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Mary Evans Picture Library makes available wonderful images created for people to enjoy over the centuries

Mary Evans Picture Library covers a broad range of topics and subject areas which, although coming under the umbrella classification of history, in fact extend far beyond most people's perception of historical pictures.

Our material has traditionally been used in an editorial context to illustrate news stories, magazine articles and the like, but today it is increasingly sought by creatives looking for different and stimulating imagery around which to base advertising campaigns or commercial design projects.

Mary Evans Picture Library began life in 1964, and its core philosophy has remained unchanged for over 40 years: to make available and accessible all the wonderful images created for people to enjoy over the centuries which were originally published in books, on posters, in advertisements, or as prints.

In 2014, we are celebrating 50 years as an independent family-owned historical picture library. While our core values have not changed, our methods of putting them into effect are almost unrecognisable today.

The library grew rapidly throughout the 1960s and 1970s. 1975 was a key year when Hilary and Mary were founder members of both the British Association of Picture Libraries and Agencies (BAPLA), the industry's trade organisation, and the Picture Research Association. In the same year they published the first edition of The Picture Researcher's Handbook, which ran to eight editions.

In 2013, we were pleased to welcome Ardea Picture Library to the Mary Evans stable. Ardea staff now share our building in Blackheath, which has also, since 2010, been the home of BAPLA. Space remains at a premium, however, as we continue to add new pictures to our collection

Background image: Featured Photograph

Featured Photograph
D-Day - British and Canadian troops landing - Juno Beach

Background image: Featured Collection

Featured Collection
Fine Art

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Trending Image
Queen Elizabeth II by Pietro Annigoni in the ILN

: New Images July 2023

New Images July 2023 Collection
75,897 Items

Background image: King Charles III

King Charles III

: The Tony Lovelock Collection

The Tony Lovelock Collection
3,537 Items

: Bubblepunk

Bubblepunk Collection
213 Items

: New Images May

New Images May Collection
1,652 Items

: The J Salmon Archive Collection

The J Salmon Archive Collection
1,324 Items

: New Images August 2021

New Images August 2021 Collection
50,742 Items

Background image: Fine Art

Fine Art

: Children

Children Collection
22 Items

: The National Brewery Centre Archives

The National Brewery Centre Archives Collection
266 Items

: Cats

Cats Collection
2 Items

: Dogs

Dogs Collection
3 Items

: Pictures Now

Pictures Now Collection
963 Items

: Wentworth Postcard Collection

Wentworth Postcard Collection
856 Items

: Peter Butt Transport Collection

Peter Butt Transport Collection
2,983 Items

: Advertising

Advertising Collection
199 Items

: London Life Covers

London Life Covers Collection
25 Items

: America

America Collection
187 Items

: Egypt

Egypt Collection
95 Items

: New items from The Michael Diamond Collection

New items from The Michael Diamond Collection
186 Items

: London

London Collection
1,652 Items

: Murray's Cabaret Club

Murray's Cabaret Club Collection
167 Items

: IMechE 175th Anniversary

IMechE 175th Anniversary Collection
40 Items

: New Images July 2020

New Images July 2020 Collection
10,401 Items

: Mary Evans Calendar 2020

Mary Evans Calendar 2020 Collection
14 Items

: Nursing

Nursing Collection
184 Items

: John Hinde

John Hinde Collection
664 Items

: Posters

Posters Collection
43 Items

: Photography by Philip Dunn

Photography by Philip Dunn Collection
1,216 Items

: New Items from the Grenville Collins Collection

New Items from the Grenville Collins Collection
1,184 Items

: Florence Mary Anderson

Florence Mary Anderson Collection
74 Items

: Aviation Images

Aviation Images Collection
1,639 Items

: Royal Aeronautical Society Collection

Royal Aeronautical Society Collection
704 Items

: Calendar 2019 Images

Calendar 2019 Images Collection
13 Items

: New Images from the Grenville Collins Collection

New Images from the Grenville Collins Collection
3,056 Items

: MonoMania Images

MonoMania Images Collection
60 Items

: Geffrye Museum

Geffrye Museum Collection
363 Items

: Sci Fi Magazine covers

Sci Fi Magazine covers Collection
49 Items

: History Repeats Itself

History Repeats Itself Collection
118 Items

: Elspeth Phelps - 1920s Fashion Advertisements

Elspeth Phelps - 1920s Fashion Advertisements Collection
5 Items

: Kent and Sussex Seaside

Kent and Sussex Seaside Collection
14 Items

: British Seaside

British Seaside Collection
44 Items

: National Museums Northern Ireland

National Museums Northern Ireland Collection
901 Items

: The Colin Sherborne

The Colin Sherborne Collection
58 Items

: Royal Aeronautical Society

Royal Aeronautical Society Collection
8,419 Items

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