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Music cover, Puss! Puss! Puss

Music cover, Puss! Puss! Puss

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Music cover, Puss! Puss! Puss

Music cover, Puss! Puss! Puss! Comedy song waltz, words by Robert Hargreaves and Stanley J Damerell, music by Tolchard Evans.

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1932 Brick Bricks Cats Comedy Encounter Evans Hargreaves Lyrics Moon Moonlight Price Puss Roof Sheet Sixpence Song Stanley Tiled Tiles Tolchard Waltz Words


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Puss! Puss! Puss!": A Delightful 1930s Comedy Waltz - A Captivating Cover Revealed Step back in time to the enchanting world of the 1930s with this cover of the comedy waltz, "Puss! Puss! Puss!" The image, taken from the original sheet music published in 1932, features a whimsical scene that is sure to bring a smile to your face. In the moonlit night, a curious cat sits atop a brick wall, its ears perked up as it gazes intently at the full moon. The wall, adorned with red and white tiles, creates a striking contrast against the dark background. The price of sixpence, a small fee for a moment of entertainment, is displayed prominently in the bottom left corner. The title and credits for the song are neatly written in elegant script, with the words "Music: Tolchard Evans," "Words: Robert Hargreaves and Stanley J. Damerell," and "Comedy Song: Waltz" clearly visible. The playful nature of the composition is further emphasized by the exclamation marks in the title. This delightful cover is a testament to the rich musical heritage of the 1930s, a time when music brought people together and provided a much-needed escape from the daily grind. The lyrics to "Puss! Puss! Puss!" by Robert Hargreaves and Stanley J. Damerell, set to the music of Tolchard Evans, continue to entertain and delight audiences to this day. So, take a moment to appreciate the simple pleasures of the past, as captured in this charming image, and let the music of "Puss! Puss! Puss!" transport you to a world of fun and frivolity.

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