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chatsworth/hardwick old hall w c paper
Hardwick Old Hall (w/c on paper)
chatsworth/hebe marble
Hebe (marble)
chatsworth/children pigs bladder oil canvas
Two children with a pig's bladder (oil on canvas)
chatsworth/butlers pantry chatsworth house 1827 w c paper
Butler's Pantry at Chatsworth House, 1827 (w/c on paper)
chatsworth/endymion 1819 22 marble
Endymion, 1819-22 (marble)
chatsworth/view naples bay mount vesuvius oil canvas
View of Naples Bay with Mount Vesuvius (oil on canvas)
chatsworth/moonlit view bay naples oil canvas
Moonlit view of the Bay of Naples (oil on canvas)
chatsworth/nude seated man male nudes metalpoint heightened
A nude seated man and two male nudes (metalpoint heightened with white body colour
chatsworth/st jerome reading wilderness titian c
St Jerome reading in the wilderness, after Titian (c
chatsworth/laura 1817 marble
Laura, 1817 (marble)
chatsworth/judas receiving thirty pieces silver c
Judas receiving the thirty pieces of silver, c
chatsworth/fetes galantes studies single figures pairs red
Two fetes galantes and studies of single figures and pairs (red chalk on paper)
chatsworth/country house cattle foreground pen ink paper
A country house, with cattle in the foreground (pen & ink on paper)
chatsworth/sketch louis xiii horseback black chalk paper
Sketch for Louis XIII on horseback (black chalk on paper)
chatsworth/galley rammed amidships man o war sail sight harbour
A galley rammed amidships by a man-o'-war under sail within sight of harbour, c
chatsworth/basilica di san vitale ravenna pen ink w c
Basilica di San Vitale, Ravenna (pen & ink with w/c on paper)
chatsworth/fallen tree lying pool c1630 black red chalks
A fallen tree lying by a pool, c.1630 (black & red chalks with wash on paper)
chatsworth/head studies coloured chalks paper
Head Studies (coloured chalks on paper)
chatsworth/isaac blessing jacob black chalk paper
Isaac Blessing Jacob (black chalk on paper)
chatsworth/design tazza farnese red chalk gouache paper
The design of the Tazza Farnese (red chalk with gouache on paper)
chatsworth/susannah accused elders 1562 pen ink paper
Susannah accused by the Elders, 1562 (pen & ink on paper)
chatsworth/view basilian monastery grottaferrata rome pen
View of the Basilian Monastery at Grottaferrata, Rome (pen & ink with w/c on paper)
chatsworth/portrait lady pen ink wash paper
Portrait of a Lady (pen & ink with wash on paper)
chatsworth/antique fountain arch grottaferrata rome pen
The Antique Fountain and Arch at Grottaferrata, Rome (pen & ink with w/c on paper)
chatsworth/castle crag pen brown ink paper
A castle on a crag (pen & brown ink on paper)
chatsworth/mans head bandaged left ear separately rehearsed
A Man's Head Bandaged, his left ear separately rehearsed (black & red chalks
chatsworth/laban brings leah jacob jacob overlaid fragment
Laban brings Leah to Jacob, with Jacob overlaid by a fragment of another drawing
chatsworth/st andrew led martyrdom pen ink wash paper
St Andrew led to martyrdom (pen & ink with wash on paper)
chatsworth/triumph christ 1565 pen ink paper
The triumph of Christ, 1565 (pen & ink on paper)
chatsworth/windmill group houses c1652 53 reed pen ink
A windmill and a group of houses, c.1652-53 (reed pen & ink with wash on paper)
chatsworth/peasant scenes pen ink paper
Three peasant scenes (pen & ink on paper)
chatsworth/landscape journey jacob pen ink wash paper
Landscape with the journey of Jacob (pen & ink with wash on paper)
chatsworth/naval battle given near agouste 22nd april 1676
Naval Battle given near Agouste, 22nd April 1676 (black ink & mapping pen with w/c
chatsworth/main road leading house trees two bridges gate
A main road leading to a house through trees (two bridges and gate accesses to the dijk)
