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Tudor and Stuart Architecture

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169 Items

architecture/details/peterhouse college cambridge k991428
Peterhouse College, Cambridge K991428
historic images/1960 present day/old royal naval college aa065204
The Old Royal Naval College AA065204
landscapes/aerial views/old royal naval college greenwich n060940
The Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich N060940
travel england/travel south west england/bath abbey k991533
Bath Abbey K991533
heritage/care/boscobel house n090144
Boscobel House N090144
architecture/tudor stuart architecture/bodleian library oxford k991455
Bodleian Library, Oxford K991455
architecture/tudor stuart architecture/samson hercules house op27177
Samson And Hercules House OP27177
architecture/tudor stuart architecture/hall i th wood cc025318
Hall i' th' Wood CC025318
fine art/illustrations engravings/tilbury fort gatehouse mp til0022
Tilbury Fort Gatehouse MP_TIL0022
architecture/tudor stuart architecture/vaulted undercroft dp130541
Vaulted undercroft DP130541
historic images/1900 1945/glastonbury tribunal cc80 00339
Glastonbury Tribunal CC80_00339
architecture/tudor stuart architecture/glastonbury tribunal k040054
Glastonbury Tribunal K040054
architecture/tudor stuart architecture/model pembroke college chapel cc72 00096
Model of Pembroke College Chapel CC72_00096
architecture/tudor stuart architecture/chipping camden wool market dp137283
Chipping Camden Wool Market DP137283
architecture/tudor stuart architecture/portland castle n130016
Portland Castle N130016
architecture/details/old wardour castle j910248
Old Wardour Castle J910248
heritage/english stately homes/blenheim palace cc49 00027
Blenheim Palace CC49_00027
architecture/tudor stuart architecture/long water pavilion wrest park n110282
Long Water and Pavilion at Wrest Park N110282
architecture/interiors/solar stokesay castle n080468
The Solar, Stokesay Castle N080468
architecture/interiors/archer pavilion wrest park n110062
Archer Pavilion, Wrest Park N110062
architecture/interiors/archer pavilion wrest park j020161
Archer Pavilion, Wrest Park J020161
architecture/tudor stuart architecture/chesterton windmill aa98 05261
Chesterton Windmill AA98_05261
architecture/tudor stuart architecture/long water archer pavilion wrest park n100590
Long Water and Archer Pavilion, Wrest Park N100590
architecture/interiors/pillar chamber bolsover castle j000057
Pillar Chamber, Bolsover Castle J000057
landscapes/aerial views/chequers 24786 037
Chequers 24786_037
landscapes/aerial views/chequers 24786 035
Chequers 24786_035
heritage/english stately homes/apethorpe hall n080845
Apethorpe Hall N080845
architecture/interiors/library st johns college oxford cc50 00824
The Library at St. John's College, Oxford CC50_00824
architecture/religious architecture/st pauls cathedral n080598
St Paul's Cathedral N080598
travel england/travel london/st pauls cathedral n080597
St Paul's Cathedral N080597
architecture/tudor stuart architecture/windsor castle m991418
Windsor Castle M991418
heritage/care/berwick ramparts k981880
Berwick Ramparts K981880
landscapes/aerial views/camber castle k860170
Camber Castle K860170
architecture/interiors/hampton court palace dd57 00149
Hampton Court Palace DD57_00149
architecture/tudor stuart architecture/audley end house gardens n071327
Audley End House & Gardens N071327
travel england/travel south/upnor castle k960017
Upnor Castle K960017
architecture/tudor stuart architecture/audley end n071143
Audley End N071143
travel england/travel south west england/market hall chipping campden k991574
Market Hall, Chipping Campden K991574
landscapes/coastal landscapes/st mawes castle n070912
St Mawes Castle N070912
heritage/care/hardwick old hall k971992
Hardwick Old Hall K971992
architecture/tudor stuart architecture/pendennis castle k970687
Pendennis Castle K970687
heritage/care/rushton triangular lodge j010085
Rushton Triangular Lodge J010085
heritage/care/rushton triangular lodge j010078
Rushton Triangular Lodge J010078
architecture/tudor stuart architecture/kenilworth castle k060003
Kenilworth Castle K060003
travel england/travel east midlands/bolsover castle k021426
Bolsover Castle K021426
historic images/1960 present day/ballingdon hall aa98 12868
Ballingdon Hall AA98_12868
architecture/tudor stuart architecture/audley end house m960394
Audley End House M960394
travel england/travel east england/houghton house
Houghton House
