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chatsworth/crested tit parus cristatus hand coloured
Crested Tit (Parus Cristatus) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/avocet recurvirostra avocetta hand coloured
Avocet (Recurvirostra Avocetta) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/marsh harrier circus aeruginosus hand coloured
Marsh Harrier (Circus Aeruginosus) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/red necked grebe podiceps rubricollis hand coloured
Red-necked Grebe (Podiceps Rubricollis) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/golden oriole oriolus galbula hand coloured
Golden Oriole (Oriolus Galbula) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/chestnut faced owl strix castanops hand coloured
Chestnut faced Owl (Strix Castanops) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/white throated bluebreast cyanecula leucocyana
White Throated Bluebreast (Cyanecula Leucocyana) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/great billed black cockatoo calyptorhynchus macrorhynchus
Great Billed Black Cockatoo (Calyptorhynchus Macrorhynchus) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/great black woodpecker dryocopus martius hand coloured
Great Black Woodpecker (Dryocopus Martius) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/swallow dicaeum dicaeum hirundinaceum hand coloured
Swallow Dicaeum (Dicaeum Hirundinaceum ) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/ring ouzel mer ulatorquata hand coloured litho
Ring Ouzel (Mer Ulatorquata) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/swainsons fruit pigeon ptilinopus swainsonii
Swainson's Fruit Pigeon (Ptilinopus Swainsonii ) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/lesser spotted woodpecker picus minor hand coloured
Lesser Spotted Woodpecker (Picus Minor) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/red winged lory aprosmictus erythropterus
Red-winged Lory (Aprosmictus Erythropterus ) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/blue rock thrush petrocossyphus cyanus hand coloured
Blue Rock Thrush (Petrocossyphus Cyanus) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/cockatoo parakeet nymphicus novae hollandiae
Cockatoo Parakeet (Nymphicus Novae-Hollandiae ) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/great snipe gallinaco major hand coloured
Great Snipe (Gallinaco Major) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/nightingale hand coloured litho
Nightingale (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/great bustard otis tarda hand coloured litho
Great Bustard (Otis Tarda) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/red breasted goose bernicla ruficollis hand coloured
Red Breasted Goose (Bernicla Ruficollis (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/spotted redshank totanus fuscus hand coloured
Spotted Redshank (Totanus Fuscus) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/shell duck tadorna vulpanser hand coloured
Shell Duck (Tadorna Vulpanser) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/long billed cockatoo licmetis nasicus hand coloured
Long-billed Cockatoo (Licmetis Nasicus ) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/widgeon mareca penelope hand coloured litho
Widgeon (Mareca Penelope) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/crested cockatoo cacatua galerita hand coloured
Crested Cockatoo (Cacatua Galerita ) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/puffin fratercula arctica hand coloured litho
Puffin (Fratercula Arctica) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/peregrin falcon falco peregrinus hand coloured
Peregrin Falcon (Falco Peregrinus) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/spoonbill platalea leucorodia hand coloured
Spoonbill (Platalea Leucorodia) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/orange legged hobby erythropus vespertinus
Orange-legged Hobby (Erythropus Vespertinus) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/grey phalarope phalaropus fulicarius hand coloured
Grey Phalarope (Phalaropus Fulicarius) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/meeting venus aeneas c1678 pen ink wash
The Meeting between Venus and Aeneas, c.1678 (pen & ink with wash on paper)
chatsworth/eider duck somateria mollissima hand coloured
Eider Duck (Somateria Mollissima) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/widgeon mareca penelope hand coloured litho
Widgeon (Mareca Penelope) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/greenland falcon falco candicans hand coloured
Greenland Falcon (Falco Candicans) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/ganet sula bassana hand coloured litho
Ganet (Sula Bassana) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/ascanius shooting stag sylvia c1680 pen ink
Ascanius shooting the stag of Sylvia, c.1680 (pen & ink with wash on paper)
chatsworth/squacco heron buphus comatus hand coloured
Squacco Heron (Buphus Comatus) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/white wagtail motacilla alba hand coloured
White Wagtail (Motacilla Alba) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/little tern sternula minuta hand coloured
Little Tern (Sternula Minuta) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/man seen behind walking left pen ink paper
A man seen from behind, walking towards left (pen & ink on paper)
chatsworth/blackcock tetrao tetrix hand coloured litho
Blackcock (Tetrao Tetrix) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/oyster catcher heamatopus ostralegus hand coloured
Oyster Catcher (Heamatopus Ostralegus) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/amstel omval c1650 53 pen ink wash paper
The Amstel at the Omval, c.1650-53 (pen & ink with wash on paper)
chatsworth/amstel near kostverloren pen ink wash paper
The Amstel near Kostverloren (pen & ink with wash on paper)
chatsworth/bittern botaurus stellaris hand coloured litho
Bittern (Botaurus Stellaris) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/honey buzzard pernis apiuorus hand coloured
Honey Buzzard (Pernis Apiuorus) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/greenshank glottis canescens hand coloured
Greenshank (Glottis Canescens) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/new bagnio gardens chiswick house vitruvius
The new 'Bagnio' in the Gardens at Chiswick House, from 'Vitruvius Britannicus
