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chatsworth/rural scene pen ink paper
Rural Scene (pen & ink on paper)
chatsworth/houses ruins distant view rome pen ink wash
Houses among the ruins with a distant view of Rome (pen & ink with wash on paper)
chatsworth/bend amstel near kostverloren house early 1650s
Bend in the Amstel near Kostverloren House, early 1650s (pen & ink with wash & bodycolour
chatsworth/oratorians carmelite church pen ink wash paper
The Oratorians and the Carmelite Church (pen & ink with wash on paper)
chatsworth/steps elderly peasant guided wife pen ink chalk
The steps of an elderly peasant guided by his wife (pen & ink with chalk on paper)
chatsworth/basilica constantine entrance wall fantastic setting
Basilica of Constantine. Entrance wall in a fantastic setting (pen & ink with wash
chatsworth/rough road dyke trees hiding farmstead pen
A rough road along the dyke with trees hiding a farmstead (pen & ink with wash on paper)
chatsworth/chateau vincennes pen ink wash paper
The Chateau de Vincennes (pen & ink with wash on paper)
chatsworth/bridge gaucheu epinal black chalk paper
The bridge of the Gaucheu at Epinal (black chalk on paper)
chatsworth/temple vesta forum boarium seen north tiber right
The Temple of Vesta in the Forum Boarium, seen from the North, the Tiber to the right, c
chatsworth/leonardo da vincis supper red black chalks
Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper (red & black chalks on paper)
chatsworth/oratorians pen ink wash paper
The Oratorians (pen & ink with wash on paper)
chatsworth/chateau chantelou valley orge linas chestres
Chateau de Chantelou, in the valley of the Orge, between Linas and Chestres (black
chatsworth/michelangelo believed bugiardini federico zuccaro
Michelangelo, believed to be after Bugiardini or Federico Zuccaro (red & black chalks
chatsworth/rembrandt c1650 52 pen ink paper
'Rembrandt', c.1650-52 (pen & ink on paper)
chatsworth/thatched dwellings partly ruins mountainside
Thatched dwellings, partly in ruins, on a mountainside (pen & ink with chalk on paper)
chatsworth/pope leo x black chalk paper
Pope Leo X (black chalk on paper)
chatsworth/hospital st louis pen ink wash paper
The Hospital of St Louis (pen & ink with wash on paper)
chatsworth/church lorraine neighbouring building pen brown
A church in Lorraine and a neighbouring building (pen & brown ink on paper)
chatsworth/design inner court chatsworth w c paper
Design for the Inner Court, Chatsworth (w/c on paper)
chatsworth/design east elevation chatsworth house w c
Design for the East Elevation, Chatsworth House (w/c on paper)
chatsworth/design lodges edensor chatsworth park 1837 w c
Design for the Lodges in Edensor in Chatsworth Park, 1837 (w/c on paper)
chatsworth/view stonehenge w c paper
View of Stonehenge (w/c on paper)
chatsworth/woman sewing oil canvas
A woman sewing (oil on canvas)
chatsworth/view chatsworth w c paper
View of Chatsworth (w/c on paper)
chatsworth/portrait edward spencer cavendish oil canvas
Portrait of Edward Spencer Cavendish (oil on canvas)
chatsworth/state portrait king william iii oil canvas
State portrait of King William III (oil on canvas)
chatsworth/old ballroom library chatsworth w c paper
The Old Ballroom, now the Library, Chatsworth (w/c on paper)
chatsworth/old library chatsworth w c paper
The Old Library, Chatsworth (w/c on paper)
chatsworth/hardwick old hall 1828 pencil paper
Hardwick Old Hall, 1828 (pencil on paper)
chatsworth/member 6th duke devonshires orchestra w c paper
Member of the 6th Duke of Devonshire's orchestra (w/c on paper)
chatsworth/kitchen chatsworth c1830 w c paper
The Kitchen at Chatsworth, c.1830 (w/c on paper)
chatsworth/portrait king henry viii oil wood
Portrait of King Henry VIII (oil on wood)
chatsworth/portrait georgiana duchess devonshire w c
Portrait of Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire (w/c & pencil on paper)
chatsworth/long gallery hardwick w c paper
The Long Gallery at Hardwick (w/c on paper)
chatsworth/venice view santa maria della salute grand canal
Venice: a view of Santa Maria della Salute and the Grand Canal from the Piazzetta
chatsworth/studies draped figures silverpoint heightened
Studies of draped figures (silverpoint heightened with white body colour on prepared
chatsworth/study decoration ceiling pen brown ink grey
Study for the decoration of a ceiling (pen & brown ink with grey brown wash on white
chatsworth/design lunette figures mathematicians students
Design for a lunette, with figures of mathematicians and their students (pen & brown
chatsworth/studies eagle goose jug jar human figures
Studies of an eagle, a goose, a jug, a jar and of human figures including two for
chatsworth/mountainous landscape castello buildings river
Mountainous landscape with a castello and other buildings by a river; a man hurrying
chatsworth/neoptolemus taking andromache captivity fall troy
Neoptolemus taking Andromache into captivity after the fall of Troy (pen & brown
chatsworth/study young man standing hands folded sleeves
Study of a young man standing with his hands folded in his sleeves (metalpoint
chatsworth/study left arm chest head bearded man pen
Study of the left arm, chest and head of a bearded man (pen & brown ink with red
chatsworth/equestrian figure pen brown ink brown wash
Equestrian figure (pen & brown ink with brown wash on white paper)
chatsworth/head medusa pen brown ink preliminaries black
