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Schmidt / Pyramids / Meroe

Schmidt  /  Pyramids  /  Meroe

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Schmidt / Pyramids / Meroe

The pyramids at Meroe

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1840 Giza Gizeh Pyramids Schmidt Wonders Meroe


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This photograph, taken circa 1840, presents a striking contrast between the ancient world and the modern explorer. At the heart of the image lies the enigmatic Pyramids of Meroe, located in what is now Sudan, a testament to the rich historical heritage of the ancient Kingdom of Kush. The Pyramids of Meroe, pre-dating the more famous pyramids of Giza in Egypt by over a thousand years, represent some of the oldest pyramid structures in the world. In the foreground of the image, we see the esteemed German scholar and Egyptologist, Karl Richard Lepsius, also known as Schmidt, who is famously depicted here with a top hat and a determined expression, meticulously examining the intricate details of these ancient structures. Schmidt's groundbreaking work during his extensive travels throughout Egypt and Nubia (modern-day Sudan) in the 19th century significantly advanced our understanding of the history and culture of these ancient civilizations. The Pyramids of Meroe, with their unique tapering shape and intricate decorative elements, stand proudly against the backdrop of the vast, arid landscape. The pyramids were built as tombs for the royalty and nobility of the Kingdom of Kush, which flourished from approximately 1070 BCE to 350 CE. The site, which includes over 150 pyramids, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and remains an enduring symbol of the ancient world's architectural and historical achievements. This photograph, captured over 180 years ago, offers a glimpse into the past, transporting us back to a time when the world was being rediscovered, and the mysteries of the ancient world were just beginning to unravel. Schmidt's unwavering curiosity and dedication to uncovering the secrets of the past continue to inspire and captivate us today.

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