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women/red bathing costume 1930
Red Bathing Costume 1930
#media dmcs-576260
women/golfing woman 1914
Golfing Woman 1914
#media dmcs-603648
fashion/lady blossom 1925
Lady and Blossom 1925
#media dmcs-600356
fashion/flapper bonnet 1927
Flapper on Bonnet 1927
#media dmcs-606647
fashion/union jack hat scarf
Union Jack Hat & Scarf
#media dmcs-604262
women/female type settee
Female Type on Settee
#media dmcs-603451
women/bathing in bathroom 1926
Bathing/In Bathroom/1926
#media dmcs-604454
women/girl lambretta
Girl on a Lambretta
#media dmcs-592125
children/little girl asleep mothers lap
A little girl asleep on her mother's lap
#media dmcs-8321778
fashion/fashionable 1950s hat
Fashionable 1950S Hat
#media dmcs-613240
women/female type long neck
Female Type/Long Neck
#media dmcs-603540
fashion/woman dog wind
Woman and Dog in Wind
#media dmcs-587480
women/60s fashion convertible
60S Fashion/Convertible
#media dmcs-616899
fashion/fashionable 1950s hat
Fashionable 1950S Hat
#media dmcs-613241
women/modes perugia 1924
Modes by Perugia 1924
#media dmcs-604195
women/female type underclothes
Female Type/Underclothes
#media dmcs-603616
nostalgia/ladies bath machine
Ladies on Bath. Machine
#media dmcs-603158
women/beach ball girl woof
Beach Ball Girl / Woof
#media dmcs-602051
women/elegant lady snow
Elegant Lady in Snow
#media dmcs-600571
fashion/spider web cloche hat
Spider Web Cloche Hat
#media dmcs-600345
women/miss odells swimwear
#media dmcs-599825
fashion/french flag scarf
French Flag-Scarf
#media dmcs-599769
women/girl aeroplane hat
Girl in Aeroplane Hat
#media dmcs-599586
women/lady takes tumble 1918
Lady Takes a Tumble/1918
#media dmcs-599575
women/depiction summer 1903
Depiction of Summer 1903
#media dmcs-599239
fashion/lady jewellery 1927
Lady with Jewellery 1927
#media dmcs-596457
women/showgirl snowflake dance
Showgirl/Snowflake Dance
#media dmcs-593880
fashion/female 1926
Female of 1926
#media dmcs-588348
women/costume women c15 france
Costume/Women/C15 France
#media dmcs-584547
women/girl mirror
Girl at her Mirror
#media dmcs-583867
women/lady black
Lady in Black
#media dmcs-583733
women/female type scanty dress
Female Type/Scanty Dress
#media dmcs-583103