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chatsworth/coppery bellied puff leg eriocnemis cupreiventris
Coppery-bellied Puff Leg (eriocnemis cupreiventris) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/sun angel heliangelus clarisse hand coloured
Sun Angel (Heliangelus Clarisse) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/spixs saw bill grypus spixi hand coloured
Spix's Saw-bill (Grypus Spixi) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/green crowned brilliant heliodoxa jacula hand coloured
Green-crowned Brilliant (heliodoxa jacula) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/matthews panoplites hand coloured litho
Matthew's Panoplites (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/white breasted leucippus leucippus chionogaster
White-breasted Leucippus (leucippus chionogaster) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/derbys puff leg eriocnemis derbianus hand coloured
Derby's Puff-leg (Eriocnemis Derbianus) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/red booted racket tail spathura rufocaligata
Red-booted Racket-tail (Spathura Rufocaligata) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/buffons plumeleteer hypuroptila buffoni hand coloured
Buffon's Plumeleteer (Hypuroptila Buffoni) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/sombre sabre wing campylopterus obscurus hand coloured
Sombre Sabre-wing (Campylopterus Obscurus) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/belted hermit phaethornis nigrocinctus bishop
Belted Hermit (Phaethornis Nigrocinctus) and Bishop hermit (Phaethornis Episcopus)
chatsworth/black tailed hermit glaucis melanura hand coloured
Black-tailed Hermit (Glaucis Melanura) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/fiery parakeet platycercus ignitus hand coloured
Fiery Parakeet (platycercus ignitus) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/felicias erythronote erythronota feliciae
Felicia's Erythronote (Erythronota Feliciae) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/gorgeted sun angel heliangelus strophianus
Gorgeted Sun Angel (Heliangelus Strophianus) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/herrans thorn bill ramphomicron herrani hand coloured
Herran's Thorn-bill (Ramphomicron Herrani) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/amaura hermit phaethornis amaura hand coloured
Amaura Hermit (Phaethornis Amaura) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/doserys hermit phaethornis oseryi hand coloured
D'Osery's Hermit (phaethornis oseryi) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/equadorean rainbow diphlogaena hesperus hand coloured
Equadorean Rainbow (Diphlogaena Hesperus) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/cayenne hermit phaethornis superciliosus hand coloured
Cayenne Hermit (Phaethornis Superciliosus) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/train bearing hermit phaethornis syrmatophorus
Train-bearing Hermit (Phaethornis Syrmatophorus) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/velvet scoter oidemla fusca hand coloured
Velvet Scoter (oidemla fusca) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/coral billed amazili amazilia corallirostris
Coral-billed Amazili (Amazilia Corallirostris) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/violet throated star frontlet helianthea violifera
Violet-throated Star-Frontlet (Helianthea Violifera) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/peruvian racket tail spathura peruana hand coloured
Peruvian Racket-tail (Spathura Peruana) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/stripe throated hermit phaethornis striigularis
Stripe-throated Hermit (Phaethornis Striigularis) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/elicias golden tail chrysuronia eliciae hand coloured
Elicia's Golden Tail (chrysuronia eliciae) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/brilliant fronted emerald thaumatias nitidifrons
Brilliant-fronted Emerald (Thaumatias Nitidifrons) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/mazeppa hermit glaucis mazeppa hand coloured
Mazeppa Hermit (Glaucis Mazeppa) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/pallid hermit phaethornis anthophilis hand coloured
Pallid Hermit (Phaethornis Anthophilis) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/querquedula circia hand coloured litho
querquedula circia (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/oenone humming bird chrysuronia oenone hand coloured
Oenone Humming-bird (Chrysuronia oenone) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/columbian fairy heliothrix barroti hand coloured
Columbian Fairy (Heliothrix Barroti) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/heliodores wood star calothorax heliodori
Heliodore's Wood Star (Calothorax Heliodori) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/pretres hermit phaethornis pretrei hand coloured
Pretre's Hermit (Phaethornis Pretrei) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/pigmy hermit phaethornis pygmaeus hand coloured
Pigmy Hermit (Phaethornis Pygmaeus) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/yucatan amazili amazilia yucatanensis hand coloured
Yucatan Amazili (amazilia yucatanensis) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/hummingbirds delattria clemenciae hand coloured
Hummingbirds (Delattria Clemenciae) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/green blue sapphire eucephala smaragdocaerulea
Green & Blue Sapphire (eucephala smaragdocaerulea) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/brazilian fairy heliothrix auriculatus hand coloured
Brazilian Fairy (Heliothrix Auriculatus) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/racket tail discura longicauda hand coloured
Racket-tail (Discura Longicauda) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/rhams garnet lamprolaima rhami hand coloured
De Rham's Garnet (Lamprolaima Rhami) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/black breasted hill star oreotrochilus melanogaster
Black-breasted Hill Star (Oreotrochilus Melanogaster) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/obscure hermit phaethornis obscura hand coloured
Obscure Hermit (Phaethornis Obscura) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/lancelolate hermit glaucis lanceolata hand coloured
Lancelolate Hermit (Glaucis Lanceolata) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/fillipis hermit phaethornis philippi hand coloured
De Fillipi's Hermit (Phaethornis Philippi) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/tyrian tail metallura tyrianthina hand coloured
Tyrian-tail (metallura Tyrianthina) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/coras shear tail hand coloured litho
Cora's Shear-tail (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/rufous flame bearer selasphorus rufus hand coloured
Rufous Flame-bearer (selasphorus rufus) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/hoary puff leg eriocnemis lugens hand coloured
Hoary Puff-leg (Eriocnemis Lugens) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/jourdans wood star calothorax jourdani hand coloured
