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Two Salford women rescue kittens, cats and dogs from demolition areas

Two Salford women rescue kittens, cats and dogs from demolition areas

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Two Salford women rescue kittens, cats and dogs from demolition areas

Two Salford women rescue kittens, cats and dogs from demolition areas and care for them until they go to good homes..Seen here Mrs. Norma Parker, left, pictured with Mrs. Diane Shepherd and her daughter, Cristina (5) rescuing kittens from the Ordsall, Salford, demolition area. July 1972 P007408


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Cats Kittens Rescue

In this heartwarming print from July 1972, we witness the incredible compassion and dedication of two Salford women who selflessly rescue kittens, cats, and dogs from demolition areas. Mrs. Norma Parker, standing on the left, joins forces with Mrs. Diane Shepherd and her adorable daughter Cristina (5) to save these innocent creatures in need. Amidst the rubble of Ordsall, Salford's demolition area, these remarkable women extend their nurturing hands to provide a safe haven for these vulnerable animals until they find loving forever homes. Their unwavering commitment shines through as they tirelessly care for each furry friend that crosses their path. The image captures a moment frozen in time when kindness triumphs over adversity. The bond between humans and animals is beautifully showcased as Mrs. Norma Parker gently cradles a rescued kitten while Mrs. Diane Shepherd stands beside her with little Cristina by her side - an embodiment of generational compassion. This photograph not only serves as a testament to the resilience of these brave women but also highlights the importance of animal welfare during challenging times. It reminds us that even amidst destruction and chaos, there are individuals like Mrs. Norma Parker and Mrs. Diane Shepherd who go above and beyond to make a difference in the lives of those who cannot speak for themselves. As we look back at this touching scene captured by Mirrorpix's lens on Memory Lane Prints, let it serve as an inspiration for all generations to continue fighting for the well-being of

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