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WWI Animals

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best friends/red cross dog working first world war
Red Cross Dog working during the First World War
animals/goodbye old man soldier dying horse wwi
Goodbye Old Man - Soldier and dying horse during WWI
wwi animals/good bye old man fortunio matania 1922
Good-bye Old Man. By Fortunio Matania. 1922
best friends/sharing rations troopers christmas box
Sharing Rations - The Trooper's Christmas-Box
wwi animals/girl says goodbye war bound partner
A girl says goodbye to War-bound partner
wwi animals/good samaritan indian soldier wwi
A Good Samaritan - Indian Soldier - WWI
wwi animals/wanted army 660 market st san francisco o
You are wanted by the US Army 660 Market St. San Francisco o
wwi animals/lewis gun section palestine ww1
Lewis Gun Section, Palestine, WW1
wwi animals/off
Off to the Front
wwi animals/patriotic postcard royal navy british bulldogs
Patriotic Postcard - Royal Navy and British Bulldogs
wwi soldiers/troops animals getting ready out ww1
Troops and animals getting ready to move out, WW1
wwi animals/mule teams field near arras france ww1
Mule teams in field near Arras, France, WW1
wwi animals/carrying wounded camel palestine ww1
Carrying the wounded by camel, Palestine, WW1
wwi animals/foreshore kut al amara mesopotamia ww1
Foreshore at Kut Al Amara, Mesopotamia, WW1
wwi animals/british soldier horseback ww1
British soldier on horseback, WW1
wwi animals/war horse illustration postcard george ranstead
War Horse - illustration on postcard by George Ranstead
wwi animals/officer tank corps dog motorbike france ww1
Officer of Tank Corps with dog and motorbike, France, WW1
wwi soldiers/royal engineer messenger dog france ww1
Royal Engineer with messenger dog, France, WW1
wwi animals/who said germans patriotic bulldogs
Who Said Germans? - Patriotic Bulldogs
wwi animals/housing problem fred buchanan
The Housing Problem by Fred Buchanan
wwi animals/donkeys world war i
Donkeys in World War I
onslow auctioneers/onslow war posters/blue cross fund poster
Blue Cross Fund Poster
wwi animals/entry aqaba battle aqaba jordan ww1
Entry into Aqaba, Battle of Aqaba, Jordan, WW1
wwi animals/german soldiers camel south west africa ww1
German soldiers on a camel, South West Africa, WW1
wwi animals/world war patriotic postcard bulldog
World War One Patriotic Postcard - Bulldog
wwi animals/english vets western
English vets on the Western Front
wwi animals/german red cross dog
German Red Cross Dog
wwi soldiers/australian soldiers wwi
Australian soldiers WWI
wwi animals/battle vimy ridge 1917
Battle of Vimy Ridge 1917
wwi animals/wartime messenger dog
Wartime Messenger Dog
wwi soldiers/battle flanders
Battle of Flanders
wwi soldiers/french patriotism
French patriotism
wwi animals/french reconnaisance patrol 1916
French reconnaisance patrol 1916
wwi animals/welfare horses majestys service
Welfare of horses on His Majesty's Service
wwi animals/loading horses world war i
Loading horses, World War I
wwi animals/pigeon saves day
Pigeon Saves the Day
wwi animals/world war i dog carts
World War I dog carts
wwi animals/dog owner reunited trenches france
Dog and owner reunited in the trenches, France