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Spiked pepper or matico, Piper aduncum

Spiked pepper or matico, Piper aduncum

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Spiked pepper or matico, Piper aduncum

Spiked pepper or matico, Piper aduncum (Piper angustifolium). Chromolithograph after a botanical illustration from Hermann Adolph Koehlers Medicinal Plants, edited by Gustav Pabst, Koehler, Germany, 1887

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Adolph Antiseptic Gustav Herbal Hermann Hoja Koehlers Kohler Medicinal Medizinal Pflanzen Pabst Pepper Piper Spice Spiked Angustifolium


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This chromolithograph depicts the intricately detailed botanical illustration of Spiked Pepper, also known as Matico, Piper aduncum (syn. Piper angustifolium). The image, derived from Hermann Adolph Koehler's Medicinal Plants, edited by Gustav Pabst, published in Germany in 1887, showcases the plant's unique features in stunning detail. The Spiked Pepper, native to South America, is a member of the Piperaceae family, known for its distinctive spiked inflorescence and large, glossy, and oblong leaves. The plant is commonly referred to as Matico, Higuillo, or De Hoja Menuda in various regions. The Spiked Pepper has long been valued for its medicinal properties. Traditional uses include the application of the leaves as an antiseptic and analgesic to treat wounds, burns, and inflammation. The plant's essential oil is also known for its aromatic and spicy flavor, making it a popular addition to various culinary dishes. The botanical illustration provides an in-depth look at the various parts of the plant, including its roots, stems, leaves, flowers, and fruits. The intricate veining and textures of the leaves are particularly noteworthy, as are the tiny hairs covering the plant's surface. This beautiful and informative chromolithograph serves as a testament to the intricacy and beauty of the natural world, as well as the importance of documenting and preserving the knowledge of medicinal plants for future generations.

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Matico or spiked pepper, Piper aduncum
Matico or spiked pepper, Piper aduncum









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