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chatsworth/georgiana cynthia spensers faerie queene 1781 82
chatsworth/georgiana cynthia spensers faerie queene 1781 82
gardening c1637 38 oil panel
al fresco toilette 1889 oil canvas
chatsworth/portrait georgiana duchess devonshire c1785 87
chatsworth/hoopoe upupa epops hand coloured litho
al fresco toilette 1889 oil canvas
chatsworth/wounded achilles 1825 marble
chatsworth/west chatsworth house w c paper
chatsworth/village winter extensive landscape figures ice
chatsworth/statue vestal virgin marble
chatsworth/violin bow hanging door oil canvas laid wood
chatsworth/portrait herman doomer 1644 oil oak
chatsworth/duke devonshires racehorse basto c1708 25
chatsworth/shipping calm c1680 oil canvas
chatsworth/portrait lady frances cranfield lady buckhurst
chatsworth/famous craven heifer oil canvas
chatsworth/study soldiers resurrection black chalk paper
chatsworth/deborah devonshires assorted turnbull asser
chatsworth/aeneas escorted dido study border scene 3rd
chatsworth/ring ouzel mer ulatorquata hand coloured litho
chatsworth/baron philip von stosch showing antique gem sabbatini
chatsworth/sculpture princess pauline borghese marble
chatsworth/venus cupid removing thorn foot 1825 marble
chatsworth/portrait blanche georgiana howard countess burlington
chatsworth/trial jury laying law c1840 oil canvas
chatsworth/portrait artists daughter magdalena vos c1623 24
chatsworth/portrait woman c1611 oil canvas
chatsworth/stack hatboxes metal trunks chatsworth house
chatsworth/apostles st peter 1518 20 chalk paper
chatsworth/widgeon mareca penelope hand coloured litho
chatsworth/greenland falcon falco candicans hand coloured
chatsworth/ganet sula bassana hand coloured litho
chatsworth/ascanius shooting stag sylvia c1680 pen ink
chatsworth/squacco heron buphus comatus hand coloured
chatsworth/white wagtail motacilla alba hand coloured
chatsworth/little tern sternula minuta hand coloured
chatsworth/man seen behind walking left pen ink paper
chatsworth/blackcock tetrao tetrix hand coloured litho
chatsworth/oyster catcher heamatopus ostralegus hand coloured
chatsworth/amstel omval c1650 53 pen ink wash paper
chatsworth/amstel near kostverloren pen ink wash paper
chatsworth/bittern botaurus stellaris hand coloured litho
chatsworth/honey buzzard pernis apiuorus hand coloured
chatsworth/greenshank glottis canescens hand coloured
chatsworth/new bagnio gardens chiswick house vitruvius
chatsworth/west chatsworth vitruvius britannicus british
chatsworth/spotted pardalote pardalotus punctatus hand coloured
chatsworth/henry viiis rosary pater bead boxwood
chatsworth/capercailzie tetrao urogallus hand coloured
chatsworth/henry viiis rosary boxwood
chatsworth/golden eye clangula glaucion hand coloured
chatsworth/henry viiis rosary open pater beadboxwood
chatsworth/bourkes grass parakeet euphema bourkii hand coloured
chatsworth/st george illustration a book hours according
chatsworth/shoveller ducks spatula clypeata hand coloured
chatsworth/battle sea gods pen brown ink paper
chatsworth/stellers duck eniconetta stelleri hand coloured
chatsworth/man threshing wagon farm buildings behind 1615 17
chatsworth/landscape 1632 w c paper
chatsworth/american bittern botaurus lentiginosus hand coloured
chatsworth/ptarmigan summer plumage lagopus mutus hand coloured
chatsworth/kite glead milvus regalis coloured engraving
chatsworth/water rail rallus aquaticus hand coloured
chatsworth/landscape farmhouse river pen ink paper
chatsworth/windmill bulwark sint anthonispoort amsterdam c
chatsworth/bauers parakeet platycercus baueri hand coloured
chatsworth/buff backed heron bubulcus rassatus hand coloured
chatsworth/marsh harrier circus aeruginosus coloured
chatsworth/stilt himantopus candidus hand coloured litho
chatsworth/thatched cottages figures window c1640 pen
chatsworth/haystack near farm c1650 pen ink paper
chatsworth/adelaide parakeet platycercus adelaidiae hand coloured
chatsworth/sea eagle haliaetus albicilla hand coloured
chatsworth/common tern stera hirundo hand coloured litho
chatsworth/cormorant phalacrocorax carbo hand coloured
chatsworth/landscape pen ink paper
chatsworth/wooded road c1650 pen ink paper
chatsworth/norwegian gyrfalcon falcon falco gyrfalco hand coloured
chatsworth/illustration birds america 1827 38 hand coloured


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