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Tomb of Abakh Hoja, Kashgar, western China

Tomb of Abakh Hoja, Kashgar, western China

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Tomb of Abakh Hoja, Kashgar, western China

The tomb of Abakh Hoja (also known as the Tomb of Xiangfei) in Kashgar, western China. It served as the family tomb of Abakh Hoja, the ruler of Kashgar (Kashi) in the 17th century -- Xiangfei was a famous imperial concubine. The tomb was built around 1640, and it is said that 72 people from five generations of Abakh Hoja's relatives and descendents were buried there. Abakh Hoja himself (d 1693) headed the Islamic faction of Baishan, which seized power at the Yarkant Court for a time, and the tomb was named after him. The tomb is composed of a group of buildings in a complex with a pond and an orchard. In addition to the Tomb Hall, there is the Doctrine Teaching Hall, the Great Hall of Prayer and the gate tower. The various buildings are richly decorated, and the pond is lined with tall trees, creating a peaceful ambience. Photograph by Ralph Ponsonby Watts Date: circa 1932

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1640 1932 Burial Buried Commemoration Concubine Faction Hoja Islam Islamic Kashgar Kashi Moslem Muslim Orchard Peace Peaceful Pond Ponsonby Prayer Ralph Rich Ruler Rulers Tomb Watts Xinjiang


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The Tomb of Abakh Hoja in Kashgar, western China, is a stunning example of Islamic architecture and a testament to the rich history of the region. Built around 1640 as the family tomb of Abakh Hoja, a ruler of Kashgar in the 17th century, this sacred site holds the remains of 72 relatives and descendants over five generations. The intricate buildings within the complex, including the Tomb Hall, Doctrine Teaching Hall, Great Hall of Prayer, and gate tower are adorned with ornate decorations that reflect the cultural significance of this place. The peaceful ambiance created by tall trees lining the pond adds to its solemn beauty. Abakh Hoja himself was a prominent figure who led an Islamic faction at Yarkant Court for a time before his death in 1693. The tomb was named after him as a commemoration of his legacy and influence on the region. This photograph taken circa 1932 by Ralph Ponsonby Watts captures not only the architectural grandeur but also serves as a reminder of the historical importance attached to this sacred burial site. It stands as a symbol of reverence for past rulers and their contributions to Xinjiang's rich history.

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