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The plates from the Larousse Encyclopaedia which grace the pages of the Mary Evans Picture Library 2019 Calendar.

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calendar 2019 images/mushrooms
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calendar 2019 images/crustaces crustaceans
Crustaces - crustaceans
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calendar 2019 images/algues algae
Algues - algae
#media dmcs-18225744
calendar 2019 images/papillons butterflies
Papillons - butterflies
#media dmcs-18225740
calendar 2019 images/acrobates acrobats
Acrobates - acrobats
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calendar 2019 images/poissons fish
Poissons - fish
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calendar 2019 images/oiseaux birds
Oiseaux - birds
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calendar 2019 images/1930
#media dmcs-18225730
calendar 2019 images/glorious variety fruit including cherries
#media dmcs-18225728
calendar 2019 images/gymnastics
#media dmcs-18225726
calendar 2019 images/annual biannual flowers
Annual and Biannual flowers
#media dmcs-18225722
calendar 2019 images/mixture vegetables
A Mixture of Vegetables
#media dmcs-18225720
calendar 2019 images/fruit tree culture
Fruit Tree Culture
#media dmcs-18225718