chatsworth/amstel near kostverloren c1651 52 pen ink
The Amstel near Kostverloren, c.1651-52 (pen & ink with wash on paper)
chatsworth/commune vincennes pen ink paper
Part of the commune of Vincennes (pen & ink on paper)
chatsworth/mausoleum pen brown ink paper
A Mausoleum (pen & brown ink on paper)
chatsworth/bearded man profile high cap c1640 black chalk
Bearded man in profile, in a high cap, c.1640 (black chalk on paper)
chatsworth/castle surmounting cliffs studies galleons fishing
A castle surmounting cliffs, with studies of galleons and fishing boats (pen & brown
chatsworth/lions head pen ink gouache paper
Lion's Head (pen & ink with gouache on paper)
chatsworth/inigo jones black chalk paper
Inigo Jones (black chalk on paper)
chatsworth/groups figures supper christ announcing betrayal c
Five groups of figures for a Last Supper (Christ announcing his betrayal) c.1601-04
chatsworth/entry colosseum pen ink wash paper
Entry to the Colosseum (pen & ink with wash on paper)
chatsworth/thatched cottage large tree figure seated outside
A thatched cottage by a large tree, a figure seated outside, c
chatsworth/charonne c1677 pen ink wash paper
Charonne, c.1677 (pen & ink with wash on paper)
chatsworth/society scene pen ink wash paper
Society Scene (pen & ink with wash on paper)
chatsworth/strapwork cartouche associated set roman views
Strapwork cartouche associated with the set of his Roman Views (pen & brown ink with
chatsworth/canal boats dyke road trees reed pen ink wash
Canal with boats, a dyke road and trees (reed pen & ink with wash on paper)
chatsworth/panorama charenton pen ink paper
Panorama of Charenton (pen & ink on paper)
chatsworth/gulf satalia pen ink wash paper
The Gulf of Satalia (pen & ink with wash on paper)
chatsworth/don emanuel frockas black chalk paper
Don Emanuel Frockas (black chalk on paper)
chatsworth/dredger canal pen ink wash paper
A dredger on a canal (pen & ink over wash on paper)
chatsworth/carolus mallery c1632 35 black chalk white
Carolus de Mallery, c.1632-35 (black chalk on white paper)
chatsworth/the poplar grove lord burlingtons chiswick villa
'The Poplar Grove, Lord Burlington's Chiswick Villa' (pen & ink with w/c
chatsworth/gaspard crayer black chalk white paper
Gaspard de Crayer (black chalk on white paper)
chatsworth/the poplar grove lord burlingtons chiswick villa
Detail of 'The Poplar Grove, Lord Burlington's Chiswick Villa' (pen &
chatsworth/young men playing pelota inside baths diocletian
Young men playing pelota inside the Baths of Diocletian; S
chatsworth/rijnpoort rhenen gelderland c1649 reed pen
The Rijnpoort at Rhenen in Gelderland, c.1649 (reed pen & ink with wash on paper)
chatsworth/auteil pen ink wash paper
Auteil (pen & ink with wash on paper)
chatsworth/canal buildings including toll house toll bridge
A canal with buildings, including a toll house and a toll bridge, c
chatsworth/hans van mildert 1638 black chalk white paper
Hans van Mildert, 1638 (black chalk on white paper)
chatsworth/lord burlingtons neo palladian villa chiswick
Lord Burlington's neo-Palladian Villa at Chiswick and the Jacobean House (pen &
chatsworth/italian farmyard pen brown ink paper
A Italian Farmyard (pen & brown ink on paper)
chatsworth/dying tree trunk covered brambles fence c
A dying tree, its trunk covered with brambles, beside a fence, c
chatsworth/seven studies head elderly bearded man different
Seven studies of the head of an elderly bearded man, with two others of different
chatsworth/antique bust sophocles annotated fulvio orsini
Antique bust of Sophocles, annotated, after Fulvio Orsini (pen and ink on paper)
chatsworth/vigorbros platz op haynus chalk pen ink wash
De Vigorbros an de platz op de haynus (chalk, pen & ink with wash on paper)
chatsworth/la romaine property claude deruet black chalk
La Romaine, the property of Claude Deruet (black chalk & ink on paper)
