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The National Maritime Museum holds the largest collection of marine oils in the world. It was originally collected to illustrate the rise of British seapower from the Spanish Armada through the period of colonial expansion in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Our pictures are available as a range of Wall Art and Photo Gifts including Framed Prints, Posters, Canvas Prints, Jigsaw Puzzles and other Photo Gifts - all professionally made and delivered to your door quickly and securely. Media Storehouse is proud to offer this selection by special arrangement with National Maritime Museum

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fine art/paintings/trouville awaiting tide
Trouville, awaiting the tide
fine art/paintings/sir george walton 1665 1739
Sir George Walton (1665-1739)
fine art/paintings/x ray bhc2377 a view island new caledonia south
X-ray detail of BHC2377 'A view of the island of New Caledonia in the south'
fine art/paintings/sir charles wager 1666 1743
Sir Charles Wager (1666-1743)
fine art/paintings/view island otaha bola bola island ulietea
View of the island of Otaha and Bola Bola with part of the island of Ulietea
fine art/paintings/admiral sir charles wager 1666 1743
Admiral Sir Charles Wager (1666-1743)
fine art/paintings/queen victoria 1891 1901
Queen Victoria (1891-1901)
fine art/paintings/view island ulietea raiatea
View of part of the Island of Ulietea [Raiatea]
fine art/paintings/captain sir edward vernon 1723 1794
Captain Sir Edward Vernon (1723-1794)
fine art/paintings/admiral edward vernon 1684 1757
Admiral Edward Vernon (1684-1757)
fine art/paintings/war boats island otaheite tahiti society isles
The war boats of the island of Otaheite (Tahiti) and the Society Isles, with a view
fine art/paintings/cascade tuaruru valley tahiti
A cascade in the Tuaruru Valley, Tahiti
fine art/paintings/rear admiral richard tyrrell 1716 7 1766
Rear-Admiral Richard Tyrrell (1716/7-1766)
fine art/paintings/waterfall dusky bay april 1773
Waterfall in Dusky Bay, April 1773
fine art/paintings/maarten harpertszoon tromp 1597 1653
Maarten Harpertszoon Tromp (1597-1653)
fine art/paintings/cornelis van tromp 1629 1691
Cornelis van Tromp (1629-1691)
fine art/paintings/x ray showing under painting icebergs bhc2370
X-ray detail showing under-painting of icebergs in BHC2370 'View in Pickersgill Harbour
fine art/paintings/admiral sir edward thornborough 1754 1834
Admiral Sir Edward Thornborough (1754-1834)
fine art/paintings/rear admiral sir murray sueter 1872 1960
Rear-Admiral Sir Murray Sueter (1872-1960)
fine art/paintings/wreck ship off rocky coast
Wreck of a ship off a rocky coast
fine art/paintings/captain maurice suckling 1725 1778
Captain Maurice Suckling (1725-1778)
fine art/paintings/anne suckling grandmother lord nelson
Anne Suckling, grandmother of Lord Nelson
fine art/paintings/port scene
Port Scene
fine art/paintings/french paddle tug bringing barque boulogne harbour
A French paddle tug bringing a barque into Boulogne harbour in heavy weather
fine art/paintings/admiral fleet sir frederick doveton sturdee bt
Admiral of the Fleet, Sir Frederick Doveton Sturdee Bt (1859-1925)
fine art/paintings/beached collier unloading carts
A beached Collier Unloading into Carts
fine art/paintings/lady hamilton saint cecilia
Lady Hamilton as Saint Cecilia
fine art/paintings/lieutenant commander denis quentin fildes
Lieutenant Commander Denis Quentin Fildes (1889-1975)
fine art/paintings/west indiaman britannia
The West Indiaman 'Britannia'
fine art/paintings/city livery company barge thames richmond
A city livery company barge on the Thames at Richmond
fine art/paintings/sir walter runciman 1847 1937
Sir Walter Runciman (1847-1937)
fine art/paintings/clarkson stanfield 1793 1867
Clarkson Stanfield (1793-1867)
fine art/paintings/captain john fleck 1779 1835
Captain John Fleck (1779-1835)
fine art/paintings/reverend nicholas tindal
The Reverend Nicholas Tindal
fine art/paintings/hms montrose arriving reykjavik iceland
HMS 'Montrose' Arriving at Reykjavik, Iceland
fine art/paintings/blown wind
'Blown on the Wind'
fine art/paintings/ville paris sail
The Ville de Paris' under full sail
fine art/paintings/rain rainbow stormy seas
Rain, rainbow and stormy seas
fine art/paintings/the queen charlotte spithead 1790
'The Queen Charlotte' at Spithead, 1790
fine art/paintings/dutch men of war harbour
Dutch men-of-war in harbour
fine art/paintings/action sea french frigate completely dismasted
Action at sea: a French frigate completely dismasted
fine art/paintings/action dutch english ships
Action between Dutch and English ships
fine art/paintings/st george vessels
The 'St George' with other vessels
fine art/paintings/battle vigo bay 12 october 1702
The Battle of Vigo Bay, 12 October 1702
fine art/paintings/loss hms ramillies september 1782 storm breaks
Loss of HMS 'Ramillies', September 1782: before the storm breaks
