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Reyes De Espana Collection

"Reyes de España

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"Reyes de España: A Tapestry of Royal Legacy and Influence" Step into the captivating world of Spanish royalty as we explore the lives and legacies of the "Reyes de España. " From Maria Cristina of Habsburg, a remarkable queen and regent who shaped Spain's destiny in the late 19th century, to Charles II, whose reign marked an era dominated by the Austria house. Witness history come alive through Alphonse XIII's visit to a factory in Malaga, beautifully captured in an engraving from Ilustracion. Delve into allegories such as "The Education of Philip III, " symbolizing the importance placed on knowledge during his reign. Marvel at architectural wonders like the medallion adorning San Marcos Hospital's facade, paying homage to a revered king. Francisco de Goya immortalizes Ferdinand VII with his masterful oil painting that captures both power and vulnerability. Experience moments of unity and connection between monarchs and their people – be it King Juan Carlos I and Queen Sofia amidst a jubilant crowd in Cuenca or Queen Maria Christina opening Parliament alongside her son Alphonse. Reflect on poignant moments like when Queen Maria Mercedes Orleans' funeral procession passed through North Station, drawing somber emotions across Spain. The grandeur of her funeral chapel at the Royal Palace stands as a testament to her significance within Spanish royalty. Witness pivotal events that shaped modern Spain, including King Juan Carlos I casting his vote during the referendum on joining NATO in 1986 – highlighting democracy's role even within monarchy. And finally, remember Maria de las Mercedes Orleans – wife to Alphonse XII – whose life was cut tragically short but left an indelible mark on Spanish history. Join us on this journey through time as we unravel stories woven by these Reyes de España – tales filled with love, loss, triumphs, challenges faced head-on; all contributing threads forming Spain's rich tapestry of royalty and influence.