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silhouettes/british soldiers 1917
British soldiers 1917
#media dmcs-4427403
wwi soldiers/actions somme crossings 1918
Actions of the Somme Crossings 1918
#media dmcs-4430291
wwi soldiers/british soldiers rescuing horse ditch flanders
British soldiers rescuing horse from ditch, Flanders, WW1
#media dmcs-7198921
wwi soldiers/battle somme 1918
Battle of the Somme 1918
#media dmcs-4430189
wwi soldiers/wounded indian troops royal pavilion brighton
Wounded Indian Troops - Royal Pavilion, Brighton
#media dmcs-4410686
wwi soldiers/soldiers lille 1918
Soldiers in Lille 1918
#media dmcs-4427907
wwi soldiers/christmas day 1914
Christmas Day 1914
#media dmcs-4425141
wwi soldiers/western front france 1918
Western Front, France, 1918
#media dmcs-4403647
wwi soldiers/troops animals getting ready out ww1
Troops and animals getting ready to move out, WW1
#media dmcs-7218677
wwi soldiers/soldier refugee children tournai flanders ww1
Soldier with two refugee children, Tournai, Flanders, WW1
#media dmcs-7198911
wwi soldiers/australian soldier motorcycle sidecar ww1
Australian soldier with motorcycle and sidecar, WW1
#media dmcs-7197981
wwi soldiers/serbian soldiers near mikra near salonika ww1
Two Serbian soldiers near Mikra, near Salonika, WW1
#media dmcs-7197029
wwi soldiers/irish soldier trench mesopotamia ww1
Irish soldier in a trench, Mesopotamia, WW1
#media dmcs-7193921
wwi soldiers/british tank western front ww1
British tank on Western Front, WW1
#media dmcs-7182931
wwi soldiers/british soldiers tank trench ribecourt france
British soldiers with tank in trench, Ribecourt, France, WW1
#media dmcs-7182423
wwi soldiers/royal engineer messenger dog france ww1
Royal Engineer with messenger dog, France, WW1
#media dmcs-7180415
wwi soldiers/german trench attack wwi
German trench attack WWI
#media dmcs-4453013
wwi soldiers/lord kitchener reviewing indian troops wwi
Lord Kitchener reviewing Indian Troops - WWI
#media dmcs-4435833
wwi soldiers/snowball fight 1916
Snowball fight 1916
#media dmcs-4424235
wwi soldiers/british indian soldiers wwi allies 2 3
British and Indian soldiers - WWI allies (2/3)
#media dmcs-4410626
wwi soldiers/ammunition bus first world war
Ammunition Bus, First World War
#media dmcs-4405717
wwi soldiers/soldier wearing gas mask 1918
Soldier wearing gas mask, 1918
#media dmcs-4403439
wwi soldiers/crossing canal du nord 1918
Crossing the Canal du Nord 1918
#media dmcs-4401503
wwi soldiers/official goat skin coats british soldiers
Official goat-skin under coats for British soldiers
#media dmcs-4393516
wwi soldiers/christmas front soldiers chopping tree 1914
Christmas at the Front: Soldiers chopping down a tree 1914
#media dmcs-8194985
wwi soldiers/captured serbian troops ibar valley serbia ww1
Captured Serbian troops, Ibar Valley, Serbia, WW1
#media dmcs-7197923
wwi soldiers/russian machine gunners eastern front ww1
Russian machine gunners on eastern front, WW1
#media dmcs-7196351
wwi soldiers/turkish artillery action ww1
Turkish artillery in action, WW1
#media dmcs-7196177
wwi soldiers/recapture kut al amara mesopotamia ww1
Recapture of Kut Al Amara, Mesopotamia, WW1
#media dmcs-7193941
wwi soldiers/firing large field gun
Firing a large field gun
#media dmcs-4470301
wwi soldiers/german soldier wwi
German soldier WWI
#media dmcs-4454187
wwi soldiers/battle amiens wwi
Battle of Amiens WWI
#media dmcs-4454055
wwi soldiers/australian soldiers wwi
Australian soldiers WWI
#media dmcs-4452745
wwi soldiers/british cavalry 1917
British cavalry 1917
#media dmcs-4425935
wwi soldiers/french patriotism
French patriotism
#media dmcs-4415477
wwi soldiers/royal irish rifles 1916
Royal Irish Rifles 1916
#media dmcs-4395342
wwi soldiers/austro hungarian howitzer action ww1
Austro-Hungarian howitzer in action, WW1
#media dmcs-7219861
wwi soldiers/wounded montenegrin soldier eastern front ww1
Wounded Montenegrin soldier, eastern front, WW1
#media dmcs-7197839
wwi soldiers/austrian troops suspect peasant galicia ww1
Austrian troops with suspect peasant, Galicia, WW1
#media dmcs-7196697
wwi soldiers/group soldiers cadets training camp
Group of soldiers and cadets at a training camp
#media dmcs-4475484
wwi soldiers/group soldiers training camp
Group of soldiers at a training camp
#media dmcs-4475421
wwi soldiers/railway mounted gun emplacement
Railway mounted gun emplacement
#media dmcs-4470333
wwi soldiers/soldiers trench fixed bayonets
Soldiers in trench with fixed bayonets
#media dmcs-4470231
wwi soldiers/battle soissons wwi
Battle of Soissons WWI
#media dmcs-4454111
wwi soldiers/british prisoners wwi
British prisoners WWI
#media dmcs-4453737
wwi soldiers/german memory card wwi
German memory card WWI
#media dmcs-4453439
wwi soldiers/listening post wwi
Listening post WWI
#media dmcs-4452891
wwi soldiers/soldiers gallipoli wwi
Soldiers at Gallipoli WWI
#media dmcs-4452563
wwi soldiers/wounded transport wwi
Wounded transport WWI
#media dmcs-4452203


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