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Sir Alan Cobham, British pioneer aviator, 1926. Artist: Alick P F Ritchie

Sir Alan Cobham, British pioneer aviator, 1926. Artist: Alick P F Ritchie

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Sir Alan Cobham, British pioneer aviator, 1926. Artist: Alick P F Ritchie

Sir Alan Cobham, British pioneer aviator, 1926. Portrait of Cobham (1894-1973) who set several records for long-distance flights, and pioneered in-flight refueling. Cigarette card with straight-line caricature, issued by John Player & Sons

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Airman Alan Alick P F Alick P F Ritchie Alick Pf Alick Pf Ritchie Aviator Cigarette Cobham Collectible Flight Flying Helmet Goggles John Player Sons John Sons Pilot Pioneer Player Players Cigarettes Ritchie Smoking Alan Cobham Print Collector4 Sir Alan Cobham

This print captures the essence of Sir Alan Cobham, a true pioneer aviator of his time. Created by artist Alick P F Ritchie in 1926, this portrait showcases Cobham's remarkable achievements and contributions to aviation history. Sir Alan Cobham was renowned for setting numerous records in long-distance flights and played a significant role in pioneering in-flight refueling techniques. His determination and passion for flight propelled him to new heights, both literally and figuratively. In this colorful cigarette card issued by John Player & Sons, we see a straight-line caricature of Cobham with his distinct features - a well-groomed mustache adorning his face, wearing a flying helmet and goggles that symbolize his adventurous spirit. The vibrant colors bring out the energy and excitement associated with early aviation. Cobham's image exudes confidence as he gazes into the distance, embodying the bravery required to conquer uncharted skies during that era. This portrait not only pays homage to an extraordinary aviator but also serves as a collectible piece of art that encapsulates the spirit of adventure prevalent in the 1920s. Alick P F Ritchie masterfully captures Sir Alan Cobham's legacy through this striking portrayal, reminding us of the incredible advancements made in transportation thanks to pioneers like him. As we admire this print today, we are transported back to an era where dreams took flight against all odds.

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