Decorative Art

The decorative art collections at the National Maritime Museum include silver, ceramics, furniture, glass, jewellery, textiles and sailor's craftwork. These items total almost 6000 individual pieces dating from the 18th century onwards.

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544 Items

decorative art/warship anchor
A warship at anchor
decorative art/wooden tankard
Wooden tankard
decorative art/commemorative silver ashtray opening cammell lairds
Commemorative silver ashtray for the opening of Cammell Laird's New Dry Dock, 1962
decorative art/teapot
decorative art/embroidery hms warrior
Embroidery of HMS 'Warrior'
decorative art/ship model bottle
Ship model in a bottle
decorative art/knot board
Knot board
decorative art/freedom casket presented admiral fleet sir david
Freedom casket presented to Admiral of the Fleet Sir David Beatty, 1st Earl Beatty
decorative art/miniature painting reverend philip ward 1795 1859
Miniature painting of the Reverend Philip Ward (1795-1859), husband of Nelson's
decorative art/whale tooth
Whale tooth
decorative art/candelabrum relic admiral fleet sir david beatty
Candelabrum, relic of Admiral of the Fleet Sir David Beatty, 1st Earl Beatty (1871-1936)
decorative art/delftware punch bowl
Delftware punch bowl
decorative art/chelengk
decorative art/black transfer printed plate crimean war period
Black transfer-printed plate of the Crimean War period
decorative art/sunderland lustreware plate
Sunderland lustreware plate
decorative art/pair candlesticks belonged mrs elizabeth cook
One of a pair of candlesticks which belonged to Mrs Elizabeth Cook, widow of Captain James Cook
decorative art/cup saucer commemorating maiden voyage rms queen
Cup and saucer commemorating the maiden voyage of RMS 'Queen Mary'
decorative art/toby jug modelled seated figure admiral david
Toby jug modelled as a seated figure of Admiral David, Earl Beatty (1871-1936)
decorative art/pipe tamper commemorating vice admiral horatio nelson
Pipe tamper commemorating Vice-Admiral Horatio Nelson (1758-1805)
decorative art/watch stand commemorating vice admiral horatio nelson
Watch stand commemorating Vice-Admiral Horatio Nelson (1758-1805)
decorative art/silver salver arms vice admiral lord nelson
Silver salver with the arms of Vice-Admiral Lord Nelson (1758-1805)
decorative art/napkin ring engineer rear admiral harold hugh
Napkin ring of Engineer Rear-Admiral Harold Hugh Huxham DSO (1881-1968)
decorative art/snuff box said belonged vice admiral horatio nelson
Snuff box said to have belonged to Vice-Admiral Horatio Nelson (1758-1805)
decorative art/scrimshaw staybusk whalebone
A scrimshaw staybusk made of whalebone
decorative art/ship model bottle
Ship model in a bottle
decorative art/gold snuff box presented sir george biddell airy
Gold snuff box presented to Sir George Biddell Airy (1801-1892) by the General Steam
decorative art/bugle presented boy bugler william walker who
Bugle presented to boy bugler William Walker, who served in HMS 'Calliope'
decorative art/ship model glass dome
Ship model in glass dome
decorative art/stoneware jug
Stoneware jug
decorative art/milk jug commemorating trafalgar centenary
Milk jug commemorating the Trafalgar centenary
decorative art/creamware mug
Creamware mug
decorative art/trafalgar centenary commemorative mug
Trafalgar centenary commemorative mug
decorative art/mr henry hayes doggett coat arm badge
Mr Henry Hayes in his doggett coat with arm badge
decorative art/pocket watch silver pair case
Pocket watch in silver pair case
decorative art/pocket watch silver hunter case silver watch chain
decorative art/portrait plaque depicting vice admiral horatio nelson
Portrait plaque depicting Vice-Admiral Horatio Nelson (1758-1805)
decorative art/bosuns hester bateman 1788
Bosun's call by Hester Bateman, 1788
decorative art/mortlake tapestry
Mortlake Tapestry
decorative art/electroplated teaspoon gilt bowl threaded edge
Electroplated teaspoon with a gilt bowl and a threaded edge, engraved on top of the
decorative art/vegetable slicer whalebone
A vegetable slicer made from whalebone
decorative art/whalebone handled brush possibly shaving brush
A whalebone-handled brush, possibly a shaving brush
decorative art/pratt ware pipe modelled half length figure vice admiral
decorative art/jug moulded lip loop handle
Jug with moulded lip and loop handle
decorative art/sunderland lustreware bowl
Sunderland lustreware bowl
decorative art/stoneware bowl
Stoneware bowl
decorative art/plate commemorating falklands war 1982
Plate commemorating the Falklands War, 1982
decorative art/britannia rule waves plate
Britannia Rule the Waves' plate
decorative art/octagonal plate
Octagonal plate
decorative art/plate brunels great western
Plate of Brunel's 'Great Western'
decorative art/plate glazed mustard ground gold rim
Plate glazed on a mustard ground with a gold rim
decorative art/arm badge brassard awarded prize royal regatta
Arm badge (brassard) awarded as a prize in the Royal Regatta, 1865, and attached to
decorative art/tray presented captain gd taylor born 1835
Tray presented to Captain G.D. Taylor (born 1835), on his retirement as Dockmaster
decorative art/salver presented rear admiral later admiral fleet
Salver presented to Rear-Admiral, later Admiral of the Fleet Sir Henry Oliver (1865-1965)
decorative art/silver salver presented vice admiral jerzy swirski
Silver salver presented to Vice-Admiral Jerzy Swirski
decorative art/circular shield unclaimed medals greenwich