Head of Medusa (pen & brown ink over preliminaries in black chalk with touches of
chatsworth/s maria della febbre funerary chapel sixtus
S. Maria della Febbre, with the Funerary Chapel of Sixtus IV and the wall of Old St
chatsworth/roadside inn ruins aqueduct 1601 pen brown
Roadside inn among the ruins of an aqueduct, 1601 (pen & brown ink on white paper)
chatsworth/ruins palatine domus augustanus palace septimius
Ruins on the Palatine: the Domus Augustanus and the Palace of Septimius Severus
chatsworth/view porta ripa avenue tree ruins aventine looking
View of the Porta Ripa from an avenue of tree amongst ruins on the Aventine looking
chatsworth/mars restrained cupid 1819 25 marble
Mars restrained by Cupid, 1819-25 (marble)
chatsworth/letitia ramolino bonaparte c1804 07 marble
Letitia Ramolino Bonaparte, c.1804-07 (marble)
chatsworth/laura 1817 marble
Laura, 1817 (marble)
chatsworth/chiesa della salute grand canal venice pen
Chiesa della Salute, Grand Canal, Venice (pen & ink with w/c on paper)
chatsworth/head forequarters gray horse black chalk heightened
Head and Forequarters of a gray horse (black chalk heightened with white on paper)
chatsworth/jan snellincx black chalk white paper
Jan Snellincx (black chalk on white paper)
chatsworth/mystic marriage st catherine pen ink wash
The Mystic Marriage of St. Catherine (pen & ink with wash over chalk on paper)
chatsworth/mocking christ pen ink wash chalk paper
The Mocking of Christ (pen & ink with wash over chalk on paper)
chatsworth/wolf fox hunt the european hunt chalks wash
A Wolf and Fox Hunt (The European Hunt) (chalks with wash on paper)
chatsworth/head studies pen brown ink paper
Eleven head studies (pen & brown ink on paper)
chatsworth/capture escalette 18th november 1676 black ink
The Capture of Escalette, 18th November 1676 (black ink & mapping pen with w/c on paper)
chatsworth/columniated ruins temple minerva forum nerva
Columniated ruins of the Temple of Minerva, Forum of Nerva, Rome (pen & brown ink
chatsworth/roman ruins 1601 pen ink wash paper
Roman ruins, 1601 (pen and ink with wash on paper)
chatsworth/hurdy gurdy players boy pipe school lorraine
Four hurdy-gurdy players and a boy with a pipe, School of Lorraine (pen & ink with
chatsworth/franciscan friars chalks paper
Two Franciscan Friars (chalks on paper)
chatsworth/patte doie north west lord burlingtons chiswick
The patte-d'oie, north-west of Lord Burlington's Chiswick Villa (pen and ink with
chatsworth/landscape water village amstelveen background c
Landscape with water, the village of Amstelveen in the background, c
chatsworth/rembrandt ink paper
'Rembrandt' (ink on paper)
chatsworth/christ mocked pen ink wash paper
Christ Mocked (pen & ink with wash on paper)
chatsworth/holy family carpenters shop pen ink wash
The Holy Family in the Carpenter's Shop (pen & ink with wash on paper)
chatsworth/landscape farm buildings right pen ink wash
Landscape with farm buildings on the right (pen & ink with wash on paper)
chatsworth/view amstel horse towing barge c
View on the Amstel, with a horse towing a barge, c
chatsworth/apollo daphne c1635 pen ink paper
Apollo and Daphne, c.1635 (pen & ink on paper)
chatsworth/female nudes round basin pen ink paper
Four female nudes round a basin (pen & ink on paper)
chatsworth/st louis hospital c1677 pen ink paper
St Louis Hospital, c.1677 (pen & ink on paper)
chatsworth/abbey montmartre chimneys smoking pen ink
The Abbey of Montmartre, with chimneys smoking (pen & ink on paper)
chatsworth/belleville pen ink wash paper
Belleville (pen & ink with wash on paper)
chatsworth/chateau vincennes chimneys smoking pen ink
The Chateau de Vincennes, with chimneys smoking (pen & ink on paper)
chatsworth/aqueduct arcueil pen ink paper
The aqueduct at Arcueil (pen & ink on paper)
chatsworth/thatched buildings bare trees flock geese pen
Thatched buildings, almost bare trees and a flock of geese (pen & ink on paper)
chatsworth/reverent figure chalk paper
Reverent Figure (chalk on paper)
chatsworth/countryfolk resting picnic roadside pen ink
Countryfolk resting to picnic by the roadside (pen & ink with w/c on paper)
chatsworth/peasants loading one horse cart root vegetables
Peasants loading a one-horse cart with root vegetables (pen & ink with wash on paper)
chatsworth/turreted chateau church brown grey wash black
A turreted chateau and a church (brown & grey wash over black chalk on paper)
chatsworth/view harbour la rochelle galleons firing salute
View of the harbour of La Rochelle with galleons firing a salute (pen & brown ink
chatsworth/fantastic rocks coast buildings shore pen
Fantastic rocks by the coast, buildings at the shore (pen & brown ink on paper)
chatsworth/chateau drawbridge pen brown ink paper
A chateau with drawbridge (pen & brown ink on paper)
chatsworth/street bainville sur madon callots house pen
A street in Bainville-sur-Madon, with Callot's house (pen & brown ink on paper)
chatsworth/fine lady gentleman dancing woods lute chateau
A fine lady and gentleman dancing in the woods to a lute, a chateau in the distance
chatsworth/la neuve malgrange pen brown ink paper
La Neuve Malgrange (pen & brown ink on paper)
chatsworth/ferrying passenger river small town linked bridge
Ferrying a passenger across a river to a small town linked by a bridge to a castle
chatsworth/view nancy pen brown ink paper
View of Nancy (pen & brown ink on paper)


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