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chatsworth/portrait woman c1611 oil canvas
Portrait of a woman, c.1611 (oil on canvas)
chatsworth/portrait georgiana duchess devonshire c1785 87
Portrait of Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire, c.1785-87 (oil on canvas)
chatsworth/georgiana cynthia spensers faerie queene 1781 82
Georgiana as Cynthia from Spenser's 'Faerie Queene', 1781-82 (oil on canvas)
chatsworth/hoopoe upupa epops hand coloured litho
Hoopoe (Upupa Epops) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/west chatsworth house w c paper
The West Front of Chatsworth House (w/c on paper)
chatsworth/village winter extensive landscape figures ice
A village in winter in an extensive landscape with figures on the ice (oil on canvas)
chatsworth/statue vestal virgin marble
Statue of a Vestal Virgin (marble)
chatsworth/violin bow hanging door oil canvas laid wood
Violin and bow hanging on a door (oil on canvas laid on wood panel)
chatsworth/portrait herman doomer 1644 oil oak
Portrait of Herman Doomer, 1644 (oil on oak)
chatsworth/wounded achilles 1825 marble
The Wounded Achilles, 1825 (marble)
chatsworth/shipping calm c1680 oil canvas
Shipping in a calm, c.1680 (oil on canvas)
chatsworth/portrait lady frances cranfield lady buckhurst
Portrait of Lady Frances Cranfield, Lady Buckhurst, later Countess of Dorset, c.1637-50
chatsworth/famous craven heifer oil canvas
The Famous Craven Heifer (oil on canvas)
chatsworth/study soldiers resurrection black chalk paper
Study of three soldiers for the 'Resurrection' (black chalk on paper)
chatsworth/deborah devonshires assorted turnbull asser
Deborah Devonshire's assorted Turnbull & Asser shirts in an armoire in a guest
chatsworth/aeneas escorted dido study border scene 3rd
Aeneas escorted by Dido, study for the border scene (3rd compartment left) of the
chatsworth/baron philip von stosch showing antique gem sabbatini
Baron Philip von Stosch showing an antique gem to Sabbatini (pen & ink on paper)
chatsworth/sculpture princess pauline borghese marble
Sculpture of Princess Pauline Borghese (marble)
chatsworth/venus cupid removing thorn foot 1825 marble
Venus with Cupid removing a thorn from her foot, 1825 (marble)
chatsworth/portrait blanche georgiana howard countess burlington
Portrait of Blanche Georgiana Howard, Countess of Burlington, 1841-42 (oil on canvas)
chatsworth/trial jury laying law c1840 oil canvas
Trial by Jury, or Laying down the Law, c.1840 (oil on canvas)
chatsworth/portrait artists daughter magdalena vos c1623 24
Portrait of the artist's daughter, Magdalena de Vos, c.1623-24 (oil on canvas)
chatsworth/apostles st james greater 1518 20 chalk paper
The Twelve Apostles: St. James the Greater, 1518-20 (chalk on paper)
chatsworth/martha bringing mary magdalene christ pen ink
Martha Bringing Mary Magdalene to Christ (pen & ink on paper)
chatsworth/design wall tomb etruscan manner pen ink paper
Design for a wall tomb in the Etruscan manner (pen & ink on paper)
chatsworth/apostles st bartholomew 1518 20 chalk paper
The Twelve Apostles: St. Bartholomew, 1518-20 (chalk on paper)
chatsworth/triumph silenus early 16th century pen ink
The Triumph of Silenus, early 16th century (pen & ink on vellum)
chatsworth/psyche carried mercury olympus chalk paper
Psyche carried by Mercury to Olympus (chalk on paper)
chatsworth/apostles st simon 1518 20 chalk paper
The Twelve Apostles: St. Simon, 1518-20 (chalk on paper)
chatsworth/portrait baertje martens 1644 oil oak
Portrait of Baertje Martens, 1644 (oil on oak)
chatsworth/apostles st john 1518 20 chalk paper
The Twelve Apostles: St. John, 1518-20 (chalk on paper)
chatsworth/apostles st paul 1518 20 chalk paper
The Twelve Apostles: St. Paul, 1518-20 (chalk on paper)
chatsworth/joseph pharaoh pen ink wash paper
