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The National Maritime Museum holds the largest collection of marine oils in the world. It was originally collected to illustrate the rise of British seapower from the Spanish Armada through the period of colonial expansion in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Our pictures are available as a range of Wall Art and Photo Gifts including Framed Prints, Posters, Canvas Prints, Jigsaw Puzzles and other Photo Gifts - all professionally made and delivered to your door quickly and securely. Media Storehouse is proud to offer this selection by special arrangement with National Maritime Museum

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fine art/paintings/dutch yacht wind harbour
A Dutch yacht before the wind in a harbour
fine art/paintings/merchant shipping anchorage texel
The merchant shipping anchorage in the Texel
fine art/paintings/manning navy
Manning the Navy
fine art/paintings/calm dutch flagship coming anchor
Calm: a Dutch flagship coming to anchor
fine art/paintings/calm english sixth rate firing salute
Calm: an English sixth-rate firing a salute
fine art/paintings/yacht ashore
A yacht ashore
fine art/paintings/dutch ship anchor off genoa
A Dutch ship at anchor off Genoa
fine art/paintings/harbour scene spanish ships approaching jetty
Harbour scene: Spanish ships approaching a jetty
fine art/paintings/santa maria anchor
The 'Santa Maria' at anchor
fine art/paintings/dutch ships loading timber northern port
Dutch ships loading timber in a Northern Port
fine art/paintings/dutch ships running rocky shore
Dutch ships running down onto a rocky shore
fine art/paintings/lowestoft trawler lt356
The Lowestoft trawler 'LT356'
fine art/paintings/return dutch east india fleet 1 may 1599 hollandia
The return of the Dutch East India Fleet, 1 May 1599, the 'Hollandia', 'Mauritius'
fine art/paintings/return spanish expedition
The return of a Spanish expedition
fine art/paintings/embarkation spanish troops
Embarkation of Spanish troops
fine art/paintings/venetian boats reflected calm sea
Venetian boats reflected in a calm sea
fine art/paintings/action english spanish ships
Action between English and Spanish ships
fine art/paintings/dutch ships breeze
Dutch ships in a breeze
fine art/paintings/ship calm sea
A ship in a calm sea
fine art/paintings/swim headed barge
A swim-headed barge
fine art/paintings/harwich sailing trawler
A Harwich sailing trawler
fine art/paintings/flute vessels off dutch coast
A flute and other vessels off the Dutch coast
fine art/paintings/indian troopship
An Indian troopship
fine art/paintings/dutch admiralty yacht off flushing
A Dutch admiralty yacht off Flushing
fine art/paintings/ships trading east
Ships trading in the east
fine art/paintings/dutch yachting zuider zee
Dutch yachting on the Zuider Zee
fine art/paintings/frigate malta
A frigate at Malta
fine art/paintings/wreck amsterdam
The wreck of the 'Amsterdam'
fine art/paintings/dutch vessels strong breeze
Dutch vessels in a strong breeze
fine art/paintings/paddle frigate rough sea off naples
A paddle frigate in a rough sea off Naples
fine art/paintings/dutch ships gale
Dutch ships in a gale
fine art/paintings/brixham trawler
A Brixham trawler
fine art/paintings/mussel fishing
Mussel fishing
fine art/paintings/dutch boats strong breeze
Dutch boats in a strong breeze
fine art/paintings/fishing boat sail lowered near shore
A fishing boat with sail lowered near the shore
fine art/paintings/hms erebus terror antarctic
HMS 'Erebus' and 'Terror' in the Antarctic
fine art/paintings/dutch ship close hauled
A Dutch ship close-hauled
fine art/paintings/erebus terror new zealand august 1841
Erebus' and 'Terror' in New Zealand, August 1841
fine art/paintings/landscape village bank river
A landscape with a village on the bank of a river
fine art/paintings/busy river scene dutch vessels ferry
A busy river scene with Dutch vessels and a ferry
fine art/paintings/return prince charles spain 5 october 1623
The return of Prince Charles from Spain, 5 October 1623
fine art/paintings/allegory ship state
Allegory: the ship of state
fine art/paintings/a carrack wind pieter brueghel elder
'A carrack before the wind' by Pieter Brueghel the Elder
fine art/paintings/american ship distress
An American ship in distress
fine art/paintings/action bergen 3 august 1665
Action at Bergen, 3 August 1665
fine art/paintings/coronation review 15 june 1953
Coronation review, 15 June 1953
fine art/paintings/three decker
A three-decker
fine art/paintings/steam paddle frigate
A steam paddle frigate
