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Senate Library, University of London

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harry price library/witches hayloft 1807
Witches in Hayloft 1807
#media dmcs-662831
harry price library/davenport brothers
Davenport Brothers
#media dmcs-661911
harry price library/talking mongoose house
Talking Mongoose House
#media dmcs-661907
harry price library/mumler photo 1870
Mumler Photo 1870
#media dmcs-662105
harry price library/houdini rope c1920
Houdini and Rope C1920
#media dmcs-661906
harry price library/prices ghost kit
Price's Ghost Kit
#media dmcs-661905
harry price library/rudi schneider seance
Rudi Schneider Seance
#media dmcs-662086
harry price library/marasco stigmata 1
Marasco Stigmata - 1
#media dmcs-661902
harry price library/medium helen duncan
Medium/Helen Duncan
#media dmcs-661890
harry price library/eleonore zugun 5
Eleonore Zugun - 5
#media dmcs-662820
harry price library/rahman bey buried 1937
Rahman Bey Buried 1937
#media dmcs-661910
harry price library/marasco stigmata 3
Marasco Stigmata - 3
#media dmcs-661904
harry price library/marasco stigmata 2
Marasco Stigmata - 2
#media dmcs-661903
harry price library/firewalking adcock
#media dmcs-661892
harry price library/sorcerer tivoli c1830
Sorcerer of Tivoli C1830
#media dmcs-662830
harry price library/paris street magician
Paris Street Magician
#media dmcs-662829
harry price library/margery crandon 6
Margery Crandon 6
#media dmcs-662823
harry price library/eleonore zugun 2
Eleonore Zugun - 2
#media dmcs-662822
harry price library/braunau seance room
Braunau Seance Room
#media dmcs-662819
harry price library/cheesecloth
#media dmcs-662809
harry price library/photo boursnell
Photo by Boursnell
#media dmcs-662808
harry price library/price joad brocken
Price, Joad at Brocken
#media dmcs-662109
harry price library/triple image photo
Triple Image Photo
#media dmcs-662107
harry price library/eleonore zugun 8
Eleonore Zugun - 8
#media dmcs-662104
harry price library/houdini fake photo
Houdini Fake Photo
#media dmcs-662103
harry price library/sideric pendulum
Sideric Pendulum
#media dmcs-662102
harry price library/duncan ectoplasm 4
Duncan Ectoplasm 4
#media dmcs-662091
harry price library/duncan ectoplasm 3
Duncan Ectoplasm 3
#media dmcs-662090
harry price library/duncan ectoplasm 2
Duncan Ectoplasm 2
#media dmcs-662089
harry price library/seance rudi sch
Seance with Rudi Sch
#media dmcs-662087
harry price library/handkerchief knot test
Handkerchief Knot Test
#media dmcs-662075
harry price library/harry price joad
Harry Price and Joad
#media dmcs-662074
harry price library/harry price 1900
Harry Price in 1900
#media dmcs-662072
harry price library/harry price lab
Harry Price in Lab
#media dmcs-662070
harry price library/margery ectoplasm
Margery and Ectoplasm
#media dmcs-662069
harry price library/margery seance 4
Margery Seance - 4
#media dmcs-662068
harry price library/rahman bey buried 1937
Rahman Bey Buried 1937
#media dmcs-661909
harry price library/using planchette
Using Planchette
#media dmcs-661908
harry price library/houdini canister
Houdini with Canister
#media dmcs-661896
harry price library/duncan ectoplasm
Duncan Ectoplasm
#media dmcs-661895
harry price library/duncan materialisation
Duncan Materialisation
#media dmcs-661894
harry price library/palladino genova
Palladino at Genova
#media dmcs-661893
harry price library/firewalking trench
#media dmcs-661891
harry price library/medium helen duncan
Medium/Helen Duncan
#media dmcs-661889
harry price library/arundel church
Arundel Church
#media dmcs-661888