Joseph before Pharaoh (pen & ink and wash on paper)
chatsworth/birdhouse chiswick pool couple boat woman fishing
Birdhouse at Chiswick; pool with a couple in a boat, the woman fishing (pen & brown
chatsworth/madonna child michelangelo pen ink paper
Madonna and Child, after Michelangelo (pen & ink on paper)
chatsworth/floral temple round pool 1730 33 pen brown
Floral temple and round pool, 1730-33 (pen & brown wash over pencil on paper)
chatsworth/apostles st thomas 1518 20 chalk paper
The Twelve Apostles: St. Thomas, 1518-20 (chalk on paper)
chatsworth/head pope leo x chalk paper
Head of Pope Leo X (chalk on paper)
chatsworth/study the transfiguration red chalk paper
Study for 'The Transfiguration' (red chalk on paper)
chatsworth/shipping calm states yacht off end pier c1680
Shipping in a calm with a States Yacht off the end of a pier, c.1680 (oil on canvas)
chatsworth/portrait arthur goodwin 1639 oil canvas
Portrait of Arthur Goodwin, 1639 (oil on canvas)
chatsworth/apostles st andrew 1518 20 chalk paper
The Twelve Apostles: St. Andrew, 1518-20 (chalk on paper)
chatsworth/allegory grammatica metalpoint grey prepared surface
Allegory of Grammatica (metalpoint on grey prepared surface, heightened with white
chatsworth/duke devonshires racehorse basto c1708 25
The Duke of Devonshire's racehorse 'Basto', c.1708-25 (oil on canvas)
chatsworth/portrait tawney 6th dukes spaniel palatine beyond
Portrait of 'Tawney', the 6th Duke's spaniel, with the Palatine beyond, 1819
chatsworth/alchemist later 1670s oil canvas
An Alchemist, later 1670s (oil on canvas)
chatsworth/manchester ship canal 1907 10 oil canvas
Manchester Ship Canal, 1907-10 (oil on canvas)
chatsworth/trafford bridge pomona dock pastel paper
Trafford Bridge and Pomona Dock (pastel on paper)
chatsworth/study battle scene 1518 20 pen ink wash chalk
Study for a battle scene, 1518-20 (pen & ink, wash and chalk on paper)
chatsworth/st paul rending garments 1514 15 metalpoint
St. Paul rending his garments, 1514-15 (metalpoint, heightened with white bodycolour
chatsworth/alexander campaspe 1695 oil copper panel
Alexander and Campaspe, before 1695 (oil on copper panel)
chatsworth/landscape cattle sheep oil wood panel
Landscape with cattle and sheep (oil on wood panel)
chatsworth/apostles st paul 1518 20 chalk paper
The Twelve Apostles: St. Paul, 1518-20 (chalk on paper)
chatsworth/scarr bay racehorse held trainer a scottman
Scarr, a bay racehorse held by his trainer, A. Scottman, 1714 (oil on canvas)
chatsworth/ruins holdenby castle northamptonshire c1735 45
The ruins of Holdenby Castle, Northamptonshire, c.1735-45 (oil on canvas)
chatsworth/lot entertaining angels oil canvas wood panel
Lot entertaining the Angels (oil on canvas on wood panel)
chatsworth/judgement midas oil wood panel
The Judgement of Midas (oil on wood panel)
chatsworth/flaying marsyas oil wood panel
The Flaying of Marsyas (oil on wood panel)
chatsworth/aeneas escorted dido study border scene 3rd
Aeneas escorted by Dido, study for the border scene (3rd compartment left) of the
chatsworth/boy swing w c
A Boy on a Swing (w/c)
chatsworth/apostles st matthias 1518 20 chalk paper
The Twelve Apostles: St. Matthias, 1518-20 (chalk on paper)
chatsworth/emperor constantine addressing troops startled
The Emperor Constantine, addressing his troops, startled by the vision of the Cross
chatsworth/portrait catherine carrington c1926 oil canvas
Portrait of Catherine Carrington, c.1926 (oil on canvas)
chatsworth/portrait william cavendish 3rd earl devonshire c
Portrait of William Cavendish, 3rd Earl of Devonshire, c.1638 (oil on canvas)
chatsworth/head prophet c1627 35 oil canvas
The head of a prophet, c.1627-35 (oil on canvas)
chatsworth/portrait pope clement ix c1669 oil canvas
Portrait of Pope Clement IX, c.1669 (oil on canvas)
