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propaganda/the girl left him american world war ii recruitment
'The Girl He Left Behind Is Still Behind Him
food drink/american soldiers sidewalk cafe paris france
Three American soldiers at a sidewalk cafe in Paris, France, following the Allied
world war ii/german soldier trench eastern world war ii painting a
A German soldier in a trench on the Eastern Front during World War II. Painting by A
world war ii/the knotty problem capitol hill finding way raise
'The Knotty Problem of Capitol Hill Finding a Way to Raise Taxes Without Losing a Single Vote
propaganda/silence means security american world war ii
'Silence Means Security.' American World War II poster featuring a WAAC (member
world war ii/us air force republic p 47 thunderbolts flying
U.S. Air Force Republic P-47 Thunderbolts flying over Omaha beach during the invasion of Normandy
propaganda/the marines landed american world war ii recruiting
"The marines Have Landed!": American World War II recruiting poster, 1942
propaganda/want action american world war ii marine corps
"Want Action?": American World War II Marine Corps recruiting poster, 1942
propaganda/welders employment war poster 1944 ben shahn
'Welders, or For Full Employment After the War
end world/1904 1967 american physicist oppenheimer
(1904-1967). American physicist. Oppenheimer (left) as scientific director of the
propaganda/this war too american world war ii recruiting
"This Is My War Too!": American World War II recruiting poster, c1942, for the U
world war ii/rcaf spitfire airplane beaches normandy d day
An RCAF Spitfire airplane over the beaches of Normandy after the D-Day invasion on 6 June 1944
world war ii/the way save democracy american cartoon 1939
'The Only Way We Can Save Her [Democracy].' American cartoon, 1939, by Carey Orr against U
world war ii/the way back american cartoon dr fitzpatrick
'The Way Back.' American cartoon by D.R. Fitzpatrick, 1947, on the Marshall Plan
world war ii/rosie riveter steps out american cartoon c1943
'Rosie the Riveter Steps Out.' American cartoon, c1943, comment on the rising
world war ii/us air force military aircraft world war ii
U.S. Air Force military Aircraft during World War II
world war ii/war monuments no 1 american cartoon dr seuss
'War Monuments No. 1.' American cartoon by Dr. Seuss (Theodor Geisel) for 'PM
propaganda/women britain come factories british poster
'Women of Britain, Come into the Factories
world war ii/air raid warden setting blackout time clock indicator
An air raid warden setting a blackout time clock indicator at an Air Raid Precautions
weapons/us war be neutral emblem c1940 urging american
Keep U.S. Out of War/Be Neutral. Emblem, c1940, urging American neutrality in the
propaganda/quiet loose talk cost lives american world
'Quiet! Loose Talk Can Cost Lives.' American World War II poster, 1942, warning
propaganda/im counting you american world war ii poster
'I'm Counting On You!' American World War II poster featuring Uncle Sam
propaganda/american world war ii poster james montgomery flagg
American World War II poster by James Montgomery Flagg, c1944, urging support for
propaganda/soviet world war ii poster anglo american soviet
Soviet World War II poster on the Anglo-American-Soviet alliance
world war ii/us air force douglas skytrain c 47 military
U.S. Air Force Douglas Skytrain C-47 (military cargo version of DC-3) in flight, location unknown
world war ii/world war ii sergeant 1942 sergeant george
WORLD WAR II: SERGEANT, 1942. Sergeant George Camblair learning to use a bayonet while
world war ii/factory crew white motor company cleveland ohio
Factory crew at the White Motor Company in Cleveland, Ohio, mounting a tractor belt
world war ii/us marine beach peleliu strapped walkie talkie
U.S. Marine on the beach at Peleliu; strapped to his back is a walkie-talkie
world war ii/round bombardment artillery shells members 87th
After a round of bombardment by artillery shells, members of the 87th Mortar Division, U
world war ii/squadron brewster f2a buffalo fighter planes undergoing
A squadron of Brewster F2A Buffalo fighter planes undergoing flight tests, 1941
world war ii/crew aircraft carrier uss lexington exercising
The crew of the aircraft carrier USS Lexington exercising on the flight deck during World War II
world war ii/american army officer general stilwell left
American army officer. General Stilwell (left) with Colonel Rothwell Brown at his
propaganda/italian world war ii recruitment poster auxiliary
Italian World War II recruitment poster for the auxiliary service of the 10th Flotilla
world war ii/members first group african american pilots history u