fine art/paintings/tirpitz attacked barracudas 3 april 1944
The 'Tirpitz' attacked by Barracudas, 3 April 1944
fine art/paintings/united services
The United Services
fine art/paintings/repulsing boarding party
Repulsing a boarding party
fine art/paintings/sinking scharnhorst 26 december 1943
Sinking of the 'Scharnhorst', 26 December 1943
fine art/paintings/english vice admiral red squadron sea
An English vice-admiral of the Red and his squadron at sea
fine art/paintings/dead calm boats off cowes castle
Dead calm: Boats off Cowes Castle
fine art/paintings/english squadron going windward
An English squadron going to windward
fine art/paintings/merchantman royal yacht beating qindward off dover
A merchantman and a royal yacht beating to qindward off Dover
fine art/paintings/naval snow
A naval snow
fine art/paintings/ships laid near blackwall
Ships laid up near Blackwall
fine art/paintings/english flagships becalmed
Three English flagships becalmed
fine art/paintings/ship saluting fort
A ship saluting a fort
fine art/paintings/ketch rigged yacht vessels becalmed
A ketch rigged yacht and other vessels becalmed
fine art/paintings/battle quiberon bay 20 november 1759
The Battle of Quiberon Bay, 20 November 1759
fine art/paintings/french fireships attacking english fleet off quebec
French fireships attacking the English fleet off Quebec, 28 June 1759
fine art/paintings/fishing boat
A fishing boat
fine art/paintings/english ships storm
English ships in a storm
fine art/paintings/fishing boats
Fishing boats
fine art/paintings/royal yachts ketch rigged smack rigged
Royal yachts, one ketch rigged and one smack rigged
fine art/paintings/attack goree 29 december 1758
Attack on Goree, 29 December 1758
fine art/paintings/bear hunt arctic
A bear hunt in the Arctic
fine art/paintings/wolf rock lighthouse
The Wolf Rock lighthouse
fine art/paintings/fishing boats storm off dutch coast
Fishing boats in a storm off the Dutch coast
fine art/paintings/ship tenerife
A ship of Tenerife
fine art/paintings/dutch ship entering mediterranean port
A Dutch ship entering a mediterranean port
fine art/paintings/large sloop yacht barge
A large sloop yacht and a barge
fine art/paintings/capture geriah february 1756
The capture of Geriah, February 1756
fine art/paintings/dutch ship wrecked rocky coast
A Dutch ship wrecked on a rocky coast
fine art/paintings/dutch shipping harbour
Dutch shipping in a harbour
fine art/paintings/capture port louis cuba 8 march 1748
The capture of Port Louis, Cuba, 8 March 1748
fine art/paintings/dutch flagship yacht stern
A Dutch flagship with a yacht under her stern
fine art/paintings/yacht luffing
A yacht luffing
fine art/paintings/bombardment bastia 6 november 1745
The bombardment of Bastia, 6 November 1745
fine art/paintings/smalschip dutch east indiamen coming anchor
A smalschip with two Dutch East Indiamen coming to anchor
fine art/paintings/sailor look
Sailor on look out
fine art/paintings/dutch merchant ship running rocks rough weather
A Dutch merchant ship running between rocks in rough weather
fine art/paintings/action hms lion elizabeth du teillay 9
Action between HMS 'Lion' and 'Elizabeth' and the 'Du Teillay'
fine art/paintings/setting nets coast north wales
Setting nets on the coast of North Wales
fine art/paintings/calm dutch coast weyschuit
Calm: the Dutch coast with a weyschuit
fine art/paintings/english ships wrecked storm rocky coast
Two English ships wrecked in a storm on a rocky coast
fine art/paintings/rising tide dawn
The rising tide at dawn
fine art/paintings/mediterranean brigantine drifting rocky coast
A mediterranean brigantine drifting onto a rocky coast in a storm
fine art/paintings/kaags sea fresh breeze
Two kaags at sea before a fresh breeze
fine art/paintings/first come first served pilot cutter racing
First come, first served. A pilot cutter racing to a ship
fine art/paintings/states yacht fresh breeze running group dutch
A states yacht in a fresh breeze running towards a group of Dutch ships
fine art/paintings/ships galley wrecked rocky coast
Ships and a galley wrecked on a rocky coast
fine art/paintings/harwich steam trawler spider
The Harwich steam trawler 'Spider'
fine art/paintings/english ship lying to gale
An English ship lying-to in a gale
fine art/paintings/english ship gale trying claw off lee shore
An English ship in a gale trying to claw off a lee shore
fine art/paintings/fishing boats fresh breeze
Fishing boats in a fresh breeze
fine art/paintings/princess alexandra landing gravesend 1863
Princess Alexandra landing at Gravesend, 1863


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