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Moonlight Scene

Moonlight Scene

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Moonlight Scene

An oil painting depicting some boats and fisherman on some peaceful waters under a warm, moonlight sky, with a small platform on the left and netting on the right. Date: circa 1600s

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1600s Depicting Fisherman Moonlight Neer Netting Peaceful Platform Warm Waters Aert Volume


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Moonlight Scene (circa 1600s) This oil painting, believed to date back to the 1600s, showcases a tranquil and serene moonlit scene on the water. The warm glow of the moon casts a gentle light over the peaceful waters, illuminating the silhouettes of several boats and their fishermen. The boats, with their sails rolled up and oars at the ready, are docked at a small platform on the left, while the netting on the right is spread out, waiting to be filled with the day's catch. The muted colors of the painting, with their rich and earthy tones, transport us back in time to an era of simple living and hard work. The reflection of the moon on the water adds a sense of depth and dimension to the scene, while the calmness of the water and the stillness of the night create an atmosphere of peace and quiet. This beautiful work of art, which has been preserved for centuries, is a testament to the skill and talent of the artist of the time. The intricate details of the boats, the fishermen, and the netting are all rendered with great care and attention, making this painting a true masterpiece. This image, from the Mary Evans Prints Online collection, was first published in August 1918, in Volume 11, Issue 315 of the prestigious art magazine, "March of the Women." The publication of this painting in the magazine brought it to the attention of a wider audience, allowing many to appreciate its beauty and historical significance.

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