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Elizabeth Dawn Collection

"Elizabeth Dawn

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"Elizabeth Dawn: The Beloved Actress Behind Vera Duckworth's Boxing Gloves" From her iconic role as Vera Duckworth on Coronation Street to surprising moments in her personal life, Elizabeth Dawn, known affectionately as Liz Dawn, captivated audiences with her talent and charm. In May 1982, fans were treated to a different side of the actress when she appeared in a cabaret act, showcasing her versatility beyond the cobbled streets of Weatherfield. But it was not just Liz who stole the spotlight; her on-screen partner Bill Tarmey, who portrayed Jack Duckworth, also made waves at Granada TV. As he returned to the set amidst warm welcomes from colleagues and fans alike, their chemistry brought joy to millions of viewers. While Liz's character Vera often struggled with love on screen, off-screen she faced similar challenges. With no man by her side during that time period in April 1982 or even years later in June 1987 when she graced our screens as Coronation Street's beloved starlet once again. However, it wasn't all drama for Liz. In April 1982, she shared a delightful moment with Derek Bennett that showcased a lighter side of her personality. Their camaraderie shone through as they posed together for an unforgettable photograph. And then came the surprise of a lifetime. Michael Aspel turned up unexpectedly for his show "This is Your Life, " leaving Liz speechless and undoubtedly touched by this heartfelt tribute. It was yet another testament to how deeply loved and respected she was within the entertainment industry. Through it all though, one thing remained constant - those boxing gloves. Whether it be on set or off-camera appearances like May 1982 or being immortalized as Vera Duckworth herself multiple times throughout this caption – those gloves became synonymous with both Liz Dawn and her legendary character. Elizabeth Dawn will forever hold a special place in our hearts as we remember the talented actress behind the feisty Vera Duckworth.