chatsworth/pool siloam c1711 16 oil canvas
The Pool of Siloam, c.1711-16 (oil on canvas)
chatsworth/head hand study 1518 20 pencil paper
Head and hand study, 1518-20 (pencil on paper)
chatsworth/landscape diana actaeon c1657 oil canvas
Landscape with Diana and Actaeon, c.1657 (oil on canvas)
chatsworth/adoration holy family interior pen brown ink
Adoration of the Holy Family in an interior (pen & brown ink with brown wash
chatsworth/portrait william cavendish 4th earl 1st duke
Portrait of William Cavendish, 4th Earl and 1st Duke of Devonshire, c.1690-1710
chatsworth/capriccio view figures triumphal arch temples
Capriccio view with figures by a triumphal arch and the Temples of Saturn and Jupiter
chatsworth/capriccio view pantheon temple vespasian oil
Capriccio view of the Pantheon with the temple of Vespasian (oil on canvas)
chatsworth/portrait boy c1700 oil canvas laid plywood
Portrait of a boy, c.1700 (oil on canvas laid on plywood)
chatsworth/portrait lady charlotte boyle baroness clifford
Portrait of Lady Charlotte Boyle, Baroness Clifford and Marchioness of Hartington, c
chatsworth/return prodigal son c1712 16 oil canvas
The Return of the Prodigal Son, c.1712-16 (oil on canvas)
chatsworth/marcantonio dominis archbishop spalato split c
Marc'Antonio de Dominis, Archbishop of Spalato (Split) c.1610-19 (oil on canvas)
chatsworth/duke wellington musing field waterloo c1844
The Duke of Wellington musing on the Field of Waterloo, c.1844 (oil on canvas)
chatsworth/napoleon elba musing st helena c1844 oil
Napoleon on Elba musing at St. Helena, c.1844 (oil on canvas)
chatsworth/chaplet bay race mare loosebox c1877 oil
Chaplet, a bay race mare in a loosebox, c.1877 (oil on canvas)
chatsworth/portrait woman c1611 oil wood panel
Portrait of a woman, c.1611 (oil on wood panel)
chatsworth/portrait man possibly isaac abrahamsz massa c
Portrait of a man, possibly Isaac Abrahamsz. Massa, c.1622 (oil on canvas on wood panel)
chatsworth/genoa road near nice 1842 oil canvas
On the Genoa road, near Nice, 1842 (oil on canvas)
chatsworth/study warrior fallen the battle constantine
Study for warrior fallen in 'The Battle of Constantine', Sala di Costantino
chatsworth/classical landscape figures oil canvas
Classical landscape with figures (oil on canvas)
chatsworth/italianate landscape view saint giovanni laterano
An Italianate Landscape with a view of Saint Giovanni in Laterano, c
chatsworth/landscape calling saint peter 1620s oil canvas
Landscape with the Calling of Saint Peter, 1620s (oil on canvas)
chatsworth/apostles st thaddeus 1518 20 chalk paper
The Twelve Apostles: St. Thaddeus, 1518-20 (chalk on paper)
chatsworth/neoptolemus taking andromache captivity fall troy
Neoptolemus taking Andromache into captivity after the Fall of Troy (pen & ink on paper)
chatsworth/apostles st philip 1518 20 chalk paper
The Twelve Apostles: St. Philip, 1518-20 (chalk on paper)
chatsworth/resurrection pen brown ink white bodycolour
The Resurrection (pen & brown ink and white bodycolour on paper)
chatsworth/latona lycian fishermen c1715 16 oil canvas
Latona and the Lycian fishermen, c.1715-16 (oil on canvas)
chatsworth/dido receiving trojans audience study border
Dido receiving the Trojans in audience, study for a border scene of the 'Quos
chatsworth/italianate landscape peasants cattle sheep classical
An Italianate Landscape with peasants, cattle and sheep by classical ruins, c.1650s
chatsworth/portrait mr rogers c1643 oil canvas
Portrait of Mr Rogers, c.1643 (oil on canvas)
chatsworth/portrait anna sophia herbert countess carnarvon
Portrait of Anna Sophia Herbert, Countess of Carnarvon (oil on canvas)
chatsworth/portrait elizabeth cecil countess devonshire c
Portrait of Elizabeth Cecil, Countess of Devonshire, c.1639 (oil on canvas)


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