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Curtis British Entomology Plate 31

Curtis British Entomology Plate 31

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Curtis British Entomology Plate 31

Coleoptera: Buprestis nitidula = Anthaxia nitidula (Glittering Buprestis) [Plant: Crataegus sp. (Crataegus oxyacantha, White-thorn)] Date: 1824-39

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1820s 1830s Butterflies Butterfly Coleoptera Crataegus Curtis Entomology Glittering Ledipotera


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This stunning image is taken from Curtis's British Entomology, Plate 31, featuring the Glittering Buprestis, scientifically known as Anthaxia nitidula. The Coleoptera, or beetle, species is depicted in its natural habitat, perched on the leaves of a Crataegus plant, commonly known as White-thorn or Crataegus oxyacantha. The intricate details of the beetle's metallic exoskeleton are brought to life in this exquisite 19th-century print. The Glittering Buprestis, also known as Ledipterus nitidulus, is a small, brightly colored beetle native to Europe and Asia. The species is characterized by its iridescent green and gold elytra, or wing cases, which provide excellent camouflage among the leaves of its host plant. The beetles feed on the sap of the Crataegus tree, and their larvae develop inside the tree, causing characteristic galleries in the wood. This beautiful plate is part of the extensive work by the renowned British naturalist John Curtis, FLS, who dedicated his life to the study and documentation of the natural world. The plates in Curtis's British Entomology were produced between the 1820s and 1830s, making this an invaluable resource for entomologists and natural historians of the time. The high-quality engravings, such as this one, were produced using the latest techniques of the day, allowing for exceptional detail and accuracy in the representation of the subjects. The presence of butterflies and other insects in the background of the plate adds to the overall beauty and naturalism of the image, making it a true masterpiece of 19th-century natural history illustration.

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