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Fig marigold species

Fig marigold species

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Fig marigold species

White-leaved fig marigold, Mesembryanthemum albidum, three-coloured, M. tricolor, red-edged, M. rubrocinctum, never-closing fig marigold, M. inclaudens, and glittering fig marigold, M. micans. Handfinished chromolithograph by Henry Noel Humphreys after an illustration by Jane Loudon from Mrs. Jane Loudons Ladies Flower Garden or Ornamental Greenhouse Plants, William S. Orr, London, 1849

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Glittering Handfinished Humphreys Jane Marigold Mesembryanthemum Noel Three Coloured Tricolor Webb Albidum


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This stunning handfinished chromolithograph depicts a vibrant arrangement of Fig Marigold species, showcasing their unique and captivating beauty. The print, created by Henry Noel Humphreys after an original illustration by Jane Loudon, was published in Mrs. Jane Loudon's Ladies Flower Garden or Ornamental Greenhouse Plants in 1849. The Fig Marigolds displayed in this exquisite artwork include the White-leaved Fig Marigold (Mesembryanthemum albidum), Three-coloured Fig Marigold (M. tricolor), Red-edged Fig Marigold (M. rubrocinctum), Never-closing Fig Marigold (M. inclaudens), and Glittering Fig Marigold (M. micans). Each species is rendered with intricate detail, highlighting their distinct characteristics. The White-leaved Fig Marigold boasts elegant white blooms with bright yellow centers, while the Three-coloured Fig Marigold displays a captivating combination of red, yellow, and white petals. The Red-edged Fig Marigold features striking red edges on its yellow petals, and the Never-closing Fig Marigold showcases its unique ability to keep its petals open continuously. The Glittering Fig Marigold adds a touch of magic with its shimmering silver leaves and golden flowers. This mesmerizing print not only serves as a testament to the artistic prowess of Humphreys and Loudon but also showcases the enchanting diversity of the Fig Marigold species. A must-have for any botanical art enthusiast or gardening aficionado, this chromolithograph is a timeless treasure that continues to captivate and inspire.

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