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Car ferry, Transport, Detroit River, Transport (Ferry), Railroads, Ferries, Rivers

Car ferry, Transport, Detroit River, Transport (Ferry), Railroads, Ferries, Rivers

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Liszt Collection

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Car ferry, Transport, Detroit River, Transport (Ferry), Railroads, Ferries, Rivers

Car ferry, Transport, Detroit River, Transport (Ferry), Railroads, Ferries, Rivers, Piers & wharves, United States, Michigan, Detroit River, United States, Michigan, Detroit, 1880

Liszt Collection of nineteenth-century engravings and images to browse and enjoy

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1880 Detroit Detroit River Ferries Michigan Piers And Wharves Piers Wharves Railroads Rivers Transport Car Ferry

This print from the Liszt Collection takes us back to Detroit in 1880, showcasing a bustling scene on the Detroit River. The focal point of the image is a magnificent car ferry, serving as a vital mode of transport during that era. With its sturdy structure and impressive size, it stands proudly against the backdrop of the city's skyline. The car ferry was an essential link between land and water transportation systems, facilitating trade and connecting communities on both sides of the river. This particular vessel played a crucial role in transporting goods and people across this important waterway. As we delve deeper into this snapshot of history, we can also spot railroads running alongside the riverbank, further emphasizing Detroit's significance as a hub for transportation networks. Ferries dotting the river surface add to the vibrant atmosphere captured by this photograph. Piers and wharves line both shores, testaments to Detroit's thriving maritime industry at that time. These structures served as gateways for ships arriving from various parts of Michigan and beyond. Overall, this print encapsulates not only an iconic moment in American history but also showcases how transportation shaped cities like Detroit during their formative years. It serves as a reminder of our past achievements in building efficient networks that have paved the way for progress today.

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