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inst mechanical engineers/locomotive 999 4 4 0
Locomotive no 999 4-4-0
inst mechanical engineers/200 inch observatory palomar
200-inch observatory at Palomar
inst mechanical engineers/locomotive 5000 lovett eames 4 2 2
Locomotive no 5000 Lovett Eames 4-2-2
inst mechanical engineers/x ray hip joint replacement
X-ray hip joint replacement
inst mechanical engineers/tazio nuvolari d type auto union
Tazio Nuvolari - D Type Auto-Union
inst mechanical engineers/napier railton racing car driven brooklands
Napier-Railton racing car driven at Brooklands
inst mechanical engineers/forth bridge fife pier
The Forth Bridge: Fife Pier
inst mechanical engineers/i k brunel hauling chains great eastern
I K Brunel before the hauling chains of the 'Great Eastern'
inst mechanical engineers/napier deltic rail traction diesel engine
Napier Deltic rail traction diesel engine
inst mechanical engineers/comet airliner first service boac
Comet airliner (first in service)., BOAC
inst mechanical engineers/rome roads peutinger table
Rome and its roads from the Peutinger table
inst mechanical engineers/locomotive 4002 evening star 4 6 0
Locomotive no 4002 Evening Star 4-6-0
inst mechanical engineers/vs 300 sikorsky helicopter
VS-300 Sikorsky helicopter
inst mechanical engineers/napier heston racer g afok sabre i
Napier Heston Racer G-AFOK with Sabre I
inst mechanical engineers/caledonian railway locomotive number 83
Caledonian Railway locomotive number 83
inst mechanical engineers/patent turbo electric generator
Patent turbo electric generator
inst mechanical engineers/specification tender otis electric passenger
Specification & tender for ?Otis? electric passenger elevato
inst mechanical engineers/marine engine dynamometer
Marine-engine dynamometer
inst mechanical engineers/french grand prix 1921
French Grand Prix of 1921
inst mechanical engineers/8 inch centre screw cutting lathe blueprint
8-inch centre screw cutting lathe blueprint
inst mechanical engineers/thomas edison
Thomas Edison
inst mechanical engineers/queen launches ship bore
Queen launches the ship that bore her name
inst mechanical engineers/bonneville salt flats night
Bonneville Salt Flats at night
inst mechanical engineers/architects proposed elevation imeche hq
Architect's proposed front elevation, IMechE HQ
inst mechanical engineers/delage car driven r j seaman isle man
Delage car driven by R J Seaman at the Isle of Man
inst mechanical engineers/napier heston racer g afok sabre i
Napier Heston Racer G-AFOK with Sabre I
inst mechanical engineers/napier deltic compressor set
Napier Deltic compressor set
inst mechanical engineers/j nasmyths patent steam hammer elevation
J Nasmyth's patent steam hammer, front elevation
inst mechanical engineers/steam hammer details piston cylinder
Steam hammer, details of piston and cylinder
inst mechanical engineers/locomotive passenger engine 73
Locomotive passenger engine no 73
inst mechanical engineers/hercules locomotive luggage engine
Hercules, locomotive luggage engine
inst mechanical engineers/single cylinder steam engine paper model
Single cylinder steam engine, paper model
inst mechanical engineers/holy trinity church chesterfield
Holy Trinity Church, Chesterfield
inst mechanical engineers/cock o north lner locomotive
Cock O the North, LNER locomotive
inst mechanical engineers/stockport viaduct
Stockport Viaduct
inst mechanical engineers/power jets w2 700
Power jets W2/700
inst mechanical engineers/bridgewater canal boat diagram william sherratt
Bridgewater canal boat diagram, by William Sherratt, 1799
inst mechanical engineers/bristol station gwr j c bourne
Bristol Station, The GWR by J C Bourne
inst mechanical engineers/forth bridge queensferry pier
The Forth Bridge: Queensferry Pier
inst mechanical engineers/robert stephenson 1803 1859
Robert Stephenson (1803 - 1859)
inst mechanical engineers/memorial stone elizabeth wife george stephenson
Memorial stone for Elizabeth, wife of George Stephenson
inst mechanical engineers/jodrell bank radio telescope
Jodrell Bank radio-telescope
inst mechanical engineers/acheulian flint hand axe wolvercote oxfordshire
Acheulian flint hand-axe from Wolvercote, Oxfordshire
inst mechanical engineers/boxwood slide rule belonging bryan donkin jr
Boxwood slide-rule belonging to Bryan Donkin Jr
inst mechanical engineers/railway passes worn george stephenson
Railway passes worn by George Stephenson
inst mechanical engineers/knight commander british empire christopher
Knight Commander of the British Empire - Christopher Hinton
inst mechanical engineers/joseph whitworth imeche medal invitation
Joseph Whitworth, IMechE, medal and invitation
inst mechanical engineers/various delegates badges annual summer meetings
Various delegates badges from annual summer meetings
inst mechanical engineers/japanese order rising sun class christopher
Japanese order of rising sun and class - Christopher Hinton
inst mechanical engineers/royal garter christopher hinton
Royal Garter - Christopher Hinton
inst mechanical engineers/knighthood christopher hinton
Knighthood - Christopher Hinton
inst mechanical engineers/order merit christopher hinton
Order of merit - Christopher Hinton
inst mechanical engineers/imeche register debentures debentures
IMechE register of debentures and debentures
inst mechanical engineers/synchronome remontoire
Synchronome Remontoire
inst mechanical engineers/hms sphinx
HMS ?Sphinx?
