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Advert, The Wright Pianoforte Tutor

Advert, The Wright Pianoforte Tutor

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Advert, The Wright Pianoforte Tutor

Advert, The Wright Pianoforte Tutor by Albert H Oswald -- A Word to parents from Horatio Nicholls, the Popular Composer. Date: 1930

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Educational Half Instrument Learn Learning Piano Price Shillings Sixpence Teach Teaching Musical


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Step into the world of music and embark on an unforgettable journey of learning with "The Wright Pianoforte Tutor" by Horatio Nicholls. This cover from 1930, featuring the popular composer himself, invites parents to consider this exceptional educational resource for their children. Adorned with a grand piano and surrounded by men engrossed in their music, the image exudes an air of dedication and entertainment. The price list in the bottom left corner reveals the affordability of this valuable tool, with sixpence for half a crown for various parts of the comprehensive book. The 1930s, an era of innovation and progress, saw a surge in the popularity of music education. "The Wright Pianoforte Tutor" stood out as a trusted guide for those eager to learn and master the art of playing the piano. With Horatio Nicholls, a renowned composer of the time, at the helm, this book promised a solid foundation in musical education. As you gaze at this vintage advertisement, imagine the excitement of young learners as they opened the pages of "The Wright Pianoforte Tutor," ready to embark on their musical adventure. This photograph not only serves as a reminder of the rich musical heritage of the past but also inspires us to continue fostering a love for music in the present day. Embrace the spirit of learning and discovery, and let "The Wright Pianoforte Tutor" be your companion on your musical journey. Whether you're a parent looking for the perfect resource for your child or an adult eager to rekindle your passion for the piano, this iconic book promises an enriching and enjoyable experience.

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