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MonoMania Images Gallery

MonoMania Images
Kaufmann Lady Cycle Troupe
Atlas and Vulcana music hall strongman, strongwoman
The Gaiety music hall Chatham
Minnie Duncan music hall coster act
Arthur Godfrey music hall coster act
The Diving Belles music hall divers and aquatic acrobats
Daisy Dormer music hall singer 1883-1947
Kirk and Saraski music hall aquatic acrobats
Gaby Deslys dancer, singer and actress 1881-1920
Madeline Rossiter actress, musician and manager
Buffalo Belles Wild West Show
Marie Loftus music hall dancer and singer 1857-1940
Marthe Carpentier boxer born 1893
Cecilia Loftus music hall mimic 1876-1943
The Great Athelda music hall strongwoman
Dickinson & Johnson music hall Crystal Tank artistes
Julie Ring music hall dancer
Madam I?Oma music hall mystic and clairvoyante
Vesta Victoria music hall comic singer 1873-1951
Ada Reeve music hall singer 1874-1966
Malvina Dunreath music hall singer and long boot dancer
Edna Mayne music hall toe and sand dancer
Yvette Guilbert music hall singer 1865-1944
Marie Lloyd music hall singer and comedienne 1870-1922
Florrie Forde music hall singer 1875-1940
Bessie Bellwood music hall singer 1856-1896
May Lilian Levey music hall male impersonator
Louie Tracy music hall male impersonator
Jennie Benson music hall comedienne and mimic
Pauline Travis music hall male impersonator
Ida Barr music hall singer 1882-1967
Miss Arizona tomahawk juggler
May Edney music hall comedienne and dancer
Fanny Fields music hall comedienne 1881-1961
Dorothy Ward music hall and musical comedy star 1890-1987
Daisy Jerome music hall mimic, comic singer and dancer
Madame Bairewe music hall comedienne
Sisters Earle music hall duettists and dancers
Sisters Marion music hall vocalists
Herculine strongwoman
Lottie Collins music hall singer and dancer 1865-1910
Maggie Clifton music hall gymnast
Rosey Anslow & Ella Grahame music hall roller-skaters
Iron jaw act
Iron jaw act
Kitty Lord music hall vocalist
Nelly Power music hall singer 1854-1887
Wee Georgie Wood music hall comedian and actor 1894?-1979

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