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Kevin Keegan heads the ball during England v Republic of Ireland

Kevin Keegan heads the ball during England v Republic of Ireland

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Kevin Keegan heads the ball during England v Republic of Ireland

Kevin Keegan heads the ball during England v Republic of Ireland. UEFA European Championship Group 1. Final Score, 2-0 to England, 6th February 1980

Monte Fresco
Daily Mirror
Greater London
DM 80 701

Media ID 21725763

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Kevin Keegan Republic Of Ireland


> Europe > Republic of Ireland > Related Images

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In this print captured by Monte Fresco, we are transported back to the thrilling match between England and Republic of Ireland during the UEFA European Championship Group 1 in the 1980s. The image freezes a pivotal moment as Kevin Keegan, one of England's most iconic footballers, fearlessly heads the ball amidst intense competition. The photograph encapsulates both the passion and skill that defined Keegan's playing style. With determination etched on his face, he defies gravity as he propels himself into mid-air to connect with the ball. His focus is unwavering, showcasing his commitment to securing victory for his team. As we delve deeper into this snapshot from history, it becomes evident that this was no ordinary game. The final score of 2-0 in favor of England speaks volumes about their dominance on that fateful day - February 6th, 1980. This print not only captures a remarkable sporting moment but also serves as a reminder of an era when football held immense cultural significance in England. It transports us back to a time when fans gathered around televisions or filled stadiums with anticipation and excitement. Monte Fresco's expertise behind the lens allows us to relive these cherished memories through stunning visual storytelling. This particular photograph beautifully represents an unforgettable clash between two nations on the football field – where talent met determination head-on.

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