Members of the first group of African American pilots in the history of the U.S. Army Air Corps
world war ii/color guards color bearers japanese american 442nd
Color guards and color bearers of the Japanese-American 442nd Combat Team stand at
weapons/flight grumman avenger torpedo bombers south pacific
A flight of twelve Grumman 'Avenger' torpedo-bombers over the South Pacific
world war ii/petrina moore cherokee native american welder
Petrina Moore, a Cherokee Native American, and a welder at the Todd Hoboken dry dock in New Jersey
world war ii/follow me colonel aubrey s newman leading 3rd
Follow Me!: Colonel Aubrey S. Newman leading the 3rd Battalion of the 35th U
world war ii/us navy grumman hellcat f6f fighter photographed
U.S. Navy Grumman 'Hellcat' (F6F) fighter photographed, 1943, during World War II
world war ii/woman riveter working a 20 havoc light attack
A woman riveter working on an A-20 Havoc light attack bomber at the Douglas Aircraft
world war ii/us marines crouching jungle near beach cape torokina
U.S. Marines crouching in the jungle near the beach of Cape Torokina, Bougainville
world war ii/fly 1 take off signal officer gives fighter
'Fly 1' the take-off signal officer gives a fighter plane the 'Go' sign on an U
world war ii/time face new day american cartoon dr seuss
'Time to get up and face the new day!' American cartoon by Dr
world war ii/uss shaw exploding japanese attack us naval
The USS Shaw exploding during the Japanese attack on the U.S. naval base at Pearl Harbor
world war ii/american p 51 mustang fighter planes iwo jima
American P-51 Mustang fighter planes over Iwo Jima, 1945
world war ii/american army officer stilwell reading map field
American army officer. Stilwell reading a map in the field. Photographed c1942
world war ii/take off signal officer gives fighter plane go
A take-off signal officer gives a fighter plane the 'Go' sign on board the
world war ii/women welders shipyard richmond california work
Women welders at a shipyard in Richmond, California, at work on the construction of
world war ii/men working assembly line manufacture us
Men working on an assembly line to manufacture U
world leaders/1874 1965 english statesman writer photographed
(1874-1965). English statesman and writer
world war ii/ad pontiac general motors honoring men women different
Advertisement by Pontiac and General Motors honoring the men and women in different
world war ii/military aircraft carrier uss yorktown scene
The military aircraft carrier, USS Yorktown, in a scene from the American propaganda film
labor/american folk singer composer performing opening
American folk singer and composer. Performing at the opening of the Washington D.C
world war ii/new zealand infantryman lookout enemy snipers cassino
New Zealand infantryman on the lookout for enemy snipers at Cassino, Italy
world war ii/us navy air force helldiver cannon firing warplane
U.S. Navy Air Force Helldiver, a cannon-firing warplane, in the Pacific Theater
propaganda/the attack begins factory english poster c1944
"The Attack Begins in the Factory": English poster, c1944, showing the Royal
world war ii/women engine cleaners pennsylvania railroad taking
Women engine cleaners on the Pennsylvania Railroad, taking the place of men fighting
world war ii/martin pbm mariner flying boat world war ii
A Martin PBM Mariner flying 'boat' in World War II
world war ii/crowd new york citys times square early morning
A crowd in New York City's Times Square in the early morning hours of 14 August
world war ii/1884 1962 wife franklin delano roosevelt
(1884-1962). Wife of Franklin Delano Roosevelt
world war ii/goats runway airfield ramitelli italy photograph
Goats on the runway at an airfield in Ramitelli, Italy. Photograph by Toni Frissell
american presidents/off mask cartoon 5 december 1942 ralph soulpault
'Off with the Mask.' Cartoon, 5 December 1942, by Ralph Soulpault in 'Le
world war ii/signal corps message center set military truck
A Signal Corps message center set up in the back of a military truck during a field
world war ii/pilots crew preparing fighter planes aboard uss
Pilots and crew preparing fighter planes aboard the USS Enterprise prior to their
american presidents/general dwight d eisenhower left greets general
General Dwight D. Eisenhower (left) greets General George C. Marshall, U.S. Army Chief of Staff
world war ii/world war ii boeing b17 flying fortress bomber
A World War II Boeing B17 'Flying Fortress' bomber aircraft
world war ii/factory worker lucille ciecko drilling castings
Factory worker Lucille Ciecko, drilling castings for toy trains at a plant in New Haven
