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Waiting Carriages, 19th century, (1930). Artist: Constantin Guys

Waiting Carriages, 19th century, (1930). Artist: Constantin Guys

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Waiting Carriages, 19th century, (1930). Artist: Constantin Guys

Waiting Carriages, 19th century, (1930). Illustration from The Painter of Victorian Life, a study of Constantin Guys with an introduction and a translation of Baudelaires Peintre de la Vie Moderne, by P G Konody, (The Studio Ltd, London, 1930)

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Waiting Carriages, 19th century (1930) - A Glimpse into Victorian Life

. This photo print, taken in the 19th century by artist Constantin Guys, transports us back to a time of elegance and grandeur. The image captures the essence of Victorian life with its depiction of waiting carriages lined up along a picturesque road. In this scene, we see a male coachman standing proudly next to his carriage, whip in hand. His occupation as a driver is evident from his confident stance and the well-groomed horses that stand patiently beside him. The attention to detail in both the animals and their handler showcases Guys' artistic skill. The concept of waiting is beautifully portrayed here; it evokes anticipation for an unknown journey or perhaps the arrival of distinguished passengers. This snapshot into history allows us to imagine what life was like during this era when horse-drawn carriages were the primary mode of transportation. The monochrome aesthetic adds depth and nostalgia to the composition, emphasizing every intricate line and shadow. It is through prints like these that we can appreciate art's ability to capture moments frozen in time. This particular print comes from "The Painter of Victorian Life" a study by P. G. Konody that explores Constantin Guys' work alongside Baudelaire's writings on modern life. It serves as a testament to both Guys' talent as an artist and Konody's dedication to preserving historical artworks for future generations.

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