chatsworth/burlington house piccadilly vitruvius britannicus
Burlington House, Piccadilly, from 'Vitruvius Britannicus or The British
chatsworth/hooded merganser mergus cucullatus hand coloured
Hooded Merganser (Mergus Cucullatus) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/great white egret herodias alba hand coloured
Great White Egret (Herodias Alba) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/arctic tern sterna macrura hand coloured litho
Arctic Tern (Sterna Macrura) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/dunlin pelidna cinclus hand coloured litho
Dunlin (Pelidna Cinclus) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/great gate burlington house piccadilly vitruvius
The Great Gate at Burlington House, Piccadilly, from 'Vitruvius Britannicus or The
chatsworth/long tailed duck harelda glacialis hand coloured
Long-tailed Duck (Harelda Glacialis) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/the south chatsworth illustration vitruvius
'The South Front of Chatsworth', illustration from 'Vitruvius Britannicus
chatsworth/blood stained cockatoo cacatus sanguinea hand coloured
Blood-stained Cockatoo (Cacatus Sanguinea ) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/west chatsworth vitruvius britannicus british
West Front of Chatsworth, from 'Vitruvius Britannicus or The British Architect'
chatsworth/yellow collared parakeet platycercus semitorquatus
Yellow-collared Parakeet (Platycercus Semitorquatus ) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/henry viiis rosary cross boxwood
Henry VIII's rosary, detail of the cross (boxwood)
chatsworth/spotted pardalote pardalotus punctatus hand coloured
Spotted Pardalote (Pardalotus Punctatus ) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/henry viiis rosary pater bead boxwood
Henry VIII's rosary, detail of the Pater bead (boxwood)
chatsworth/capercailzie tetrao urogallus hand coloured
Capercailzie (Tetrao Urogallus) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/henry viiis rosary boxwood
Henry VIII's rosary (boxwood)
chatsworth/golden eye clangula glaucion hand coloured
Golden Eye (Clangula Glaucion) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/henry viiis rosary open pater beadboxwood
Henry VIII's rosary, detail of the open Pater bead(boxwood)
chatsworth/bourkes grass parakeet euphema bourkii hand coloured
Bourke's Grass Parakeet (Euphema Bourkii ) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/st george illustration a book hours according
St George, illustration from 'A Book of Hours According to the Use of Sarum, c.1500
chatsworth/shoveller ducks spatula clypeata hand coloured
Shoveller ducks (Spatula Clypeata) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/battle sea gods pen brown ink paper
Battle of the Sea Gods (pen & brown ink on paper)
chatsworth/stellers duck eniconetta stelleri hand coloured
Steller's Duck (Eniconetta Stelleri) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/man threshing wagon farm buildings behind 1615 17
A man threshing beside a wagon, farm buildings behind, 1615-17 (pen & ink and chalk
chatsworth/landscape 1632 w c paper
Landscape, 1632 (w/c on paper)
chatsworth/american bittern botaurus lentiginosus hand coloured
American Bittern (Botaurus Lentiginosus) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/ptarmigan summer plumage lagopus mutus hand coloured
Ptarmigan (Summer Plumage) (Lagopus Mutus) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/kite glead milvus regalis coloured engraving
Kite of Glead (Milvus Regalis) (coloured engraving)
chatsworth/water rail rallus aquaticus hand coloured
Water-Rail (Rallus Aquaticus) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/landscape farmhouse river pen ink paper
Landscape with a farmhouse by a river (pen & ink on paper)
chatsworth/windmill bulwark sint anthonispoort amsterdam c
The windmill on the bulwark of the Sint Anthonispoort, Amsterdam, c
chatsworth/bauers parakeet platycercus baueri hand coloured
Bauer's Parakeet (Platycercus Baueri) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/buff backed heron bubulcus rassatus hand coloured
Buff-backed Heron (Bubulcus Rassatus) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/marsh harrier circus aeruginosus coloured
Marsh Harrier (Circus Aeruginosus) (coloured engraving)
chatsworth/stilt himantopus candidus hand coloured litho
Stilt (Himantopus Candidus) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/thatched cottages figures window c1640 pen
Two thatched cottages with figures at the window, c.1640 (pen & ink on paper)
chatsworth/haystack near farm c1650 pen ink paper
A haystack near a farm, c.1650 (pen & ink on paper)
chatsworth/adelaide parakeet platycercus adelaidiae hand coloured
Adelaide Parakeet (Platycercus Adelaidiae) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/sea eagle haliaetus albicilla hand coloured
Sea Eagle (Haliaetus Albicilla) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/common tern stera hirundo hand coloured litho
Common Tern (Stera Hirundo) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/cormorant phalacrocorax carbo hand coloured
Cormorant (Phalacrocorax Carbo) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/landscape pen ink paper
Landscape (pen & ink on paper)
chatsworth/wooded road c1650 pen ink paper
A wooded road, c.1650 (pen & ink on paper)
chatsworth/masked barn owl strix personata hand coloured
Masked Barn Owl (Strix Personata) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/norwegian gyrfalcon falcon falco gyrfalco hand coloured
Norwegian or Gyrfalcon Falcon (Falco Gyrfalco) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/goshawk astur palumbarius hand coloured litho
Goshawk (Astur Palumbarius) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/glossy ibex falcinellus igneus coloured
Glossy Ibex (Falcinellus Igneus) (coloured engraving)
chatsworth/landscape c1650 pen ink wash paper
Landscape, c.1650 (pen & ink and wash on paper)
chatsworth/study horse pen ink pencil paper
Study of a horse (pen & ink and pencil on paper)
chatsworth/delicate owl strix delicatulis hand coloured
Delicate Owl (Strix Delicatulis) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/ruddy shelldrake casaraca rutila hand coloured
Ruddy Shelldrake (Casaraca Rutila) (hand-coloured litho)


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