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Merryweather Turntable

Merryweather Turntable

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Merryweather Turntable

In 1908 Merryweathers designed and constructed the first motor fire-ladder built on the one-engine principle, using the same motor which propelled the vehicle

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Accidents Constructed Drill Fire Men Fires Height Ladder Merry Weather Practise Principle Propelled Designed Turn Table

This historic photograph captures a scene of firefighting innovation in 1908. In the image, a group of brave firemen gather around Merryweather's groundbreaking fire-ladder, the first motorized fire ladder built on the one-engine principle. The vehicle, designed and constructed by Merryweather, combined the functions of a fire engine and a ladder in one, using the same motor that propelled the vehicle. The Merryweather Turntable, as it came to be known, revolutionized firefighting practices by allowing firefighters to reach new heights and respond more quickly to emergencies. The turn table feature enabled the ladder to rotate 360 degrees, providing unparalleled access to fires in multi-story buildings. Fire drills and training sessions were held regularly to ensure that the firemen were well-versed in the operation of this new equipment. The one-engine principle, while revolutionary, required the firemen to be skilled in multitasking, as they had to maneuver the vehicle, extend the ladder, and fight the fire all at once. This photograph is a testament to the ingenuity and determination of the Merryweather team, who designed and constructed this pioneering piece of firefighting equipment. The Merryweather Turntable paved the way for future advancements in firefighting technology and set a new standard for fire departments around the world. As we look at this image, we are reminded of the rich history of firefighting and the continuous efforts to improve and innovate in the face of danger. The Merryweather Turntable remains an iconic symbol of the bravery and resourcefulness of firefighters and the importance of technological progress in saving lives.

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