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The National Maritime Museum holds the largest collection of marine oils in the world. It was originally collected to illustrate the rise of British seapower from the Spanish Armada through the period of colonial expansion in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Our pictures are available as a range of Wall Art and Photo Gifts including Framed Prints, Posters, Canvas Prints, Jigsaw Puzzles and other Photo Gifts - all professionally made and delivered to your door quickly and securely. Media Storehouse is proud to offer this selection by special arrangement with National Maritime Museum

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fine art/paintings/scene plymouth sound august 1815
Scene in Plymouth sound in August 1815
fine art/paintings/big ben bargee
Big Ben the Bargee
horatio nelson 1758 1805/sir thomas masterman hardy 1769 1839
Sir Thomas Masterman Hardy (1769-1839)
fine art/paintings/semaphore portsmouth
Semaphore at Portsmouth
fine art/paintings/night action off cape matapan greece 28 march
Night action off Cape Matapan, Greece, 28 March 1941
fine art/paintings/captain sir edward brace circa 1769 1843
Captain Sir Edward Brace (circa 1769-1843)
horatio nelson 1758 1805/englands pride glory
England's Pride and Glory
fine art/paintings/hms edinburgh anti torpedo exercise
HMS 'Edinburgh' on anti-torpedo exercise
fine art/paintings/motor torpedo boats
Motor torpedo boats
fine art/paintings/japan signs death warrant attack pearl harbour
Japan signs her own death warrant: attack on Pearl Harbour, 7 December 1941
fine art/paintings/view courseulles dukws landing stores
View of Courseulles with DUKWs landing stores
fine art/paintings/air battle sunderland flying boat ju 88s
Air battle between a Sunderland flying boat and eight JU 88s
fine art/paintings/action off river plate 13 december 1939 pursuit
Action off the River Plate, 13 December 1939: pursuit of the 'Admiral Graf Spee'
fine art/paintings/battle bay biscay 28 december 1943
The Battle of the Bay of Biscay, 28 December 1943
fine art/paintings/life ocean
Life in the ocean
fine art/paintings/capture foudroyant hms monmouth 28 february 1758
The capture of the Foudroyant by HMS Monmouth, 28 February 1758
horatio nelson 1758 1805/death lord nelson cockpit ship victory
The death of Lord Nelson in the cockpit of the ship 'Victory'
horatio nelson 1758 1805/battle trafalgar 21 october 1805
The Battle of Trafalgar, 21 October 1805
horatio nelson 1758 1805/battle trafalgar 21 october 1805 end action
The Battle of Trafalgar, 21 October 1805, end of the action
fine art/paintings/death nelson battle trafalgar 21 october 1805
The death of Nelson at the Battle of Trafalgar, 21 October 1805
fine art/paintings/battle copenhagen 2 april 1801
The Battle of Copenhagen, 2 April 1801
horatio nelson 1758 1805/battle nile 1 august 1798 beginning action
The Battle of the Nile, 1 August 1798, beginning of the action
horatio nelson 1758 1805/battle nile destruction lorient 1 august
The Battle of the Nile: Destruction of 'L'Orient', 1 August 1798
fine art/paintings/battle camperdown 11 october 1797
The Battle of Camperdown, 11 October 1797
horatio nelson 1758 1805/battle trafalgar 21 october 1805 beginning
The Battle of Trafalgar, 21 October 1805, beginning of the action
horatio nelson 1758 1805/battle trafalgar 21 october 1805
The Battle of Trafalgar, 21 October 1805
horatio nelson 1758 1805/nelson wounded tenerife 24 july 1797
Nelson wounded at Tenerife, 24 July 1797
horatio nelson 1758 1805/nelson receiving surrender san josef
Nelson receiving the surrender of the 'San Josef'
fine art/paintings/seascape castilian
Seascape from the 'Castilian'
fine art/paintings/seascape jersey
Seascape, Jersey
fine art/paintings/greenwich ferry
Greenwich ferry
fine art/paintings/arrival elector palatine flushing 29 april 1613
The arrival of the Elector Palatine at Flushing, 29 April 1613
fine art/paintings/hove pilot
Hove to for a pilot
fine art/paintings/masters seas
Masters of the seas
fine art/paintings/view falmouth harbour
A view of Falmouth harbour
fine art/paintings/hay barge off greenwich
Hay barge off Greenwich
fine art/paintings/catching mermaid
Catching a mermaid
fine art/paintings/capture guillaume tell 30 march 1800
The capture of the 'Guillaume Tell', 30 March 1800
fine art/paintings/brederode off hellevoetsluis
The 'Brederode' off Hellevoetsluis
fine art/paintings/moonlight view table bay showing halleys comet
Moonlight view over Table Bay showing Halley's comet
fine art/paintings/cutty sark tug
The 'Cutty Sark' and a tug
fine art/paintings/beach cart gap happisburgh
Beach at Cart Gap, Happisburgh
fine art/paintings/baron willem joseph van ghent 1626 1672
Baron Willem Joseph van Ghent (1626-1672)
fine art/paintings/reverend edmund nelson 1722 1802
Reverend Edmund Nelson (1722-1802)
fine art/paintings/rodneys fleet taking prizes moonlight battle
Rodney's fleet taking in prizes after the Moonlight Battle, 16 January 1780
fine art/paintings/rescue motor launch sea
A rescue motor launch at sea
fine art/paintings/hms buckingham stocks deptford
HMS 'Buckingham' on the stocks at Deptford
