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animals/goodbye old man soldier dying horse wwi
Goodbye Old Man - Soldier and dying horse during WWI
animals/goodbye old man soldier dying horse wwi
Goodbye Old Man - Soldier and dying horse during WWI
animals/sleeping lions f lewis
Sleeping Lions/F. Lewis
animals/fancy rabbits
Our Fancy Rabbits
animals/zebra kronheim
Zebra (Kronheim)
animals/hippopotamus kronheim
Hippopotamus (Kronheim)
animals/elephant kronheim
Elephant (Kronheim)
animals/tiger kronheim
Tiger (Kronheim)
animals/lion kronheim
Lion (Kronheim)
animals/elephant indian male 19c
Elephant/Indian Male 19C
animals/polar bear
animals/polar bear baxter 1850
Polar Bear/Baxter/1850
animals/brown bear kronheim
Brown Bear Kronheim
animals/bears book animals
Bears/Book of Animals
animals/seals illustration
animals/elephant indian c1930
Elephant/Indian C1930
animals/bengal tiger 1880s
Bengal Tiger 1880S
animals/prowling tiger
Prowling Tiger
animals/face male lion
Face of a Male Lion
animals/reclining lion
Reclining Lion
animals/beetles butterflies
Beetles and Butterflies
animals/puma 2
PUMA - 2
animals/farm horses harness
Farm Horses in Harness
animals/blacksmith horse 19c
Blacksmith & Horse 19C
animals/lion mouse
The Lion and the Mouse
animals/koala bear young
Koala Bear and Young
animals/koala bear cub
Koala Bear and Cub
animals/lioness cubs
Lioness and Cubs
animals/seal rock
Seal on Rock
animals/leopard seals c1880
Leopard Seals C1880
animals/tiger lydekker c1860
Tiger / Lydekker C1860
animals/horses field 1862
Horses in Field 1862
animals/elephants howdah 19c
Elephants/Howdah 19C
animals/puma lydeker
Puma (Lydeker)
animals/elephant shrew
Elephant Shrew
animals/mammoth herd
Mammoth Herd
animals/elephant suckling 19c
Elephant/Suckling 19C
The Earth
animals/cats/cat walked
The Cat that Walked by Himself
animals/wildlife/rabbits hares lydon
Rabbits & Hares / Lydon
adverts posters/forward enlist
Forward! Enlist Now
animals/dogs/dalmatian puppy aldin
Dalmatian Puppy Aldin
animals/dogs/k c spaniels landseer
K C Spaniels (Landseer)
animals/horses/fine horses wearing blinkers
Four fine horses wearing blinkers
animals/horses/horse portrait
Horse Portrait
animals/dogs/english setter shaw
English Setter (Shaw)
animals/dogs/victorias dogs
Victoria's Dogs
animals/dogs/assorted toy dogs
Assorted Toy Dogs
animals/cats/chinese cats silkworms
Chinese Cats/Silkworms
animals/cats/cats dancing polka
Cats Dancing a Polka
animals/cats/electric oil remedy 1890
Electric Oil Remedy/1890
animals/butterflies/tom thumb butterfly
Tom Thumb + Butterfly
animals/cats/youth learns fear grimm
Youth Learns Fear/Grimm
animals/wildlife/large red deer stag
A Large Red Deer stag
animals/dogs/black retrievers
Black Retrievers
animals/horses/mambrino pilot daisy burns rosamond trotting
Mambrino Pilot, Daisy Burns, and Rosamond: trotting for a pu
animals/wildlife/large leopard reclining branch
A large Leopard reclining on a branch
animals/cats/white cat ginger tail face stairs
White cat with ginger tail/face on stairs
animals/horses/horse drawn harvester
Horse-drawn harvester
animals/wildlife/leopard sitting tree
A Leopard sitting in a tree
animals/horses/shire horses pull plough
Shire Horses pull the plough
animals/dogs/portrait red setter
Portrait of a Red Setter
animals/horses/horses pulling plough
Horses pulling the plough
animals/wildlife/otter standing hind legs
Otter standing on hind legs
animals/beetles butterflies
Beetles and Butterflies
animals/dogs/wounded red cross dog
Wounded Red Cross Dog
animals/farm horses harness
Farm Horses in Harness
animals/horses/celebrated trotting team edward swiveller
The celebrated trotting Team Edward and Swiveller
animals/horses/american trotting stud mambino pilot flora
American trotting stud: Mambino Pilot, Flora Temple
animals/horses/profile portrait racehorse
Profile portrait of a racehorse
animals/horses/farmer team working horses plough field
Farmer and team of working horses plough a field
animals/wildlife/large red deer stag mountainous woodland landscape
Large Red deer stag and mountainous woodland landscape
animals/wildlife/badgers wood
Two Badgers in a wood
animals/wildlife/leopard resting rainforest branch
A leopard resting on a rainforest branch
animals/dogs/portrait painting english setter dog
Portrait painting of an English Setter Dog
animals/wildlife/baby bunnies
Two Baby Bunnies
animals/wildlife/sea bass catching whitebait
A Sea Bass catching whitebait
animals/wildlife/otter branch
An otter on a branch
animals/dogs/portrait painting spaniel
Portrait painting of a spaniel
animals/horses/working heavy horse
A working heavy horse
animals/horses/farm boy plough horse
Farm Boy & Plough Horse
animals/cats/kitten tangled wool
Kitten Tangled in Wool
animals/cats/cat envelope
Cat in Envelope
animals/cats/kittens goldfish bowl
Kittens & Goldfish Bowl
animals/dogs/3 varied dachshunds
3 Varied Dachshunds
animals/dogs/danie d bedlington
Danie D and Bedlington
animals/dogs/collies rough smooth
Collies Rough & Smooth
children/boy holding kitten
Boy Holding a Kitten
animals/wildlife/fox snow 20c
Fox in Snow 20C
animals/wildlife/reindeer cecil aldin
Reindeer/Cecil Aldin
animals/cats/chinchilla shorthair
Chinchilla & Shorthair
animals/butterflies/red admiral butterfly
Red Admiral Butterfly
animals/horses/jeanne darc idealised
Jeanne D'arc, Idealised
animals/horses/fox hunt jumps wall
Fox Hunt/Jumps Wall
animals/horses/horse shire blythwood
Horse/Shire Blythwood
animals/horses/horses walking change trotting
Horses. Walking change to trotting
animals/horses/horses trotting
Horses. Trotting
animals/horses/celebrated trotting horse judge fullerton appeare
The celebrated trotting horse Judge Fullerton, as he appeare
animals/horses/trotting stallion mambrino champion owned mf
Trotting stallion Mambrino Champion owned by M.F. Foote


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