Jourdan's Wood Star (Calothorax Jourdani) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/brazilian panoplites thalurania eryphile hand coloured
Brazilian Panoplites (Thalurania Eryphile) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/black eared humming bird heliopaedica melanotis
Black-eared Humming-bird (Heliopaedica Melanotis) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/eurynome hermit phaethornis eurynome hand coloured
Eurynome Hermit (Phaethornis Eurynome) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/salles hermit phaethornis augusti hand coloured
Salle's Hermit (Phaethornis Augusti) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/little hermit phaethornis eremita hand coloured
Little Hermit (Phaethornis eremita) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/yellow bellied parakeet platycercus flaviventris
Yellow-bellied Parakeet (platycercus flaviventris) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/white bellied emerald thaumatias albiventris
White-bellied Emerald (Thaumatias Albiventris) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/chilian fire crown eustephanus galeritus hand coloured
Chilian Fire-crown (Eustephanus Galeritus) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/marvellous humming bird loddigesia mirabilis
Marvellous Humming-bird (Loddigesia Mirabilis) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/allied hermit glaucis affinis hand coloured
Allied Hermit (Glaucis affinis) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/poortmans emerald chlorostilbon portmanni
Poortman's Emerald (chlorostilbon Portmanni) should be (chlorostilbon Poortmanni)
chatsworth/francias azure crwn cyanomyia franciae hand coloured
Francia's Azure-Crwn (Cyanomyia Franciae) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/dusky humming bird phaeoptila sordida hand coloured
Dusky Humming Bird (Phaeoptila Sordida) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/metallic puff leg eriocnemis alinae hand coloured
Metallic Puff-leg (Eriocnemis Alinae) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/brassy tail metallura aeneicauda hand coloured
Brassy Tail (Metallura Aeneicauda) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/blue throated cazique delattria clemenciae
Blue-throated Cazique (Delattria Clemenciae) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/crimson topaz topaza pella hand coloured litho
Crimson Topaz (Topaza Pella) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/groove bill toucan aulacorhamphus sulcatus
Groove-Bill Toucan (Aulacorhamphus Sulcatus) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/hairy hermit glaucis hirsutus hand coloured
Hairy Hermit (Glaucis Hirsutus) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/hairy hermit phaethornis hispidus hand coloured
Hairy Hermit (Phaethornis Hispidus) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/bolivian sylph cynanthus bolivianus hand coloured
Bolivian Sylph (Cynanthus Bolivianus) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/blue throated hlemte crest oxypogon cyanolaemus
Blue-throated Hlemte Crest (Oxypogon Cyanolaemus) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/green aracari pteroglossus viridis hand coloured
Green Aracari (Pteroglossus Viridis) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/grey tailed humming bird oreopyra cinereicauda
Grey-tailed humming-bird (Oreopyra Cinereicauda) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/riverine emerald agyrtria fluviatilis hand coloured
Riverine Emerald (Agyrtria Fluviatilis) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/salvins flame bearer selasphorus ardens
Salvin's Flame-Bearer. (Selasphorus ardens). (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/jelskis wood nymph thalurania jelskii hand coloured
Jelski's Wood-nymph (Thalurania Jelskii) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/warszewiczs rainbow humming bird diphlogaena
Warszewicz's Rainbow humming bird (Diphlogaena Aurora) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/ecuadorean rainbow diphlogaena hesperus hand coloured
Ecuadorean Rainbow (Diphlogaena Hesperus) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/ariel toucan ramphastos ariel hand coloured
Ariel Toucan (Ramphastos Ariel) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/purple tailed comet humming bird sparganura glyceria
Purple-tailed Comet humming bird (Sparganura Glyceria) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/purple throated humming bird oreopyra calolaema
Purple-throated humming bird (Oreopyra Calolaema) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/inca toucan ramphastos inica hand coloured
Inca Toucan (Ramphastos inica) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/toco toucan ramphastos toco hand coloured
Toco Toucan (Ramphastos Toco) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/sulphur white breasted toucan ramphastos vitellinus
Sulphur & White breasted Toucan (Ramphastos Vitellinus) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/sulphur white breasted toucan ramphastos vitellinus
Sulphur & White breasted Toucan (Ramphastos Vitellinus) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/doubtful toucan ramphastos ambiguus hand coloured
Doubtful Toucan (Ramphastos Ambiguus) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/red vented white tip humming bird urosticte ruficrissa
Red-vented white-tip humming bird (Urosticte Ruficrissa) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/great fork tailed humming bird hylonymphia macrocerca
Great fork-tailed humming bird (Hylonymphia Macrocerca) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/salvins coquette humming bird lophornis adorabilis
Salvin's Coquette humming bird (Lophornis Adorabilis) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/bartletts emerald humming bird agyrtria bartletti
Bartlett's Emerald humming bird (Agyrtria Bartletti) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/short billed toucan ramphastos brevicarinatus
Short-billed Toucan (Ramphastos Brevicarinatus) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/saffron coloured hill toucan andigena bailloni
Saffron-coloured Hill Toucan (Andigena Bailloni) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/blue throated groove bill toucan aulacoramphus
Blue-throated Groove-bill Toucan (Aulacoramphus Caeruleogularis) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/black throated groove bill toucan aulacoramphus
Black-throated Groove-bill Toucan (Aulacoramphus Atrogularis) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/golden green groovebill toucan aulacoramphus
Golden-green Groovebill Toucan (Aulacoramphus Prasinus) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/lettered aracari toucan pteroglossus inscriptus
Lettered Aracari Toucan (Pteroglossus Inscriptus) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/blood rump groove bill toucan aulacoramphus haematopygius
Blood-rump Groove-bill Toucan (Aulacoramphus Haematopygius) (hand-coloured litho)


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