world war ii/mission belle us army airplane southwest
The "Mission Belle," a U.S. Army airplane, somewhere in the Southwest Pacific
world war ii/us navy ship used laying steel anti torpedo nets
U.S. Navy ship used for laying steel anti-torpedo nets, which were placed at the mouths
world war ii/final page english version formal instrument germanys
Third and final page of the English version of the formal instrument of Germany's
world war ii/american soldiers aboard us coast guard landing
American soldiers aboard a U.S. Coast Guard landing craft prior to the invasion of Normandy
world war ii/members womens army corps perform drill wearing
Members of the Women's Army Corps perform a drill wearing gas masks at Daytona Beach
world war ii/us marine takes aim japanese sniper near town shuri
A U.S. Marine takes aim at a Japanese sniper near the town of Shuri, Okinawa, 1945
propaganda/save cans help pass ammunition american world
'Save Your Cans. Help Pass the Ammunition.' American World War II poster
propaganda/your talk kill comrades british world war ii poster
'Your Talk May Kill Your Comrades.' British World War II poster, 1942, by
world war ii/british infantry shooting german aircraft evacuation
British infantry shooting at German aircraft during the evacuation of Dunkirk, France
world war ii/f2a buffalo airplane brewster aeronautical corporation
The 'F2A Buffalo' airplane of the Brewster Aeronautical Corporation, used
world war ii/k rations highly concentrated emergency field
K rations, highly concentrated emergency field rations used by the U
propaganda/labor step picture american world war ii poster
'Labor: Step into this Picture.' American World War II poster, c1940
world war ii/military memorial statue near arlington national
Military memorial statue near Arlington National Cemetery depicting the raising of
world war ii/us army assault troops aboard coast guard landing
U.S. Army assault troops aboard the Coast Guard landing craft off the coast of Normandy
world war ii/lockheed p 38 lightning fighter planes flight
Lockheed P-38 Lightning fighter planes in flight over sunlit waters during World War II
world war ii/model wearing uniform waves women accepted volunteer
A model wearing the uniform of the WAVES (Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service)
propaganda/because somebody talked american world war
'Because Somebody Talked!' American World War II poster, 1943, warning against
world war ii/american paratroopers jump world war ii c1943
American paratroopers before a jump during World War II, c1943
world war ii/factory workers stephanie cewe left ann manemeit
Factory workers Stephanie Cewe (left) and Ann Manemeit at work at a toy factory in New Haven
world war ii/american army officer stilwell chinese soldier
American army officer. Stilwell with Chinese soldier. Photographed c1943
world war ii/1885 1945 american army officer photograph
(1885-1945). American army officer. Photograph, 30 March 1943
world war ii/crew members board us navy aircraft carrier
Crew members on board a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier fire anti-aircraft guns at Japanese
world war ii/us douglas c 54 skymaster military cargo version
U.S. Douglas C-54 Skymaster (military cargo version of DC-4) in flight, c1943, during
world war ii/american poster warning careless communication
American poster warning that careless communication may be harmful to the war effort
propaganda/on team american world war ii recruiting poster
'On the Same Team.' American World War II recruiting poster for the WAVES
american presidents/american cinema gangster film us president
'American cinema: The last gangster film.' U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt
world war ii/us army paratroopers france marseilles nice
U.S. Army paratroopers over France between Marseilles and Nice during World War II, c1944
world war ii/uss yorktown aerial submarine attack battle midway
The USS Yorktown under aerial and submarine attack during the Battle of Midway during World War II
world war ii/us army soldier prepares throw hand grenade
U.S. Army soldier prepares to throw a hand grenade during the fighting at Empress Augusta Bay
world war ii/american soldier standing hall mirrors palace
An American soldier standing in the Hall of Mirrors at the palace of Versailles, France
world war ii/african american asian american work douglas aircraft
An African-American and Asian-American at work at the Douglas Aircraft factory in Los Angeles
labor/symbol world war ii american women workers poster
Symbol of World War II American women workers, on a poster from the War Production


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