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fortunino matania/british trooper meets french woman road lille
British trooper meets French woman on the road to Lille, WW1
animals/goodbye old man soldier dying horse wwi
Goodbye Old Man - Soldier and dying horse during WWI
fortunino matania/matania absolution munsters
Matania - Last Absolution of the Munsters
fortunino matania/cross bearers ww1 battlefield matania
The Cross Bearers, WW1 battlefield by Matania
fortunino matania/repulsing famous prussian guard ypres
Repulsing the famous Prussian guard at Ypres
fortunino matania/farewell
The Farewell
fortunino matania/female munitions workers fortunio matania
Female munitions workers. By Fortunio Matania
fortunino matania/fake surrender
Fake Surrender
fortunino matania/arrival troop train fortunino matania
Arrival of troop train by Fortunino Matania
fortunino matania/australian troops counter attack amiens ww1
Australian troops counter-attack at Amiens, WW1
fortunino matania/dropping kite balloon 1917
Dropping from a Kite Balloon 1917
fortunino matania/development trench warfare france matania
Development of trench warfare in France by Matania
fortunino matania/the strongest quot
"The Strongest "
fortunino matania/advanced dressing station western front matania
At an Advanced Dressing Station on the Western Front, Matania
fortunino matania/british heavy guns western front matania
With the British heavy guns on the Western Front, Matania
fortunino matania/shot matania
The Last Shot by Matania
fortunino matania/arrival bulgarian peace envoy 1918 matania
Arrival of Bulgarian Peace Envoy, 1918 by Matania
fortunino matania/canadas somme advance matania ww1
Canada's part in the Somme advance, Matania, WW1
fortunino matania/germans surrendering western matania ww1
Germans surrendering, Western Front by Matania, WW1
fortunino matania/interlude fortunino matania
An Interlude, by Fortunino Matania
fortunino matania/italian soldiers isonzo
Italian soldiers on the Isonzo Front
fortunino matania/well heres luck british trench scene
Well, Here's Luck! - British trench scene
fortunino matania/british advance western
British Advance on Western Front
fortunino matania/eyes
His Other Eyes
fortunino matania/gordon highlander interrogated german officers
Gordon Highlander interrogated by German Officers
fortunino matania/the unknown warrior scene westminster abbey
'The Unknown Warrior' - scene at Westminster Abbey
fortunino matania/concert lines fortunino matania
A Concert behind the Lines by Fortunino Matania
fortunino matania/fall german airship l 21 fortunino matania ww1
The Fall of the German airship L-21 by Fortunino Matania, WW1
fortunino matania/the war baby published sphere
'The War Baby' published in The Sphere
fortunino matania/aucklands advance battalion headquarters
Auckland's advance from its battalion headquarters
fortunino matania/wounded french soldier lying bed hospital ward
Wounded French soldier lying in bed in a hospital ward
fortunino matania/the communication trench
'The Communication Trench'
fortunino matania/how staff informed movements front
'How the Staff is informed of movements at the Front'
fortunino matania/with british officer ypres salient
'With the British Officer in the Ypres Salient'
fortunino matania/somewhere france concert lines
'Somewhere in France' A concert behind the lines
fortunino matania/in british advanced observation post
'In a British advanced observation post'
fortunino matania/taking wounded aboard british ambulance
'Taking the wounded aboard a British ambulance'
fortunino matania/the famous 4 days retreat mons
'The famous 4 days retreat from Mons'
fortunino matania/with field guns western front
'With the field guns on the Western Front'
fortunino matania/winter conditions yser country
'Winter conditions in the Yser country'
fortunino matania/the king front
'The King at the Front'
fortunino matania/trench to town express a c michael
The Trench-to-Town Express by A. C. Michael
fortunino matania/christmas unpacking parcels home
Christmas at the Front - Unpacking the Parcels from Home
fortunino matania/famous plug street wood matania
In the Famous Plug Street Wood by Matania