fine art/paintings/paddle steamer british queen
The paddle steamer 'British Queen'
fine art/paintings/hmy britannia arriving greenwich 15 may 1954
HMY 'Britannia' arriving at Greenwich, 15 May 1954
fine art/paintings/hms britannia entering portsmouth harbour
HMS 'Britannia' entering Portsmouth harbour
fine art/paintings/deck scene wiscombe park
A deck scene on the 'Wiscombe Park'
fine art/paintings/admiral henry john chetwynd 18th earl shrewsbury
Admiral Henry John Chetwynd, 18th Earl of Shrewsbury (1803-1868)
fine art/paintings/sir ernest henry shackleton 1874 1922
Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton (1874-1922)
fine art/paintings/lord hugh seymour 1759 1801
Lord Hugh Seymour (1759-1801)
fine art/paintings/sir robert seppings boy 1767 1840
Sir Robert Seppings, when a boy (1767-1840)
fine art/paintings/captain john schank 1740 1823
Captain John Schank (1740-1823)
fine art/paintings/vice admiral james saumarez 1757 1836
Vice-Admiral James Saumarez (1757-1836)
fine art/paintings/captain sir john jervis 1735 1823
Captain Sir John Jervis (1735-1823)
fine art/paintings/rear admiral sir john jervis 1st earl st vincent
Rear-Admiral Sir John Jervis, 1st Earl of St Vincent (1735-1823)
fine art/paintings/walter leslie runciman 2nd viscount runciman doxford
Walter Leslie Runciman, 2nd Viscount Runciman of Doxford (1900-1989)
fine art/paintings/vice admiral sir joshua rowley 1734 1790
Vice-Admiral Sir Joshua Rowley (1734-1790)
fine art/paintings/admiral sir george rooke 1650 1709
Admiral Sir George Rooke (1650-1709)
fine art/paintings/admiral robert roddam 1719 1800
Admiral Robert Roddam (1719-1800)
fine art/paintings/lieutenant basil charles godfrey place vc dsc
Lieutenant (Basil Charles) Godfrey Place, VC, DSC (1921-1994)
fine art/paintings/philip ii spain 1527 98
Philip II of Spain (1527-98)
fine art/paintings/peter pett sovereign seas
Peter Pett and the 'Sovereign of the Seas'
fine art/paintings/flagmen lowestoft admiral sir william penn
Flagmen of Lowestoft: Admiral Sir William Penn (1621-1670)
fine art/paintings/captain sir richard pearson 1731 1806
Captain Sir Richard Pearson (1731-1806)
fine art/paintings/admiral william parry 1705 1779
Admiral William Parry (1705-1779)
fine art/paintings/admiral sir peter parker 1721 1811
Admiral Sir Peter Parker (1721-1811)
fine art/paintings/captain hugh palliser 1723 1796
Captain Hugh Palliser (1723-1796)
fine art/paintings/admiral sir edward campbell owen 1771 1849
Admiral Sir Edward Campbell Owen (1771-1849)
fine art/paintings/james butler 2nd duke ormonde 1665 1745
James Butler, 2nd Duke of Ormonde (1665-1745)
fine art/paintings/captain justinian nutt circa 1710 59
Captain Justinian Nutt (circa 1710-59)
fine art/paintings/captain james newman newman 1767 1811
Captain James Newman-Newman (1767-1811)
horatio nelson 1758 1805/rear admiral horatio nelson 1st viscount nelson
Rear-Admiral Horatio Nelson, 1st Viscount Nelson (1758-1805)
fine art/paintings/horatia nelson kneeling fathers tomb
Horatia Nelson kneeling before her father's tomb
fine art/paintings/flagmen lowestoft vice admiral sir christopher myngs
Flagmen of Lowestoft: Vice-Admiral Sir Christopher Myngs (1625-1666)
fine art/paintings/money brothers william 1769 1834 james 1772 1833
The Money brothers: William (1769-1834), James (1772-1833) and Robert Taylor (1775-1803)
fine art/paintings/admiral sir david milne 1763 1845
Admiral Sir David Milne (1763-1845)
fine art/paintings/admiral sir alexander milne 1808 1896
Admiral Sir Alexander Milne (1808-1896)
fine art/paintings/commodore samuel wilkes greenwich pensioner
Commodore' Samuel Wilkes, a Greenwich Pensioner
fine art/paintings/admiral thomas mathews 1676 1751
Admiral Thomas Mathews (1676-1751)
fine art/paintings/called nevil maskelyne astronomer royal
Formerly called 'Nevil Maskelyne, Astronomer Royal (1732-1811)'
fine art/paintings/bay south coast new holland january 1802
A bay on the south coast of New Holland, January 1802
fine art/paintings/portrait admiral circa 1830
Portrait of an admiral, circa 1830
fine art/paintings/board yacht alarm
On board the yacht 'Alarm'
fine art/paintings/royal saint george positions downs
The 'Royal Saint George' in three positions in the Downs
fine art/paintings/greenwich palace north east man of war
Greenwich Palace from the north east with a man-of-war
fine art/paintings/shorthanded
fine art/paintings/nathaniel bliss 1700 1764
Nathaniel Bliss (1700-1764)
fine art/paintings/barque birkdale view aft bowsprit
The barque 'Birkdale', view aft from the bowsprit
fine art/paintings/greenwich isle dogs
Greenwich from the Isle of Dogs
fine art/paintings/hms britannia positions
HMS 'Britannia' in two positions
fine art/paintings/clipper william mcgilvery
The clipper 'William McGilvery'
fine art/paintings/view greenwich 1877 showing training ship hms
View of Greenwich in 1877 showing the training ship 'HMS Warspite'
fine art/paintings/east indiaman warley
The East Indiaman ''Warley''
fine art/paintings/victory sailing spithead
The 'Victory' sailing from Spithead
fine art/paintings/vernon vessels
The 'Vernon' and other vessels


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