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Africa. Floating factory on the shrimp river

Africa. Floating factory on the shrimp river

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Africa. Floating factory on the shrimp river

History of Africa. 19th century. Floating factory on the shrimp river. The lack of security meant that in some areas of the Congo and other African regions it was not possible to built factories with which to maintain trade with the natives. Instead, large barges were used as floating warehouses that traversed the rivers and tributaries. To them the natives came in their canoes to exchange their products with European goods. Engraving. El Congo y la Creacion del Estado Independiente de este nombre. Historia de los Trabajos y Exploraciones Verificados (The Congo and the Founding of its Free State. A Story of Work and Exploration), by Henry M. Stanley. Edited in Barcelona, ca. 1890. Spain

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In this engraving from the late 19th century, a floating factory is anchored in the heart of an African river teeming with shrimp. The image, taken from Henry M. Stanley's "El Congo y la Creacion del Estado Independiente de este nombre. Historia de los Trabajos y Exploraciones Verificados" (The Congo and the Founding of its Free State. A Story of Work and Exploration), published in Barcelona around 1890, offers a glimpse into the unique economic transactions that took place during the colonial era in Africa. Due to the lack of security and infrastructure in some regions of the Congo and other African territories, European powers were unable to establish fixed factories to maintain trade with the indigenous peoples. Instead, large barges were repurposed as floating warehouses, traversing the rivers and tributaries. In this engraving, we see a bustling scene of exchange, with natives in their canoes approaching the floating factory to barter their goods for European merchandise. The floating factory, with its chimney billowing smoke, served as a vital hub for commerce, allowing for the storage and distribution of goods throughout the region. The intricate network of waterways facilitated the ease of transportation, making these floating factories a crucial component of the African economy during this era. This evocative image, with its intricate details and rich history, offers a fascinating glimpse into the complex economic relationships that existed between Europeans and Africans during the colonial period. The floating factory on the shrimp river stands as a testament to the ingenuity and adaptability of both parties in the face of unique challenges.

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