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chatsworth/green headed sapphire eucephala chlorocephela
Green-headed Sapphire (eucephala chlorocephela) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/sapphire vented puff leg eriocnemis sapphiropygia
Sapphire-vented Puff-leg (eriocnemis sapphiropygia) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/10th duke devonshire horseback bolton moor late
10th Duke of Devonshire on horseback on Bolton Moor, late 1940s (sepia photo)
chatsworth/elliots topaz llampornis calosoma hand coloured
Elliot's Topaz lLampornis calosoma) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/beaded bolero hubert givenchy worn duchess devonshire
Beaded bolero by Hubert de Givenchy, worn by the Duchess of Devonshire on her wedding day
chatsworth/sparkling tail tryphaena dupontii hand coloured
Sparkling-tail (tryphaena dupontii) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/philip treacy hat 1st dukes greenhouse chatsworth
Philip Treacy hat in the 1st Duke's greenhouse at Chatsworth, worn by Deborah
chatsworth/lord charles cavendish adele astaire wedding day
Lord Charles Cavendish and Adele Astaire on their wedding day, 1932 (b/w photo)
chatsworth/dohrns hermit glaucus dohrni hand coloured
Dohrn's Hermit (glaucus Dohrni) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/frontispiece hand coloured litho
Frontispiece (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/sword bill docimastes ensiferus hand coloured
Sword-bill (Docimastes Ensiferus) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/southern thorn bill ramphomicron vulcani hand coloured
Southern Thorn-bill (Ramphomicron Vulcani) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/nouna koalii lesbia nuna hand coloured litho
Nouna-koaliI (Lesbia Nuna) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/adelas hill star oreotrochilus adela hand coloured
Adela's Hill-star (Oreotrochilus Adela) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/st thomass mango lampornis virginalis hand coloured
St. Thomas's Mango (Lampornis Virginalis) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/columbian panoplites coulmbian wood nymph thalurania
Columbian Panoplites / Coulmbian Wood-nymph (Thalurania Colombica) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/guys hermit phaethornis guy hand coloured
Guy's Hermit (phaethornis guy) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/white throat leucochloris albicollis hand coloured
White-throat (Leucochloris Albicollis) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/cayene fairy heliothryx auritus hand coloured
Cayene Fairy (Heliothryx Auritus) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/spotted adelomyia adelomyia maculata hand coloured
Spotted Adelomyia (Adelomyia Maculata) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/golden tailed plumeleteer hypuroptila urochrysia
Golden-tailed Plumeleteer (Hypuroptila Urochrysia) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/de lattres sabre wing campylopterus delattrei
De-Lattre's Sabre-wing (campylopterus Delattrei) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/salvins coquette lophornis adorabilis hand coloured
Salvin's Coquette (Lophornis Adorabilis) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/jamesons brilliant heliodoxa jamesoni hand coloured
Jameson's Brilliant (Heliodoxa Jamesoni) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/white tailed velvet breast lafresnaya gayi
White-tailed Velvet-breast (Lafresnaya Gayi) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/saw bill grypus naevius hand coloured litho
Saw-bill (grypus naevius) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/splendid grass parakeet euphema splendida hand coloured
Splendid Grass Parakeet (euphema splendida) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/sophias erythronote erythronota sophiae hand coloured
Sophia's Erythronote (Erythronota Sophiae) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/golden star frontlet helianthea eos hand coloured
Golden star-frontlet (Helianthea Eos) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/purple tail metallura williami hand coloured
Purple-tail (Metallura Williami) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/evening humming bird rhodopis vespera hand coloured
Evening Humming-bird (Rhodopis Vespera) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/pamelas sunbeam aglaeactis pamela hand coloured
Pamela's Sunbeam (Aglaeactis Pamela) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/veraguan panoplites thalurania venusta hand coloured
Veraguan Panoplites (Thalurania Venusta) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/pied tail humming bird urochroa bougieri hand coloured
Pied-tail humming bird (Urochroa Bougieri) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/fannys wood star calothorax fanny hand coloured
Fanny's Wood Star (calothorax Fanny) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/ruckers hermit glaucis ruckeri hand coloured
Rucker's Hermit (Glaucis Ruckeri) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/prevots mango lampornis prevosti hand coloured
Prevot's Mango (Lampornis Prevosti) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/grey throated hermit phaethornis griseogularis
Grey-throated Hermit (phaethornis griseogularis) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/st domingos humming bird sporadinus elegans
St. Domingo's Humming-bird (Sporadinus Elegans) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/stripe breasted star throat heliomaster mesoleucus
Stripe-breasted Star-throat (heliomaster mesoleucus) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/banded ruby clytolaema aurescens hand coloured
Banded Ruby (Clytolaema Aurescens) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/wedge tailed sabre wing campylopterus pampa
Wedge-tailed Sabre-wing (Campylopterus Pampa) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/chimobrazian hill star oreotrochilus chimborazo
Chimobrazian Hill-Star (Oreotrochilus Chimborazo) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/roraima coquette lophornis pavoninus hand coloured
Roraima Coquette (lophornis pavoninus) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/columbian emerald chlorostilbon angustipennis
Columbian Emerald (Chlorostilbon Angustipennis) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/dordignys puff leg eriocnemis dorbignyi
D'Ordigny's Puff-leg (Eriocnemis D'Orbignyi) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/mulsants wood star calothorax mulsanti hand coloured
Mulsant's Wood Star (Calothorax Mulsanti) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/jardins panoplites panoplites jardini hand coloured
Jardin's Panoplites (Panoplites Jardini) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/sappho comet cometes sparganurus hand coloured
Sappho Comet (cometes sparganurus) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/simons thorn bill ramphamicron dorsale hand coloured