Circular shield made from the unclaimed medals of Greenwich Pensioners
decorative art/worcester v conway boat race shield
Worcester' v 'Conway' boat race shield
decorative art/silver plated speaking trumpet owned captain
Silver-plated speaking trumpet owned by Captain Morrison
decorative art/tankard commemorating ship integrity
Tankard commemorating the ship 'Integrity'
decorative art/sugar basin tea set owned horatia nelson 1801 81
Sugar basin, part of a tea set owned by Horatia Nelson (1801-81) daughter of Vice-Admiral
decorative art/bogus sauce tureen said owned lord nelson
Bogus sauce tureen said to have been owned by Lord Nelson
decorative art/pair silver firedogs collection king charles ii
Pair of silver firedogs from the collection of King Charles II
decorative art/cream jug tea set owned horatia nelson 1801 81
Cream jug, part of a tea set owned by Horatia Nelson (1801-81) daughter of Vice-Admiral
decorative art/electroplated cream jug used po ships
Electroplated cream jug used on P&O ships
decorative art/cakebasket owned vice admiral lord nelson
Cakebasket owned by Vice-Admiral Lord Nelson (1758-1805)
decorative art/silver tea urn presented captain nicholas tomlinson
Silver tea-urn presented to Captain Nicholas Tomlinson (1764-1847) by the Royal Exchange Assurance
decorative art/goblet presented 1807 vice admiral lord nelsons
Goblet presented in 1807 by Vice-Admiral Lord Nelson's daughter Horatia Nelson
decorative art/silver plated goblet won swimming prize greenwich
Silver-plated goblet won as a swimming prize at Greenwich School
decorative art/silver beaker purser hms horatio 1812
Silver beaker to the Purser of HMS 'Horatio', 1812
decorative art/goblet pair identical sheffield plate goblets
Goblet, one of a pair of identical Sheffield plate goblets (unmarked)
decorative art/silver plated tankard commemorating hms tiger
Silver-plated tankard commemorating HMS 'Tiger'
decorative art/silver dish commemorating capture spanish silver
Silver dish commemorating the capture of the Spanish silver fleet by the Dutch Admiral Piet Hein
decorative art/pair wine coasters bottle decanter stands use
One of a pair of wine coasters (bottle or decanter stands for use on the table) commemorating
decorative art/sauce tureen lid
Sauce tureen with lid
decorative art/tray candle snuffers belonged captain james cook
Tray for candle snuffers which belonged to Captain James Cook (1728-1779) and his
decorative art/candle snuffers belonged captain james cook 1728 1779
Candle snuffers which belonged to Captain James Cook (1728-1779) and his wife Elizabeth
decorative art/pap boat belonged captain james cook 1728 1779
Pap boat which belonged to Captain James Cook (1728-1779)
decorative art/pewter ale jug said owned frederick marryat 1792 1848
Pewter ale jug said to have been owned by Frederick Marryat (1792-1848), naval officer
decorative art/bogus nelson coffee pot said owned lord nelson
Bogus Nelson coffee pot said to have been owned by Lord Nelson
decorative art/silver trophy presented hmmv winchester castle
Silver trophy presented to HMMV 'Winchester Castle', 1931, by Amy Johnson
decorative art/bogus cup cover said owned lord nelson
Bogus cup and cover said to have been owned by Lord Nelson
decorative art/statuette presented hms lion hms indomitable
Statuette presented by HMS 'Lion' to HMS 'Indomitable'
decorative art/two handled silver cup
Two-handled silver cup
decorative art/worcester v conway boat race trophy
Worcester' v 'Conway' boat race trophy
decorative art/prize cup won sailing barge memory 1959
Prize cup won by the sailing barge 'Memory' in 1959
decorative art/lloyds patriotic fund vase presented memory john
Lloyd's Patriotic Fund vase presented in memory of John Cooke, (1763-1805), Captain
decorative art/salt spoon lord nelsons nile copenhagen service
Salt spoon from Lord Nelson's Nile / Copenhagen service
decorative art/salt cellar lord nelsons nile copenhagen
Salt cellar from Lord Nelson's Nile / Copenhagen service
decorative art/arm badge brassard won eastern thames regatta 1902
Arm badge (brassard) won at the Eastern Thames Regatta 1902, attached to sleeve of
decorative art/boatswains said used battle trafalgar
Boatswain's call said to have been used at the Battle of Trafalgar
decorative art/silver boatswains used commander c crichton
Silver boatswain's call used by Commander C. Crichton Maitland (1877-1958)
decorative art/gilt metal presentation boatswains edward futcher
Gilt metal presentation boatswain's call of Edward Futcher, Chief Boatswain's
decorative art/silver boatswains barrel shaped buoy bearing
Silver boatswain's call with a barrel-shaped buoy bearing a foul anchor device
decorative art/silver boatswains royal naval college osborne
Silver boatswain's call from the Royal Naval College Osborne
decorative art/silver boatswains used mr reynolds boatswain
Silver boatswain's call used by Mr Reynolds, Boatswain of Royal Yacht 'Victoria
decorative art/french silver boatswains spherical buoy
French silver boatswain's call with a spherical buoy
decorative art/electroplated table fork used board british india
Electroplated table fork used on board British India Steam Navigation Company Line ships
decorative art/silver punch ladle commemorating battle saints
Silver punch ladle commemorating the Battle of the Saints, 12 April 1782
decorative art/king aqua bracelet view showing engraving king
King Aqua Bracelet - View Showing Engraving 'King'
decorative art/king aqua bracelet open
King Aqua Bracelet - Open


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