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chatsworth/portrait woman c1611 oil canvas
Portrait of a woman, c.1611 (oil on canvas)
#media dmcs-18637086
chatsworth/georgiana cynthia spensers faerie queene
Georgiana as Cynthia from Spenser's 'Faerie Queene', 1781-82 (oil on canvas)
#media dmcs-18637176
chatsworth/portrait herman doomer 1644 oil oak
Portrait of Herman Doomer, 1644 (oil on oak)
#media dmcs-18643728
chatsworth/apostles st james greater 1518 20 chalk
The Twelve Apostles: St. James the Greater, 1518-20 (chalk on paper)
#media dmcs-18643724
chatsworth/martha bringing mary magdalene christ pen
Martha Bringing Mary Magdalene to Christ (pen & ink on paper)
#media dmcs-18643718
chatsworth/design wall tomb etruscan manner pen ink
Design for a wall tomb in the Etruscan manner (pen & ink on paper)
#media dmcs-18643714
chatsworth/apostles st bartholomew 1518 20 chalk paper
The Twelve Apostles: St. Bartholomew, 1518-20 (chalk on paper)
#media dmcs-18643712
chatsworth/triumph silenus early 16th century pen
The Triumph of Silenus, early 16th century (pen & ink on vellum)
#media dmcs-18643708
chatsworth/psyche carried mercury olympus chalk paper
Psyche carried by Mercury to Olympus (chalk on paper)
#media dmcs-18643706
chatsworth/apostles st simon 1518 20 chalk paper
The Twelve Apostles: St. Simon, 1518-20 (chalk on paper)
#media dmcs-18643702
chatsworth/portrait baertje martens 1644 oil oak
Portrait of Baertje Martens, 1644 (oil on oak)
#media dmcs-18643700
chatsworth/apostles st john 1518 20 chalk paper
The Twelve Apostles: St. John, 1518-20 (chalk on paper)
#media dmcs-18643698
chatsworth/apostles st paul 1518 20 chalk paper
The Twelve Apostles: St. Paul, 1518-20 (chalk on paper)
#media dmcs-18643694
chatsworth/wounded achilles 1825 marble
The Wounded Achilles, 1825 (marble)
#media dmcs-18643692
chatsworth/joseph pharaoh pen ink wash paper
Joseph before Pharaoh (pen & ink and wash on paper)
#media dmcs-18643690
chatsworth/birdhouse chiswick pool couple boat woman fishing
Birdhouse at Chiswick; pool with a couple in a boat, the woman fishing (pen & brown
#media dmcs-18643688
chatsworth/madonna child michelangelo pen ink paper
Madonna and Child, after Michelangelo (pen & ink on paper)
#media dmcs-18643686
chatsworth/floral temple round pool 1730 33 pen
Floral temple and round pool, 1730-33 (pen & brown wash over pencil on paper)
#media dmcs-18643684
chatsworth/apostles st thomas 1518 20 chalk paper
The Twelve Apostles: St. Thomas, 1518-20 (chalk on paper)
#media dmcs-18643682
chatsworth/head pope leo x chalk paper
Head of Pope Leo X (chalk on paper)
#media dmcs-18643616
chatsworth/study the transfiguration red chalk paper
Study for 'The Transfiguration' (red chalk on paper)
#media dmcs-18643614
chatsworth/shipping calm states yacht off end pier c
Shipping in a calm with a States Yacht off the end of a pier, c.1680 (oil on canvas)
#media dmcs-18643612
chatsworth/portrait arthur goodwin 1639 oil canvas
Portrait of Arthur Goodwin, 1639 (oil on canvas)
#media dmcs-18643610
chatsworth/apostles st andrew 1518 20 chalk paper
The Twelve Apostles: St. Andrew, 1518-20 (chalk on paper)
#media dmcs-18643608
chatsworth/allegory grammatica metalpoint grey prepared surface
Allegory of Grammatica (metalpoint on grey prepared surface, heightened with white
#media dmcs-18643606
chatsworth/duke devonshires racehorse basto c1708 25
The Duke of Devonshire's racehorse 'Basto', c.1708-25 (oil on canvas)
#media dmcs-18643604
chatsworth/portrait tawney 6th dukes spaniel palatine beyond
Portrait of 'Tawney', the 6th Duke's spaniel, with the Palatine beyond, 1819
#media dmcs-18643602
chatsworth/alchemist later 1670s oil canvas
An Alchemist, later 1670s (oil on canvas)
#media dmcs-18643600
chatsworth/manchester ship canal 1907 10 oil canvas
Manchester Ship Canal, 1907-10 (oil on canvas)
#media dmcs-18643598
chatsworth/trafford bridge pomona dock pastel paper
Trafford Bridge and Pomona Dock (pastel on paper)
#media dmcs-18643596
chatsworth/study battle scene 1518 20 pen ink wash
Study for a battle scene, 1518-20 (pen & ink, wash and chalk on paper)
#media dmcs-18643594
chatsworth/st paul rending garments 1514 15 metalpoint
St. Paul rending his garments, 1514-15 (metalpoint, heightened with white bodycolour
#media dmcs-18643592
chatsworth/olive oil bottles glass shelf 2000 oil board
Olive Oil Bottles On A Glass Shelf, 2000 (oil on board)
#media dmcs-18643590
chatsworth/shipping calm c1680 oil canvas
Shipping in a calm, c.1680 (oil on canvas)
#media dmcs-18643588
chatsworth/alexander campaspe 1695 oil copper panel
Alexander and Campaspe, before 1695 (oil on copper panel)
#media dmcs-18643586
chatsworth/landscape cattle sheep oil wood panel
Landscape with cattle and sheep (oil on wood panel)
#media dmcs-18643584
chatsworth/apostles st paul 1518 20 chalk paper
The Twelve Apostles: St. Paul, 1518-20 (chalk on paper)
#media dmcs-18643582
chatsworth/scarr bay racehorse held trainer a scottman
Scarr, a bay racehorse held by his trainer, A. Scottman, 1714 (oil on canvas)
#media dmcs-18643580
chatsworth/ruins holdenby castle northamptonshire c
The ruins of Holdenby Castle, Northamptonshire, c.1735-45 (oil on canvas)
#media dmcs-18643578
chatsworth/portrait lady frances cranfield lady buckhurst
Portrait of Lady Frances Cranfield, Lady Buckhurst, later Countess of Dorset, c.1637-50
#media dmcs-18643576
chatsworth/lot entertaining angels oil canvas wood panel
Lot entertaining the Angels (oil on canvas on wood panel)
#media dmcs-18643574
chatsworth/judgement midas oil wood panel
The Judgement of Midas (oil on wood panel)
#media dmcs-18643572
chatsworth/flaying marsyas oil wood panel
The Flaying of Marsyas (oil on wood panel)
#media dmcs-18643570
chatsworth/aeneas escorted dido study border scene
Aeneas escorted by Dido, study for the border scene (3rd compartment left) of the
#media dmcs-18643568
chatsworth/walk park 1947 oil canvas
A Walk In The Park, 1947 (oil on canvas)
#media dmcs-18643566
chatsworth/training ship 1962 oil board
Training Ship, 1962 (oil on board)
#media dmcs-18643564
chatsworth/boy swing w c
A Boy on a Swing (w/c)
#media dmcs-18643562
chatsworth/apostles st matthias 1518 20 chalk paper
The Twelve Apostles: St. Matthias, 1518-20 (chalk on paper)
#media dmcs-18643560
chatsworth/emperor constantine addressing troops startled
The Emperor Constantine, addressing his troops, startled by the vision of the Cross
#media dmcs-18643558


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