Simon's Thorn-bill (Ramphamicron Dorsale) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/blue tailed mango humming bird lampornis viridis
Blue-tailed Mango humming bird (Lampornis Viridis) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/leasbeaters briliant heliodoxa leadbeateri
Leasbeater's Briliant (Heliodoxa Leadbeateri) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/graceful train bearer lesbia gracilis hand coloured
Graceful Train-bearer (lesbia gracilis) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/stripe tail humming bird eupherusa eximia hand coloured
Stripe-tail Humming-bird (Eupherusa Eximia) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/glowing puff leg eriocnemis vestitus hand coloured
Glowing Puff-leg (Eriocnemis Vestitus) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/blue tailed sylph cynanthus cyanurus hand coloured
Blue-tailed Sylph (Cynanthus Cyanurus) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/puce throated huming bird aphantochroa gularis
Puce-throated huming bird (Aphantochroa Gularis) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/xantuss humming bird heliopaedica xantusi
Xantus's humming bird (Heliopaedica Xantusi) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/estellas hill star humming bird oreotrochilus
Estella's hill-star humming bird (Oreotrochilus Estella) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/veraguan mango lampornis veraguensis hand coloured
Veraguan Mango (lampornis veraguensis) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/earl derbys parakeet platycercus icterotis
The Earl of Derby's Parakeet (platycercus icterotis) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/costa rican humming bird panterpeinsignis hand coloured
Costa-Rican Humming-bird (Panterpeinsignis) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/conrads inca bourcieria conradi hand coloured
Conrad's Inca (Bourcieria Conradi) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/phaon comet cometes phaon hand coloured litho
Phaon Comet (Cometes Phaon) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/shining sunbeam agliaeactis cupripennis hand coloured
Shining Sunbeam (Agliaeactis Cupripennis) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/pichinchian hill star oreotrochilus pichincha
Pichinchian Hill-star (Oreotrochilus Pichincha) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/black capped humming bird trochilus polytmus
Black-capped humming bird (Trochilus polytmus) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/fiery topaz topaza pyra hand coloured litho
Fiery Topaz (topaza pyra) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/blue necked azure crown cyanomyia cyanocollis
Blue-necked Azure Crown (Cyanomyia Cyanocollis) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/sombre humming bird aphantochroa cirrhochloris
Sombre humming bird (Aphantochroa cirrhochloris) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/blue throated sabre wing campylopterus ensipennis
Blue-throated Sabre-wing (Campylopterus Ensipennis) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/frasers hermit glaucis fraseri hand coloured
Fraser's Hermit (Glaucis Fraseri) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/blue breasted sapphire eucephala hypocyanea
Blue-breasted Sapphire (Eucephala Hypocyanea) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/bolivian violet ear petasophora iolata hand coloured
Bolivian Violet-ear (Petasophora Iolata) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/yarrells racket tail calothorax yarrelli hand coloured
Yarrell's Racket-tail (Calothorax yarrelli) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/jacobin florisuga mellivora hand coloured
Jacobin (Florisuga Mellivora) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/venezuelan stenura panychlora stenura panychlora
Venezuelan Stenura (panychlora stenura) and (panychlora Russata) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/red billed azure crown cyanomyia quadricolor
Red-billed Azure-crown (Cyanomyia Quadricolor) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/watertons wood nymph thalurania watertoni
Waterton's Wood-nymph (Thalurania Watertoni) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/longeumares hermit phaethornis longuemareus
Longeumare's Hermit (Phaethornis Longuemareus) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/humboldts humming bird chrysuronia humboldti
Humboldt's humming bird (Chrysuronia Humboldti) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/sun gem heliactin cornuta hand coloured litho
Sun Gem (Heliactin Cornuta) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/frilled coquette lophornis magnificus hand coloured
Frilled Coquette (Lophornis Magnificus) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/grass green breasted carib eulampis chlorolaemus
Grass-green-breasted Carib (Eulampis Chlorolaemus) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/bourciers hermit phaethornis bourcieri hand coloured
Bourcier's Hermit (Phaethornis Bourcieri) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/southern hermit phaethornis zonura hand coloured
Southern Hermit (Phaethornis Zonura) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/green crowned panoplites thalurania verticeps
Green-crowned Panoplites (thalurania verticeps) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/red vented white tip hand coloured litho
Red Vented White Tip (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/blue headed sapphire eucephala grayi hand coloured
Blue-headed Sapphire (eucephala grayi) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/rainbow diphogena iris hand coloured litho
Rainbow (Diphogena Iris) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/coppery tail metallura cupreicauda hand coloured
Coppery-tail (Metallura Cupreicauda) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/purple breasted carib eulampis jugularis hand coloured
Purple-breasted Carib (Eulampis Jugularis) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/schreibers humming bird ionolaima schreibersi
Schreiber's Humming-bird (Ionolaima Schreibersi) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/adolphs hermit phaethornis adolphi hand coloured
Adolph's Hermit (Phaethornis Adolphi) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/green tailed hermit phaethornis viridicaudata
Green-tailed Hermit (Phaethornis Viridicaudata) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/white booted racket tail spathura underwoodi
White-booted Racket-tail (spathura Underwoodi) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/white throated sapphire hylocharis cyaneus
White-throated Sapphire (Hylocharis Cyaneus) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/yarquian hermit phaerthornis yarugui hand coloured
Yarquian Hermit (Phaerthornis Yarugui) (hand-coloured litho)


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