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The Dormition of the Virgin. Artist: Holbein, Hans, the Elder (1465-1524)

The Dormition of the Virgin. Artist: Holbein, Hans, the Elder (1465-1524)

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The Dormition of the Virgin. Artist: Holbein, Hans, the Elder (1465-1524)

The Dormition of the Virgin. Found in the collection of Szepmuveszeti Muzeum, Budapest

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Angels Ascension Day Assumption Of The Blessed Virgin Assunta Blessed Virgin Mary Completion Coronation Of The Virgin Culminate Death Of The Virgin Dormition Glorification Of The Virgin Hans Heavenly Throne Holbein Hope Liturgy Mother Of The God Queen Of Angels Queen Of Heaven

This print showcases "The Dormition of the Virgin" a masterpiece created by the renowned artist Hans Holbein, the Elder. The painting can be found in the esteemed collection of Szepmuveszeti Muzeum in Budapest. Holbein's portrayal depicts a momentous event from the New Testament - the death and assumption of Mary, also known as the Dormition. The artwork beautifully captures this divine scene, filled with symbolism and religious significance. In this composition, angels surround Mary as she peacefully rests on her heavenly throne. Their presence conveys a sense of music and hope, emphasizing Mary's role as Queen of Angels and Heaven. This image represents both completion and glorification for the Blessed Virgin Mary. Holbein's attention to detail is evident through his masterful use of oil on wood technique, which brings depth and richness to every brushstroke. Through this medium, he skillfully portrays Madonna with utmost reverence. "The Dormition of the Virgin" serves as a testament to Holbein's artistic prowess while paying homage to one of Christianity's most revered figures. It invites viewers into a world where faith intertwines with artistry, creating an ethereal experience that transcends time.

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