaget
House flag, Transatlantic Rederiaktiebolaget
#media dmcs-3685418
flags/house flag ostasiatiske kompagni a s det
House flag, Ostasiatiske Kompagni A/S Det
#media dmcs-3685410
flags/chinese pirate flag
Chinese pirate flag
#media dmcs-3676453
flags/house flag dodwell
House flag, Dodwell & Co
#media dmcs-3687436
flags/house flag blue star line
House flag, Blue Star Line Ltd
#media dmcs-3687421
flags/house flag blue funnel line
House flag, Blue Funnel Line
#media dmcs-3685432
flags/house flag ellerman papayanni line
House flag, Ellerman-Papayanni Line
#media dmcs-3687441
flags/house flag new zealand shipping co
House flag, New Zealand Shipping Co. Ltd
#media dmcs-3687439
flags/house flag bank line
House flag, Bank Line Ltd
#media dmcs-3687379
flags/house flag united baltic corporation
House flag, United Baltic Corporation Ltd
#media dmcs-3687310
flags/house flag harrisons clyde
House flag, Harrisons (Clyde) Ltd
#media dmcs-3687304
flags/house flag w france fenwick co
House flag, W. France, Fenwick & Co. Ltd
#media dmcs-3687277
flags/house flag china navigation co
House flag, The China Navigation Co. Ltd
#media dmcs-3685453
flags/house flag manchester liners
House flag, Manchester Liners Ltd
#media dmcs-3685385
flags/house flag larrinaga steamship co
House flag, Larrinaga Steamship Co. Ltd
#media dmcs-3685379
flags/house flag irish shipping
House flag, Irish Shipping Ltd
#media dmcs-3685362
flags/house flag furness withy co
House flag, Furness Withy & Co. Ltd
#media dmcs-3685305
flags/captain robert falcon scotts sledge flag
Captain Robert Falcon Scott's sledge flag
#media dmcs-3676855
flags/usa naval ensign
USA Naval ensign
#media dmcs-3688907
flags/house flag glen line
House flag, Glen Line Ltd
#media dmcs-3687447
flags/house flag westcott lawrence line
House flag, Westcott and Lawrence Line Ltd
#media dmcs-3687446
flags/house flag ellerman bucknall steam ship co
House flag, Ellerman and Bucknall Steam Ship Co. Ltd
#media dmcs-3687445
flags/house flag hall line
House flag, Hall Line Ltd
#media dmcs-3687444
flags/house flag city line
House flag, City Line Ltd
#media dmcs-3687443
flags/house flag ellermans wilson line
House flag, Ellerman's Wilson Line Ltd
#media dmcs-3687442
flags/house flag furness houlder argentine lines
House flag, Furness-Houlder Argentine Lines Ltd
#media dmcs-3687440
flags/house flag iraq petroleum
House flag, Iraq Petroleum Co
#media dmcs-3687438
flags/house flag guinea gulf line
House flag, Guinea Gulf Line Ltd
#media dmcs-3687437
flags/house flag shell mex b p
House flag, Shell Mex and B. P. Ltd
#media dmcs-3687434
flags/house flag south african marine corporation
House flag, South African Marine Corporation Ltd
#media dmcs-3687433
flags/house flag jackson marine
House flag, Jackson Marine
#media dmcs-3687432
flags/house flag gulf fleet marine
House flag, Gulf Fleet Marine
#media dmcs-3687431
flags/house flag rickmers reismuhlen rhederei schiffbau a
House flag, Rickmers Reismuhlen Rhederei & Schiffbau A. G
#media dmcs-3687429
flags/house flag silver line
House flag, Silver Line Ltd
#media dmcs-3687428
flags/house flag royal mail steam packet
House flag, Royal Mail Steam Packet Co
#media dmcs-3687427
flags/house flag cunard steamship co
House flag, The Cunard Steamship Co. Ltd
#media dmcs-3687426
flags/house flag lamport holt line
House flag, Lamport & Holt Line Ltd
#media dmcs-3687424


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