travel england/travel east england/long water archer pavilion wrest park n100585
Long Water and Archer Pavilion, Wrest Park N100585
architecture/interiors/great hall audley end house j870465
The Great Hall, Audley End House J870465
historic images/1960 present day/weavers canterbury kent aa019453
The 'Weavers', Canterbury, Kent AA019453
architecture/tudor stuart architecture/old wardour castle n080981
Old Wardour Castle N080981
landscapes/aerial views/st catherines castle n071979
St Catherine's Castle N071979
heritage/care/gainsborough old hall j870222
Gainsborough Old Hall J870222
heritage/care/wrest park pavilion n071897
Wrest Park Pavilion N071897
heritage/care/houghton house snow n090008
Houghton House in the snow N090008
architecture/tudor stuart architecture/titchfield abbey j910149
Titchfield Abbey J910149
architecture/interiors/solar room stokesay castle n080473
Solar Room, Stokesay Castle N080473
heritage/english stately homes/hampton court palace aa064609
Hampton Court Palace AA064609
heritage/care/old gorhambury house k971740
Old Gorhambury House K971740
heritage/care/great yarmouth row houses k971642
Great Yarmouth Row Houses K971642
architecture/details/tudor rose dover castle j970005
Tudor rose, Dover Castle J970005
heritage/care/great yarmouth row houses n071643
Great Yarmouth Row Houses N071643
heritage/care/great yarmouth row houses n071632
Great Yarmouth Row Houses N071632
travel england/travel east midlands/kirby hall n071554
Kirby Hall N071554
architecture/tudor stuart architecture/st mawes castle n070921
St Mawes Castle N070921
historic images/1870s 1900/windsor castle cc97 00909
Windsor Castle CC97_00909
architecture/details/chimneys framlingham castle n071520
Chimneys at Framlingham Castle N071520
travel england/travel east england/hill hall k980310
Hill Hall K980310
architecture/tudor stuart architecture/wrest park pavilion k020822
Wrest Park Pavilion K020822
travel england/travel west midlands/shakespeares birthplace cc73 00992
Shakespeare's birthplace CC73_00992
travel england/travel west midlands/shakespeares birthplace k991550
Shakespeare's birthplace K991550
heritage/care/boscobel house k020662
Boscobel House K020662
heritage/care/rushton triangular lodge j010084
Rushton Triangular Lodge J010084
heritage/care/rushton triangular lodge j010079
Rushton Triangular Lodge J010079
architecture/tudor stuart architecture/bolsover castle j000064
Bolsover Castle J000064
travel england/travel east midlands/bolsover castle j000062
Bolsover Castle J000062
architecture/details/moreton corbet castle k040488
Moreton Corbet Castle K040488
heritage/castles south east/camber castle j030001
Camber Castle J030001
architecture/tudor stuart architecture/hust castle n120052
Hust Castle N120052
architecture/tudor stuart architecture/kirby hall n120034
Kirby Hall N120034
architecture/interiors/kirby hall n120028
Kirby Hall N120028
architecture/tudor stuart architecture/pavilion wrest park n110285
The Pavilion at Wrest Park N110285
architecture/tudor stuart architecture/pavilion long water wrest park n110283
Pavilion and Long Water at Wrest Park N110283
architecture/tudor stuart architecture/temple bar 1797 n110161
Temple Bar in 1797 N110161
architecture/interiors/archer pavilion wrest park n110060
Archer Pavilion, Wrest Park N110060
architecture/interiors/wrest park n110058
Wrest Park N110058
architecture/tudor stuart architecture/archer pavilion dome wrest park n100595
Archer Pavilion dome, Wrest Park N100595
architecture/tudor stuart architecture/archer pavilion wrest park n100594
Archer Pavilion, Wrest Park N100594
architecture/tudor stuart architecture/wrest park archer pavilion n100593
Wrest Park and Archer Pavilion N100593
architecture/tudor stuart architecture/appuldurcombe house n100263
Appuldurcombe House N100263
architecture/tudor stuart architecture/appuldurcombe house n100260
Appuldurcombe House N100260
architecture/tudor stuart architecture/apethorpe hall n081052
Apethorpe Hall N081052
historic images/1945 1960/tilbury fort aa001365
Tilbury Fort AA001365
historic images/1870s 1900/wollaton hall bl05881
Wollaton Hall BL05881
historic images/1870s 1900/nottingham castle bl05718
Nottingham Castle BL05718
architecture/tudor stuart architecture/appuldurcombe house j850333
Appuldurcombe House J850333
architecture/tudor stuart architecture/appuldurcombe house j960222
Appuldurcombe House J960222
architecture/tudor stuart architecture/kirby hall j930355
Kirby Hall J930355


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