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Painting of Women and Peacocks

Painting of Women and Peacocks

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Painting of Women and Peacocks

Artwork showing three nudes amongst a group of white peacocks, upon a steep hill. Date: circa 1928

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Artistic Cecil Lennox Nudes Peacocks Steep 1928


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March of the Women and Peacocks,

Circa 1928, by Cecil Lennox This artwork, titled "March of the Women and Peacocks," is a stunning visual feast created by the talented British artist Cecil Lennox around 1928. The painting showcases a harmonious blend of the feminine form and the allure of nature, as three nude women gracefully traverse a steep hill, accompanied by a vibrant group of white peacocks. The women, with their lithe bodies and confident strides, embody the essence of freedom and sensuality. Their natural beauty is further accentuated by the lush, verdant landscape that surrounds them. The rolling hills, dotted with wildflowers, create a picturesque backdrop for this enchanting scene. The inclusion of the majestic peacocks adds an air of mystery and intrigue to the painting. These magnificent birds, with their iridescent plumage and proud posture, are a symbol of beauty, pride, and rebirth. Their presence among the women further emphasizes the theme of the natural world and the interconnectedness of all living beings. The play of light and shadow in the painting is masterful, with the sun casting dappled patterns on the women's bodies and the peacocks' feathers. The use of bold, vibrant colors adds depth and richness to the artwork, making it a truly mesmerizing piece that transports the viewer to another world. This painting, with its evocative title, "March of the Women and Peacocks," invites the viewer to ponder the meaning behind the women's journey and the significance of the peacocks in their midst. It is a testament to Cecil Lennox's artistic prowess and his ability to capture the essence of the natural world and the human form in a single, breathtaking image.

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