inst mechanical engineers/imeche logo service mark plain embossed
IMechE logo / service mark ? plain embossed
inst mechanical engineers/japanese teapot stolen
Japanese teapot (stolen)
inst mechanical engineers/george stephensons bone letter opener
George Stephenson?s bone letter opener
inst mechanical engineers/george stephensons measuring rule
George Stephenson?s measuring rule
inst mechanical engineers/50th anniversary first flight gloster e28 39
50th anniversary of first flight of the Gloster E28/39
inst mechanical engineers/imeche leeds meeting members ticket
IMechE Leeds meeting. Members ticket
inst mechanical engineers/stephensons self acting railway break
Stephenson?s self-acting railway break
inst mechanical engineers/stephenson controversy safety lamp
Stephenson - controversy of the safety lamp
inst mechanical engineers/letter j watt 1803 snuff box
Letter from J Watt, 1803, with snuff box
inst mechanical engineers/george stephensons letters
George Stephenson?s letters
inst mechanical engineers/brooklyn suspension bridge
Brooklyn suspension bridge
inst mechanical engineers/interior watt room heathfield hall
Interior of the ?Watt Room?, Heathfield Hall
inst mechanical engineers/imeche building north elevation
IMechE building; north elevation
inst mechanical engineers/table engine working model
Table engine - working model
inst mechanical engineers/2 cylinder single stage engine
2-cylinder single stage engine
inst mechanical engineers/two cylinder horizontal saw mill engine
Two-cylinder horizontal saw-mill engine
inst mechanical engineers/zenith carburettors
Zenith Carburettors
inst mechanical engineers/furnace soho foundry h wright
Furnace; Soho foundry, H Wright
inst mechanical engineers/hydraulic hoists rosedale iron works
Hydraulic hoists at the Rosedale Iron Works
inst mechanical engineers/john gray valve gear david joy
John Gray valve gear by David Joy
inst mechanical engineers/tweddells machine hydraulic riveting machine
Tweddell?s machine; hydraulic riveting machine
inst mechanical engineers/james nasmyths steam hammer
James Nasmyth?s steam hammer
inst mechanical engineers/barlows patent double action jaquard loom
Barlow?s patent double-action Jaquard loom
inst mechanical engineers/long cecil gun model
?Long Cecil? gun model
inst mechanical engineers/110 ton barlow gun
110-ton ?Barlow? gun
inst mechanical engineers/various helicopters lifting load
Various helicopters lifting load
inst mechanical engineers/lanchesters flying machine
Lanchester?s flying machine
inst mechanical engineers/aeroplane works petters
Aeroplane at works of Petters Ltd
inst mechanical engineers/great eastern howlett
?Great Eastern? (Howlett)
inst mechanical engineers/no1448 loco engine lner
No.1448 loco engine; LNER
inst mechanical engineers/locomotive luggage engine
Locomotive luggage engine
inst mechanical engineers/gs wr loco model
GS & WR loco model
inst mechanical engineers/improvement locomotive steam engines
An improvement in locomotive steam engines
inst mechanical engineers/control equipment electric trains british railways
Control equipment for electric trains for British railways
inst mechanical engineers/constructing large building nyork
Constructing large building, N.York
inst mechanical engineers/chicago 1904
Chicago, 1904
inst mechanical engineers/festive hall stlouis
Festive Hall, St.Louis
inst mechanical engineers/unnamed locomotive 6251 lms
Unnamed locomotive 6251 (LMS)
inst mechanical engineers/unnamed loco lms
Unnamed loco, LMS
inst mechanical engineers/unnamed loco lms
Unnamed loco, LMS
inst mechanical engineers/unidentified locomotive engine gwr
Unidentified locomotive engine, (GWR)
inst mechanical engineers/locomotive 4073 caerphilly castle gwr
Locomotive 4073 'Caerphilly Castle', (GWR)
inst mechanical engineers/locomotive 3433 pipy bath gwr
Locomotive 3433 'Pipy of Bath', (GWR)
inst mechanical engineers/locomotive 999 sir alexander gwr
Locomotive 999 'Sir Alexander', (GWR)


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