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japanese prints/japanese woman
A Japanese Woman
#media dmcs-4449709
japanese prints/japanese warrior woman naginata
Japanese warrior woman with naginata
#media dmcs-4408517
japanese prints/japanese geisha girls playing
Three Japanese Geisha girls playing Go
#media dmcs-4408887
places/japan/japan kyoto geishas 1935
Japan/Kyoto Geishas 1935
#media dmcs-608673
japanese prints/moods mount fuji 3
Moods of Mount Fuji - 3
#media dmcs-4423231
japanese prints/moods mount fuji 2
Moods of Mount Fuji - 2
#media dmcs-4423207
japanese prints/moods mount fuji 1
Moods of Mount Fuji - 1
#media dmcs-4422531
japanese prints/japanese woman traditional dress
Japanese woman in traditional dress
#media dmcs-4418626
japanese prints/japanese woman traditional costume
Japanese Woman in traditional costume
#media dmcs-4418600
japanese prints/reclining japanese girl reading
Reclining Japanese girl reading
#media dmcs-4408899
japanese prints/japanese vegetable seller geisha
A Japanese vegetable seller and Geisha
#media dmcs-4408773
japanese prints/geisha girls eating meal
Three Geisha Girls eating a meal
#media dmcs-4403639
japanese prints/geisha girls seaside japan
Geisha girls at the seaside, Japan
#media dmcs-4395769
japanese prints/girls lotus pond
Girls at lotus pond
#media dmcs-4390621
japanese prints/girl playing instrument
Girl playing instrument
#media dmcs-4370266
japanese prints/japanese woman kimono fan
Japanese woman in kimono with fan
#media dmcs-4340672
japanese prints/japanese woman hairpin
Japanese woman with hairpin
#media dmcs-4339279
japanese prints/geishas parasol
Two geishas and a parasol
#media dmcs-4339123
japanese prints/geisha playing musical instrument
Geisha playing musical instrument
#media dmcs-4339095
japanese prints/racial japan geishas
#media dmcs-622967
japanese prints/racial japan geisha 1900
Racial/Japan/Geisha 1900
#media dmcs-622966
japanese prints/racial japan girl geisha
#media dmcs-622964
japanese prints/racial japan geisha 1912
Racial/Japan/Geisha 1912
#media dmcs-602244
japanese prints/social japan waterside
Social/Japan Waterside
#media dmcs-602243
japanese prints/geisha instruments c1900
#media dmcs-598851
japanese prints/japanese geisha c1900
Japanese Geisha/C1900
#media dmcs-598850
japanese prints/geisha playing shamisen
Geisha Playing Shamisen
#media dmcs-598849