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Irish Bastable, aged 19, is testing out these quads which are some of the new beauty skin

Irish Bastable, aged 19, is testing out these quads which are some of the new beauty skin

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Irish Bastable, aged 19, is testing out these quads which are some of the new beauty skin

Irish Bastable, aged 19, is testing out these quads which are some of the new beauty skin dolls now being put into production at a Merton doll factory. She is pomelling new skin covering dolls bodies which have been made by a new process. The skin is latex moulded into shape and stuffed. It is flesh pink, washable and natural to the touch and dolls can be pommelled, pinched and dropped or bitten without blemishing. The doll factory, Lines Bros. at Merton, is proudcing over 10, 000 dolls weekly and large number of teh beauty skin dolls are in demand for export, but many will be available for the home market. October 1948 P003717


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> Europe > United Kingdom > England > London > Boroughs > Merton

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In this print from October 1948, we see the young and talented Irish Bastable, aged 19, diligently testing out the new beauty skin dolls at a Merton doll factory. With utmost concentration and precision, she is pomelling the newly developed flesh pink skin covering onto dolls' bodies using a groundbreaking manufacturing process. The innovative technique involves molding latex into shape and stuffing it to create a washable and natural-to-the-touch skin that can withstand various forms of handling without blemishing. These remarkable features allow these dolls to be pommelled, pinched, dropped or even bitten without leaving any marks behind. Lines Bros. , the esteemed doll factory in Merton where this production takes place, proudly churns out over 10,000 dolls weekly. The demand for these exquisite beauty skin dolls is not limited to domestic markets alone; they are highly sought after for export as well. Irish's involvement in this crucial testing phase showcases her expertise in ensuring that each doll meets the highest standards of quality before reaching eager customers worldwide. Her dedication exemplifies the meticulous craftsmanship involved in creating these beloved toys that bring joy to countless children across generations. This nostalgic snapshot offers us a glimpse into an era when traditional craftsmanship merged with technological advancements to produce timeless treasures like these beauty skin dolls.

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