chatsworth/harbour pen brown ink paper
Harbour (pen & brown ink on paper)
chatsworth/drover urging team bullocks swim tiber ponte milvio
A drover urging a team of bullocks to swim the Tiber at the Ponte Milvio Crossing
chatsworth/study tree house pen ink wash paper
Study of a tree in front of a house (pen & ink with wash on paper)
chatsworth/carthusians palais luxembourg pen ink paper
The Carthusians of the Palais de Luxembourg (pen & ink on paper)
chatsworth/ruins ancient forum nerva rome the forum transiterius
Ruins of the Ancient Forum of Nerva, Rome ('The Forum Transiterius') in the
chatsworth/paulus halmalius vulgo van halmale c1632 35
Paulus Halmalius, vulgo van Halmale, c.1632-35 (black chalk on white paper)
chatsworth/lord burlingtons chiswick villa south east
Lord Burlington's Chiswick Villa, from the south-east (pen & ink with wash on paper)
chatsworth/tivoli cryptoporticus temple hercules victor
Tivoli, Cryptoporticus under the Temple of Hercules Victor (pen & ink with wash on paper)
chatsworth/view sloten c1650 pen ink brown wash paper
View of Sloten, c.1650 (pen & ink with brown wash on paper)
chatsworth/kensington palace 7th october 1693 pen ink
Kensington Palace, 7th October 1693 (pen & ink with wash on paper)
chatsworth/arch septimus severus rome pen ink paper
The Arch of Septimus Severus, Rome (pen & ink on paper)
chatsworth/horatius cocles defending tiber bridge pen
Horatius Cocles defending the Tiber Bridge (pen & ink with wash on paper)
chatsworth/riverside basin lord burlingtons chiswick villa
Riverside basin, Lord Burlington's Chiswick Villa (pen & ink with wash on paper)
chatsworth/mans booted legs cloak descending black red
A man's booted legs, and cloak descending (black & red chalk on paper)
chatsworth/artificial river lord burlingtons chiswick villa
The artificial river, Lord Burlington's Chiswick Villa (pen & ink with wash on paper)
chatsworth/christ carrying cross pen ink wash chalk paper
Christ Carrying the Cross (pen & ink with wash over chalk on paper)
chatsworth/great obelisk near south west entrance lord burlingtons
The great obelisk, near the south-west entrance to Lord Burlington's Chiswick Villa
chatsworth/design frontispiece view rome inside porta del
Design for a frontispiece with a view of Rome inside the Porta del Popolo and a view
chatsworth/view river ij diemerdijk c
View of the River IJ from the Diemerdijk, c
chatsworth/menagerie chimneys smoking pen ink paper
The menagerie with chimneys smoking (pen & ink on paper)
chatsworth/studies peasants life pen ink wash paper
Studies of Peasants from Life (pen & ink with wash on paper)
chatsworth/cattle pasture c1618 20 pen ink wash paper
Cattle in Pasture, c.1618-20 (pen & ink with wash on paper)
chatsworth/orangery ha ha lord burlingtons villa pen
Orangery and ha-ha, Lord Burlington's Villa (pen & ink with wash on paper)
chatsworth/landscape manner titian pen ink paper
Landscape in the Manner of Titian (pen & ink on paper)
chatsworth/group elderly scholars and separately younger
A group of elderly scholars and, separately, a younger man's profile (pen & brown
chatsworth/study entombment c1617 18 pen ink chalks
Study for the Entombment, c.1617-18 (pen & ink over chalks with wash & gouache on paper)
chatsworth/davids charge solomon pen ink wash paper
David's Charge to Solomon (pen & ink with wash on paper)
chatsworth/view tivoli temple tiburtine sibyl falls pen
View of Tivoli with the Temple of the Tiburtine Sibyl and the Falls (pen & ink with brown
chatsworth/man sculling boat bullewijk view ouderkerk c
A man sculling a boat on the Bullewijk, with a view toward Ouderkerk, c
chatsworth/aqueduct arcueil pen ink wash paper
The aqueduct at Arcueil (pen & ink with wash on paper)


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