fine art/paintings/port archangel
The port of Archangel
fine art/paintings/woolwich dockyard
Woolwich Dockyard
fine art/paintings/dutch ships off tripoli
Dutch ships off Tripoli
fine art/paintings/moonlight giltar point tenby looking south
Moonlight at Giltar Point, Tenby looking south
fine art/paintings/landing ferry teignmouth devon
Landing from the ferry at Teignmouth, Devon
fine art/paintings/hms resolution discovery tahiti
HMS 'Resolution' and 'Discovery' in Tahiti
fine art/paintings/view point venus island otaheite tahiti
View from Point Venus, Island of Otaheite (Tahiti)
fine art/paintings/view point venus matavai bay looking east
A View of Point Venus and Matavai Bay, looking east
fine art/paintings/view province oparree pare island otaheite
View of the Province of Oparree [Pare], Island of Otaheite, with part of the Island
fine art/paintings/tahiti bearing south east 1773
Tahiti: Bearing south east 1773
fine art/paintings/surat land
Surat from the land
fine art/paintings/surat sea
Surat from the sea
fine art/paintings/view maitavie bay island otaheite tahiti
A view of Maitavie Bay, on the island of Otaheite (Tahiti)
fine art/paintings/english flute off satalia
An English flute off Satalia
fine art/paintings/view san sebastian
View of San Sebastian
fine art/paintings/shipping off saint helena
Shipping off Saint Helena
fine art/paintings/prison hulks portsmouth harbour
Prison hulks in Portsmouth harbour
fine art/paintings/battery portsmouth
The Battery, Portsmouth
fine art/paintings/plymouth dockyard
Plymouth Dockyard
fine art/paintings/return fleet plymouth harbour
Return of a fleet into Plymouth harbour
fine art/paintings/hms resolution off cape stephens waterspout
HMS 'Resolution' off Cape Stephens with waterspout, May 1773
fine art/paintings/landing mallicolo 1774
Landing at Mallicolo, 1774
fine art/paintings/castello nuova naples
The Castello Nuova at Naples
fine art/paintings/dutch english ships arriving naples
Dutch and English ships arriving at Naples
fine art/paintings/dutch ship arriving naples
A Dutch ship arriving at Naples
fine art/paintings/hms resolution discovery morea
HMS 'Resolution' and 'Discovery' at Morea
fine art/paintings/third rate entering port mahon
A third-rate entering Port Mahon
fine art/paintings/shipping off madras
Shipping off Madras
fine art/paintings/pool london frost 1895
The Pool of London in the frost, 1895
fine art/paintings/shipping pool london
Shipping in the Pool of London
fine art/paintings/limehouse reach london
Limehouse Reach, London
fine art/paintings/launch hms alexander deptford 1778
Launch of HMS 'Alexander' at Deptford in 1778
fine art/paintings/aerial view deptford dockyard
Aerial view of Deptford Dockyard
fine art/paintings/east india companys yard deptford circa 1660
East India Company's yard at Deptford, circa 1660
fine art/paintings/thomas cavendish sir francis drake sir john
Thomas Cavendish, Sir Francis Drake and Sir John Hawkins
fine art/paintings/frank george griffith carr 1903 1991
Frank George Griffith Carr (1903-1991)
fine art/paintings/shipping deptford
Shipping at Deptford
fine art/paintings/lieutenant donald cameron 1916 1961
Lieutenant Donald Cameron (1916-1961)
fine art/paintings/rear admiral sir robert calder 1745 1815
Rear-Admiral Sir Robert Calder (1745-1815)
fine art/paintings/launch venerable 74 guns blackwall 1784
Launch of the 'Venerable', 74 guns, at Blackwall, 1784
fine art/paintings/captain honourable john byron 1723 1786
Captain The Honourable John Byron (1723-1786)
fine art/paintings/admiral john byng 1704 1757
Admiral John Byng (1704-1757)
fine art/paintings/admiral fleet george byng 1st viscount torrington
Admiral of the Fleet George Byng, 1st Viscount Torrington (1663-1733)
fine art/paintings/john sheffield 1st duke buckingham normanby
John Sheffield, 1st Duke of Buckingham and Normanby (1648-1721)
fine art/paintings/joseph brown greenwich pensioner
Joseph Brown, a Greenwich Pensioner
fine art/paintings/captain william broughton 1762 1821
Captain William Broughton (1762-1821)
fine art/paintings/destroyer smoke screen
Destroyer smoke screen
fine art/paintings/admiral alexander hood 1st viscount bridport
Admiral Alexander Hood, 1st Viscount Bridport (1727-1814)
fine art/paintings/rear admiral sir edward brace circa 1769 1843
Rear-Admiral Sir Edward Brace (circa 1769-1843)
fine art/paintings/sunderland attacking wolf pack
A Sunderland attacking a wolf pack
fine art/paintings/gustavus hamilton 2nd viscount boyne 1639 1723
Gustavus Hamilton, 2nd Viscount Boyne (1639-1723), in the cabin of his yacht
fine art/paintings/admiral edward boscawen 1711 1761
Admiral Edward Boscawen (1711-1761)
fine art/paintings/captain george miller bligh circa 1780 1834
Captain George Miller Bligh (circa 1780-1834)
fine art/paintings/beaufighters attacking enemy convoy
Beaufighters attacking an enemy convoy


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